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Everlance + Wonolo: Powering the Future of Temp Work

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At Everlance we’re always looking for ways to help make life easier for people who are self-employed. That’s why we’ve partnered with Wonolo, a company that helps people find temporary jobs with more flexibility and transparency than traditional temp agencies.

If you’re looking for an extra way to make some cash and have never used Wonolo before, Wonolo is giving a special first-job bonus exclusively for Everlance users (use the code EVERLANCE when you sign up)!

The jobs available on Wonolo range from delivery, to customer service, to retail and warehousing. The platform is especially helpful for people who are looking to extra work. For example, let’s say you’re a great worker, but currently there’s only 29 hours per week available at your job at Target. Finding another part-time job can be hard, because other employers often want employees to work the same hours. The great thing about Wonolo is that there is no need for a resume or a cover letter. Wonoloers can pick up the shifts that fit their unique schedules and needs, all through an easy to use app.

Wonolo also helps companies in need of temporary workers and boasts staffing fees of 40% less than traditional temp agencies. Using their technology, Wonolo helps companies fill positions much faster than traditional agencies (“4 minutes vs. days or weeks,” according to Wonolo).

Another thing we’ve also appreciated about Wonolo is that even though they are tech company with amazing technology, they’ve made a big effort to create an in-person community. Wonolo hosts tons of great events for Wonoloers across the US.

The Everlance and Wonolo Partnership (+ Special Bonus!)

The partnership with Everlance will give Wonoloers a discount on Everlance Premium, so they can easily track their self-employed mileage and expenses and save big at tax time. Since many Wonoloers juggle many different types of gigs, staying organized can be especially challenging. We’ve heard first hand how useful having a single tool like Everlance to track all business expenses in one place can be, which makes us extra excited for this partnership.

Once again, be sure to check out Wonolo’s special first-job bonus exclusively for Everlance users, if you’re looking for a new way to make some money (use the code EVERLANCE when you sign up).

Our goal at Everlance is to keep finding ways to make your life easier as a freelancer, so if you have any ideas for ways in which we could do that, we’d love to hear from you! Our door is always open at support@everlance.com.

Are you a Wonoloer looking to claim your Everlance Premium discount? Here it is!

Want to learn more about how Wonolo helps self-employed folks?

Sometimes the best way to explain something is by telling a story! So here we go 🙂

Back in the olden days, before Wonolo was invented, Sally needed to find a way to make some extra money. She went to school 3 days a week to get her accounting degree, so she couldn’t get a regular 9-5 or full-time  job. Her friends suggested the usual ideas: work as a waitress, a barista, a babysitter. None of these jobs really spoke to Sally. Her dream was to work as an accountant, so she wanted to get some experience that would help her achieve that.

Sally tried looking for internships at accounting firms, but most places didn’t offer paid internships. The couple of places that did required her to work Monday to Friday 9-5, which she couldn’t do because she went to school 3 days a week. Eventually, one of her mentors suggested that she look for work with a temp agency. Sally’s mentor explained that with a temp job, she could find work as an administrative assistant on a day-by-day basis. For example, when a company’s full-time administrative assistant was sick or on vacation, somebody from the temp agency  would fill in for a day or two at a time. Since the temp agency worked with hundreds of different companies, on a given day there were multiple jobs posted for an administrative assistant, so, theoretically, Sally could work some administrative assistant job everyday she wanted to work.

This sounded great to Sally, so she went online to look up some temp agencies. This is when Sally starting getting a little disappointed again. The temp agencies’ websites were super old school and hard to navigate. Worse yet, almost none of them had an online application! Instead, Sally had to print a Word document, fill it out by hand, and either mail it or scan it and email it! Sally spent a couple of hours downloading, filling out, and then sending out the applications — and then she realized that she needed to add a resume and a cover letter, which she didn’t have! The couple of agency websites that allowed her to apply online were not much better — they also required a resume and cover letter, and they said it would take up to 2 weeks to hear back!

One day, almost magically, the Wonolo app was launched, and it took Sally out of this nightmare. Sally could now browse hundreds of jobs and simply select the ones she wanted  – no cover letter, no resume, no printing and scanning documents, no waiting weeks to hear back! No, none of that. Instead, just an app. An app that lets Sally look at jobs, and then pick the job she wants right away! Then, Sally go to that  job the next day. That’s it. Simple as that!

And that is the story of how Wonolo helps self-employed folks 🙂


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