CPM Program

Save time and money on Cents per Mile reimbursements

Simple and IRS compliant program

The complete vehicle reimbursement solution

Stress-free mileage tracking

Your team's trips are automatically and accurately tracked with our #1-rated mileage tracker app, so no one has to waste time capturing miles or chasing down employee logs

Easy approvals and payments

Managers see individual trip details as soon as they're classified as work-related, and can seamlessly review & approve mileage for on-time reimbursements

Personalized program management and support

Your Everlance Customer Success Manager gets to know your company to set you up for success and become an ongoing partner to meet your needs

We’ve reduced our mileage reimbursements by an average of 25% per month
Nothing has changed, we're servicing the same stores, the only difference is that we're using Everlance to track our miles. The proof is in the pudding.
Spencer Irwin, Assistant Controller
Pacific Seafood
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The accuracy of Everlance is spot on
It has helped our company be very, very efficient with our payroll and how we track [mileage]. It’s very cost-effective as well. We’ve tried a bunch of [other software] and we finally ended with Everlance. I can’t see us ever changing.
Jason Allen, Head of Operations
Street Delivery
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I would especially recommend Everlance to companies with a large fleet
...because it really simplifies the process, and all of the info that you need is available whenever you want. We save about $1,500 CAD every year, but more importantly, we’ve saved the frustration with chasing up documents.
Sandy Heer, HR Manager
Mainland Construction Materials
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Everlance was very well received by the organization as a whole
The user interface is incredible. It makes it as simple as possible. It’s easy to get the reports to us quickly, so... we can turn that reimbursement around right on time.
Fred, Director of Finance (former)
Catholic Charities West Michigan
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By significantly improving the user experience, our adoption and usage has been much better
Everlance’s user experience is probably the most user-friendly out of the different solutions that we've evaluated. Our adoption got a lot better when we went to a simpler user experience.
Sean Taylor, VP Business Administration
Wil Fischer
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Everlance went above and beyond to help us out
It's time saving—you don't have to deal with paper and people doing different things. And you've got humans that will answer you by email, or even phone. A big deal for us is that we have support.
Ken Morris, Head of Sales
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Finance & Accounting

Save money on your vehicle program

Spend less time managing and processing reimbursements

Quickly get the reports you need

Stay audit ready

Team leaders & HR

Control your program costs

Spend less time managing and approving mileage

Gain insight into your team’s activities

Keep employees happy and focused on their job

The Everlance difference

#1-rated mileage tracking app

Integrated expense reporting

Flexible admin controls

Risk management and reimbursement services

Named Customer Success Manager

Phone, chat and email support

Why Everlance

Fewer headaches

All program aspects, from tracking to reporting, compliance & payment, are seamlessly handled for you, with exceptional service just a call away

Better employee experience

User-friendly technology makes life easier for your team—saving them time, delivering peace of mind and helping them get reimbursed on time

No unanswered questions

Technical support is available 7 days a week. Plus, you always have access to your dedicated Success Manager, your advocate & program expert

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