Introducing Our Biggest Release Yet: Everlance 1.1.0

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After months of user testing and feedback (for those that have been helping out — thank you!) we’re excited to announce our biggest update to the product since launching this summer: Everlance 1.1.0!

We have completely redesigned the app! The entire app is centered around the central “+” button and our trendy friends lurking in SF coffee shops tell us it looks much better now.

Your tax information has now been moved from the home screen to a new separate tab. We’ve also added two new mileage categories: Medical & Charity. We can’t think of more deserving categories (swipe past personal to the far left to categorize).

One of the improvements we’re most excited to release is something we call “Work Mode” which will allow you to turn trip detection and classification ON/OFF with the flick of a switch. Only working a few days a month? Simply switch Auto Detection on and highlight “Work” and sit back and watch Everlance classify your trip and send it straight into the “All” tab. We recommend continuing to classify personal trips in order to have a continuous record, but for those of you who are tired of swiping you can now have Everlance categorize your trips for you! Want to see how much you can be saving per mile, check out the CRA Mileage Rate.

We obsess over having the best location tracking available and have made BIG improvements to the automatic tracking algorithm. We know we still have a ways to go, but we’re happy with the progress we’ve made for this version. For those who want maximum control, you can now “Start Tracker” and watch Everlance work in real time with the ability to manually Start/Stop any trip. This is also great for ending trips if you need to switch purposes (example: the work trip is over and you want to change purpose to “Personal”).

Here’s the rest of our awesome New Features:


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