Hi everyone, we've been hard at work on building our web dashboard, which we think makes certain tasks in Everlance even more productive, and are excited to see what you think.

Get Started at: dashboard.everlance.com with your everlance email and password.

We packed in many of the great features you have been enjoying on your Android and iOS Everlance apps. With tax time just around the corner, you can take advantage of trip editing, receipts uploads, bulk editing and data exports, all from our dashboard.

Here are some of the great features we have added:


  • Classify your trips taken on the app from your desktop
  • Manually enter in trips and notes
  • Create custom trips and move around the starting / ending points on the map and have Everlance automatically calculate the route for you.
  • Manage vehicles and favorite locations from your dashboard

Learn more: Mileage Tracking  Help Center


  • Upload receipts from your computer. Making bulk receipt entry a breeze.
  • Add expenses based on merchant and purpose
  • Track revenue per income source
  • View expense and revenue snapshot on your home page

Learn more: Transactions Help Center

Mileage and Expense Reports:

  • Export your data for end of the year taxes
  • Choose where to send your reports: Manager, accountant, yourself
  • IRS compliant report in Excel or PDF formats
  • Download right to your desktop

Learn more: Data Exports Help Center 

Teams Dashboard:

Need a mileage and expense tracking solution for you company?

  • Stay on top of employee reimbursements
  • Save hundereds of hours in data entry
  • No more hounding your employees for expense reports
  • 1 Centralized dashboard for all your business expense needs.

Learn More: Everlance for Teams

Tax Pro Dashboard:

Become your tax preparers favorite clients!

Learn more: Everlance for Tax Pros

We would love to hear from you. Contact us at support@everlance.com with any ideas, comments or questions.