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Everlance has helped over 3 million drivers make tax time a breeze with effortless mileage logging and expense tracking.

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"I started door dashing after I lost my job. This app is perfect for keeping track of everything I need to get the most out of being a freelance contractor."

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Trusted by over 3 million drivers

Your miles are tax deductible

If you are an independent contractor, your vehicle is your biggest expense. Maximize your refund by logging your miles with our accurate mileage tracker.

Drivers record $6,500 in tax deductions every year

Effortlessly prepare for tax season by tracking your mileage and expenses throughout the year.

Your data, at your fingertips

Download a full record of your trips and transactions, any time and anywhere, with a click of a button.

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“Amazing and effortless!
Automatic logging means drivers can do their job without worrying about losing out on hard earned tax deductions and mileage reimbursement."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What business expenses are tax deductible?

Whether you’re a Dasher, a Lyft driver, or any other type of delivery driver or shopper (Instacart, Shipt, Caviar, Uber, etc.), you’re an independent contractor. Independent contractors can deduct business expenses from your taxable income. The most common deductions include: car expenses, tolls, parking, phone, health insurance, insulated bags, even your Everlance Premium subscription is tax deductible. Learn more in our Tax Academy.

How do I calculate my car expenses as a delivery driver?

The IRS has two ways for calculating the cost of using your vehicle to do business:

1. Actual Expenses method or
2. Standard Mileage Rate method

When using the Standard Mileage Rate, all you have to do is use Everlance to track your miles and we automatically calculate the amount you can deduct from your taxes. Simply install the Everlance app on your phone, keep it open while you drive, and see the deductions add up.

Learn more about the Standard Mileage Rate here.

How do I keep track of expenses when I'm self employed?

Everlance is the easiest way to track all of your business expenses in one convenient location. Thousands of self-employed people use Everlance daily to upload receipts and manually track their expenses as they happen. Everlance Premium users have the ability to sync their bank accounts & credit cards directly to the app for automatic expense management.

Can Everlance help with my bookkeeping as an independent contractor or self-employed individual?

This entirely depends. While we can't offer financial advice, we do make Profit & Loss statements a whole lot easier since we track 3 key things.

Mileage: This is one of the most common expenses and we use GPS to accurately track every single mile you drive for business.

Expenses: Anything you can think of if it's a business expense we can track it.

Revenue: For Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, freelancers and anyone else that earns money on trips, Everlance makes tracking revenue a breeze. Simply input the amount and it's stored right in your account.

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