What miles can I write off?

Miles driven for work can add up quickly and help offset your tax liability as a Dasher . Find rates for 2022 and 2023 below:

Jan 1-June 30: 58.5 cents per mile
July 1-December 31: 62.5 cents per mile

65.5 cents per mile

What miles can be written off? Let's explore

Dashing Time

  1. Dropping off orders
  2. Time waiting for new orders
  3. Picking up orders
    (Note: Be sure to include miles driven for returns, cancelled orders, and no-shows)

Non-Active Dashing Time

  • Driving time between orders, with the intent of finding more orders
  • Running business-related errands
    Driving to a training, meetings, or anything else work-related

    Does my commute to and from a work zone count?
    No. Commutes, while good to track, are not tax deductible.

Taking care of your car

To and from:
  • Getting Gas
  • Car Maintenance
  • Car washes
    and more!

That's it! Now start tracking trips!

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