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Make Sure Auto Tracking is Working for iOS 13

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On September 19, 2019 Apple released iOS 13. With this release we are seeing updated features that may affect your automatic trip tracking feature in Everlance. We want to ensure that you are tracking all those miles and deductions

The fix is simple and we will explain how you can get tracking again! 

What has changed? 

In order for Everlance’s auto tracking to work properly, your location for the app needs to be set to “Always”. You may have already noticed a pop-up that shows you Everlance’s background usage with an option to select “Always” or “While Using”. You will need to select “Always Allow” in order for auto tracking to work properly.

New to Everlance: If you are a new to Everlance (users that downloaded Everlance after the iOS 13 update), your location services will not be set to “Always” and you will need to visit your phone settings and manually switch your location to “Always”. We have instructions on how to do this below.

How do I change my location to “Always”?

Why do I need auto tracking? 

Customers that have auto tracking enabled record over $6,500 in mileage deductions each year. We have worked hard to make the Everlance experience as easy as possible and so our auto tracking feature is truly a set and forget it feature.

All you have to do is start driving and your app will do the rest.  Just remember to check in on your tracked trips once a day or week. The only way for this feature to work properly is for your location to be set to “Always”.


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