What miles can real estate agents deduct?

Agents can deduct miles driven for all business-related activities like meeting clients, previewing properties, open houses, and driving to properties listed for sale.

Can I deduct mileage traveling to listings and open houses?

Yes, mileage to drive to meet sellers, preview listings, host open houses, attend showings, and all other business trips related to listings is deductible.

What records do I need to track real estate mileage deductions?

Keep a contemporaneous mileage log documenting date, purpose, origin, destination and total miles for each real estate-related trip, with odometer start and end readings.

Can I deduct cell phone use for real estate business?

Yes, you can deduct the business use percentage of monthly cell phone expenses, calculated by the portion of time/use dedicated to real estate activities.

Are there apps to easily track miles driving for real estate?

Apps like Everlance automatically record your mileage and allow tagging drives with a simple swipe for work or personal. This eliminates manual logging and provides detailed records.

Should I deduct actual vehicle expenses or the standard mileage rate?

Most agents claim the standard business mileage rate, which is simpler. But deducting actual expenses may yield a larger deduction with detailed records. Consult a tax pro.

Can I deduct tools, equipment, and supplies used as a real estate agent?

Yes, any tools, equipment, electronics, supplies, and services specifically used for your real estate business are deductible, like lockboxes, signs, listings sites, staging, etc.

What expenses can real estate agents write off on their taxes?

Commonly deducted real estate agent expenses include mileage, vehicle costs, phone use, advertising, MLS fees, licenses, home office, professional fees, office supplies, open house refreshments, and more.

How do I calculate the percentage of mileage that is deductible for my real estate business?

Add up your total business miles logged for the year and divide by your total annual mileage driven according to your odometer to determine the deductible business use percentage.

Do reimbursed expenses count as deductible mileage for real estate agents?

No, any expenses reimbursed by your brokerage should not be included in your mileage or expenses deducted on your tax return to avoid double dipping.

Should I pay quarterly estimated taxes on my real estate income?

Typically yes, to avoid underpayment penalties on your 1099 income, agents should pay quarterly estimated taxes if expecting to owe over $1,000 when filing their return.

What records do I need to prove real estate vs personal mileage to the IRS?

A contemporaneous mileage log separating all business and personal trips, with comprehensive origin, destination and purpose data for every trip clearly differentiates between real estate and personal driving.

Can I deduct advertising, legal fees, licenses, and dues as a real estate agent?

Yes, advertising costs, legal and professional services, MLS fees, licenses, dues, and business expenses directly related to your real estate services are deductible.

How long should I keep real estate expense records for tax purposes?

Keep extensive documentation of all deductible real estate expenses, mileage logs, bank records, receipts, and invoices for at least 3 years after filing your return, and ideally for 6 years.

Can I deduct gifts, snacks, client meals related to my real estate business?

Gifts or snacks for open houses are deductible, but generally meals with clients are only 50% deductible under the tax code. Entertainment expenses have strict limits.

What common mileage deductions do real estate agents miss?

Mileage to preview listings, follow up with agents at listed properties, travel between showings, and returning from open houses are often overlooked sources of deductible mileage.

What do I do if I forgot to track some business miles?

Review GPS history, texts/calls to clients, appointment books, and typical routes driven to estimate untracked mileage. But accurate logs are always recommended.

Are there different deduction rules for independent vs. real estate company agents?

Deduction opportunities are very similar, but an independent contractor agent files Schedule C, while an employed agent files Form 2106. Company agents also cannot deduct reimbursed expenses.

Can I deduct the cost of tax preparation help for my real estate business?

Yes, fees paid to an accountant, enrolled agent, or tax software to prepare and file your real estate business taxes are deductible on Schedule C.

Do reimbursements from my brokerage reduce the mileage I can deduct?

Yes, you should deduct any expenses already reimbursed by your brokerage. The reimbursement offsets allowed deductions.

Are commission splits tax deductible?

Yes, if you receive the whole amount for commission, and then give another broker their share, the entire amount is determined as income and the split is an expense(which is tax deductible)
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