Everlance 1.3.0 Release!

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Hey everyone, it’s been awhile! The team here has been busy turning coffee into code and we’re really excited to hear what you think about the latest release.

The mileage tracker has gotten a big upgrade with the addition of three new features: favorite places, instant round trip, and Vinli integration.

Many of you requested these features and we listened. For favorite places simply enter in commonly frequented addresses and watch the app sync all your old and new trips with the correct labels. For those of you who enter a lot of manual trips you can now start or end a trip with a favorite place. After you have finished a trip or manually entered it you can also now click on the round trip button and the app will automatically calculate the return leg of the trip for you. Finally for those who want maximum accuracy we’ve built an integration with Vinli so Everlance can receive your mileage information directly from the computer in your car.

The other major change is the addition of Everlance Advisor. This is a pilot program, but something we’re really excited about. You can start a conversation in the app with an Advisor and get personal advice on credit cards, business insurance, loans, or any other financial questions you may have.

Everlance other features update

In addition to those major updates there have been a ton of improvements under the hood. For example you’ll notice vehicle icons and transaction icons to make things visually a bit more interesting for users.

There’s a lot new here and if you have thoughts on the latest features we’d love to hear from you at support@everlance.com.


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