Partner with Everlance for your worker’s success

Everlance, top mileage tracking app

Partner with Everlance for your worker’s success

Everlance, top mileage tracking app

The #1 app for mileage and expense tracking

Boost worker’s success

Increase worker success and happiness with 15% more take-home pay after partnering with Everlance

Your team's trips are... read more

Your team's trips are automatically and accurately tracked with our #1-rated app, so no one has to waste time capturing miles or chasing down employee logs. read less

Make expense tracking easier

Automatic expense tracking means employees get reimbursed faster and makes tax deductions easier for 1099 workers

Managers see individual... read more

Managers see individual trip details as soon as they're classified as work-related, and can seamlessly review & approve mileage for on-time reimbursements. read less

Upgrade employee benefits

From 1099 to W-2 workers, mileage and expense tracking tools offer more benefits for your employees and contractors

Your Everlance Customer...read more

Your Everlance Customer Success Manager gets to know your company to set you up for success and become an ongoing partner to meet your needs. read less

The partner of choice for leading businesses

Who uses Everlance?

W-2 employees
Automatic and accurate mileage tracking for reimbursement
Expense tracking and reporting
CPM, FAVR and more vehicle program options
Everlance for employees
Independent contractors
Automatic and accurate mileage tracking for tax deductions
Business expenses tracking
Instant deduction finder for tax season
Everlance for 1099s
IRS-compliant mileage and expense tracking and reporting
Automatic, accurate mileage tracking using GPS technology
Risk reduction programs
Everlance for companies

Why partner with Everlance?

15% increase in worker’s take-home pay

When using Everlance, worker’s take home up to 15% more on average after saving more on taxes. More take-home pay = happy workers.

20% growth in worker retention

Improve your worker loyalty and retention through Everlance’s full suite of tax-savings products.

$0 to start your partnership

Get your partnership off the ground with $0 to start—we’ll build the perfect partnership for you, without blowing your marketing budget.

Grow your brand loyalty

Everlance partners see industry-leading brand loyalty with custom content for your audience, a branded onboarding and app experience and more.

Jumpstart employee success with Everlance!
Partner with us

Our partnership with Everlance is incredibly exciting

They have the easiest... Read more

They have the easiest to use mileage and expense tracking tool out there, which helps put more money in the pockets of the over 400,000 Pet Caregivers using Wag!. We're looking forward to working together with the Everlance team.  Read less

Keith Mosley, General Manager of Supply Operations

Our Partners

Improve worker retention and loyalty
Enhance your driver offerings with the #1 mileage tracker
Industry-specific custom content
Generate additional revenue
Offer additional services to clients
Reduce your administrative burden with tax-ready reporting from Everlance
Expand your services with Everlance’s tools
IRS-compliant mileage and expense management
Upgrade employee benefits with automatic mileage and expense tracking

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