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Everlance is a flexible solution that can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs.


Cent per Mile

Reimburse your team with Everlance automatic mileage tracking and the IRS standard mileage rate.


Fixed & Variable Reimbursement

FAVR mileage reimbursements are tailored by zip code and car type.

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Expense Management

Integrate credit cards, upload receipts, send & approve expense reports and set up multi-level approval flows.


Flat Allowance

Stay IRS compliant with accurate mileage logs to support monthly mileage allowances.

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Everlance gave our sales reps back valuable time which reduced stress, saved time and helped us allocate more time with our clients."

Jeff H., Head of Sales

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The Everlance Difference

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Automatic & reliable GPS trip tracking
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Credit card integration, receipt uploads
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Manager approval process
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IRS compliant excel downloads
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Custom account settings such as favorite places, custom expense codes etc.
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Intuitive app features such as work hours, favorite trips and more

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"We've reduced our mileage reimbursements by 25% since we started using Everlance."

Spencer I., Assistant Controller
Pacific Seafood

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Everlance save my company money?

Everlance is more accurate at tracking mileage than manual odometer tracking with pen and paper.  More accurate mileage tracking means less money spent on reimbursements. Most teams see a 30% reduction in reimbursement costs when they switch from manual to GPS tracking.  

Using Everlance will also save your company time by streamlining the reimbursement process and tracking mileage and expenses in our all-in-one platform

How does it work?

Everlance is a mobile application your drivers will download on their phone to automatically track mileage using GPS data.

Your drivers can submit their mileage and expense reports directly through the application, and company managers can review and approve these reports through the Team Dashboard. Managers can also download their teams’ trips and expense reports at any time.

Does Everlance integrate with payroll software?

With Everlance you can download an IRS compliant CSV, Excel, or PDF from the Team Dashboard that will contain all the information you need to upload into your payroll system. 

How do I know what program is right for my team?

Our sales and customer support team are here to help.  We are experts in the mileage reimbursement industry and want to help you find the tool that will work best for your needs. We will assess your specific company requirements and make recommendations after that. 

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