We were featured by Google as one of their “Best New Apps”?!?!This update has taken us a long time, but we were beyond excited to see that Everlance was featured by Google. We couldn’t have done it without your feedback and really appreciate those of you who have helped in the beta or by sharing the app with friends.

It’s been difficult to fix all the edge cases for Android, but we’ve made tremendous progress and trip tracking functionality has improved across the board for almost all devices.Here’s what’s new:

  1. Transactions! Many of you have written in asking for a way to upload your receipts and stay organized using Everlance. We’re proud to announce that you can now upload receipts and even add in your revenue in the app. Whether you’re using Everlance to better manage your taxes or are a traveling salesperson looking for a way to add receipts on the go we’re really excited.
  2. Redesigned using Material Design. The app is much prettier now - don’t you think? Please open the side navigation drawer (top left icon) to get around the app.
  3. Automatic trip tracking algorithm. Everlance still isn’t perfect and may never be due to constraints outside of the app’s control, but over the last month we’ve considerably raised accuracy.
Everlance Android 1.1


Thank you for bearing with us throughout the bugs and the bugs to come. If Everlance has been useful to you it’d mean a lot to us if you shared the app with a friend or colleague :)