Driver checkup

Reduce risk from your vehicle program

License, insurance and motor vehicle record verification

Proactive protection against driving accident liabilities

Insurance & license verification

Safeguard your business by validating employee driver's licenses and insurance coverage

Driver safety training

Promote cautious driving with proactive and comprehensive online driver safety training

Continuous MVR checks

Proactively intervene and reduce the likelihood of an accident with automatic and real-time motor vehicle checks for recent violations

I would recommend Everlance over other providers because they go the extra mile
...to make sure you have a reliable and sustainable mileage program that meets your needs. It’s the most accurate and user-friendly platform I’ve seen, giving us clean reporting for our business while saving everyone time.
Rachelle Treymann, Director,
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It’s been an unforeseen blessing in disguise
We know for a fact that we have not had to buy any new cars because we trust that Everlance is working. It's allowed us to save the capital outlay of purchasing vehicles at a time when prices are so over inflated.
Sean Taylor, VP Business Administration
Wil Fischer
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Modernizing makes it simple for your team and your company
It saves so much time. And time is money, because then you can focus on the more important things in your business like making sales and taking care of customers.
Ken Morris, Head of Sales
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Take easy, effective steps to keep your team protected

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You've made a fan
I can speak volumes about how easy it is, especially from an admin standpoint. There is no nonsense. Especially in a world where there's so much paperwork and so much to do and nothing is easy anymore.
Katherine Davis, Executive Administrator
Real Floors
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It’s very user friendly
We hire a lot of people who maybe aren’t as tech-savvy, but you really don’t have to be. We haven’t had any issues because it’s so user-friendly. It makes it a lot easier to talk to people about the job and why they should work for us.
Jason Allen, Head of Operations
Street Delivery
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Reduce liability costs

Open up opportunities to lower insurance premiums

Cost-effectively manage risk

Team leaders & HR

Ensure employees are adequately protected while driving for work

Address and reduce risky driver behavior

Make personnel decisions with complete, up-to-date info

The Everlance difference

#1-rated mileage tracking app

Integrated expense reporting

Flexible admin controls

Risk management and reimbursement services

Named Customer Success Manager

Phone, chat and email support

Why Everlance for vehicle program management

Fewer headaches

All program aspects, from tracking to reporting, compliance & payment, are seamlessly handled for you, with exceptional service just a call away

Better employee experience

User-friendly technology makes life easier for your team—saving them time, delivering peace of mind and helping them get reimbursed on time

No unanswered questions

Technical support is available 7 days a week. Plus, you always have access to your dedicated Success Manager, your advocate & program expert

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