FAVR Program

Control costs on a Fixed and Variable Rate reimbursement plan

Customized IRS compliant program

The employee-friendly mileage reimbursement solution

Personalized benefits for each driver

Pay a monthly allowance and per mile reimbursement based on an employee’s specific costs to own and operate a vehicle in their zip code

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Program management and support

Provide a tax-free reimbursement while leaving the work of tailoring your program, maintaining up-to-date rates and tracking employee mileage to us

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Protection for mobile employees

Keep you and your employee safe from accident-related liabilities by verifying every drivers’ auto insurance coverage meets your minimum requirements

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Not only is our company saving money by this program, the employees are walking away with more money than they had before too

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You’ll notice the employee benefit is pretty significant because remember, all those tax dollars are not being taken out. These are dollars the employee gets to keep.
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LJ Del Papa, Retail Service Specialist

Modern technology maximizes your FAVR benefits

Optimize your spend with rate personalization

Fairly reimburse employees by using the current cost of gas, insurance, car maintenance, depreciation, tires and more to set each driver’s specific reimbursement rates

Slash admin burden with automatic rate updates and payments

Save time with Everlance designing your FAVR program, keeping rates updated month-to-month and processing driver payments for you - all while maintaining visibility into each step of the process

Manage compliance easily

Ensure you’re meeting all the IRS requirements for a FAVR program, from driver’s license and insurance verification to taxability reporting

Reduce costs with accurate mileage reports

Maximize savings when you use GPS-based trip tracking to prevent human error & fraud and intelligently exclude commute mileage

Schedule a FAVR program analysis

Everlance’s team of experts educated our leaders and employees on what FAVR is...

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and their product training made onboarding with the new technology a breeze. I couldn't have asked for a better implementation process. Read less

Warren, VP of Sales

Finance & Accounting

Align vehicle program spend to your business goals

Avoid over-reimbursing employees beyond their actual costs

Streamline the mileage reimbursement process

Stay audit ready

Team leaders & HR

Offer fair and competitive car benefits

Meet employee expectations for personalized reimbursements

Increase visibility into team activities

Spend less time managing and approving mileage

The Everlance difference

#1-rated mileage tracking app

Integrated expense reporting

Flexible admin controls

Risk management and reimbursement services

Named Customer Success Manager

Phone, chat and email support

Why Everlance

Fewer headaches

All program aspects, from tracking to reporting, compliance & payment, are seamlessly handled for you, with industry-leading service just a call away

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Better employee experience

User-friendly technology makes life easier for your team—saving them time, delivering peace of mind and helping ensure they get reimbursed on time

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No unanswered questions

Technical support is available 7 days a week & typically responds in less than a day, on top of your Success Manager who’s your advocate & program expert

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