Fixed & Variable Rate Reimbursements

Everlance powers tax-free mileage reimbursements, tailored to your business and mobile workforce.


Why Everlance FAVR?

Best-in-class technology

Everlance’s proprietary GPS mobile app and mileage tracking technology is highly regarded for ease-of-use, performance, and reliability.

Industry leading service

A dedicated account manager will respond to all customer issues.  Everlance’s driver support team is on hand seven days a week via phone, email, or chat.

Powerful business analytics

Everlance’s mileage tracking platform unlocks valuable business intelligence, so that you can make informed business decisions and drive operational efficiencies across your mobile workforce.

Experts in mileage tracking

Drivers track mileage in the field using #1 rated mileage tracking app powered by GPS satellites. Team managers have visibility into business related trips by team and by individual employee.

Everlance mileage tracking app
Everlance FAVR mileage program

Save money with a tax efficient, compliant program

FAVR means less money leaves your company’s account. Everlance will work with you to develop and implement a compliant, tax-free FAVR reimbursement program that achieves your company's budgetary objectives.

Powerful insights into your mobile workforce

With Everlance’s reporting features, you'll gain insight into everything from total time spent driving to regularly visited sites. Easily download reports that leverage data into actionable insight.

Everlance FAVR mileage tracking program
Everlance mileage reimbursements

We'll take care of the reimbursements

Everlance will manage the entire reimbursement process with industry-leading payment processing times.  Employees have the option to receive tax-free CPM or FAVR reimbursements via direct deposit, debit card, or physical check.

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The Everlance Difference

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Automatic & reliable GPS trip tracking
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Credit card integration, receipt uploads
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Manager approval process
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IRS compliant Excel downloads
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Custom account settings such as favorite places, custom expense codes, etc.
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Intuitive app features such as work hours, favorite trips and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fixed and variable rate (FAVR) mileage program?

A FAVR vehicle reimbursement program tailors employee mileage reimbursements based on your employees’ geographic location and personal vehicles they might drive to perform business tasks.

How do FAVR programs differ from Cents-per-Mile (CPM) programs?

A Cents-per-Mile (CPM) reimbursement program relies on the IRS standard mileage rate to reimburse employees for the use of their personal vehicle for work purposes.  A CPM program reimburses employees the same rate, regardless of where they operate the vehicle, or the type of vehicle they might drive to perform business tasks.

A FAVR program is a more sophisticated mileage reimbursement program.  Everlance’s FAVR car allowance program factors each employee’s local fixed costs of vehicle ownership (depreciation, taxes, insurance, license & registration, etc.) and variable costs of vehicle operation (oil & gas, maintenance, tire wear, etc.) to create a customized mileage reimbursement rate that is specific to each driver, based on the employee’s location and vehicle type.

Is Everlance’s FAVR program tax free?

Yes, when designed according to the IRS guidelines, a compliant FAVR program allows tax-free reimbursements to employees for the cost of operating a personal vehicle for work purposes.

In this sense, FAVR is similar to CPM in that both programs create tax-free accountable plans for reimbursing employees’ business expenses, according to IRS guidelines.

How is a FAVR Allowance different from a monthly stipend?

While a fixed driving stipend or car allowance is a simple and straightforward program to offer employees, it creates a fringe benefit that is taxable.  This tax burden applies to both employees (income taxes) as well as their employer (payroll taxes).  A compliant FAVR program that is properly implemented allows tax-free mileage reimbursements to employees.

In addition to this tax advantage, FAVR programs are generally more fair to employees than monthly stipends -- as the FAVR program accounts for each employee’s actual vehicle costs and the amount a particular employee may or may not drive for work.

Who is eligible for a FAVR program?

Everlance will work with you to develop and implement a compliant FAVR program that achieves your organization’s budgetary objectives.  Certain eligibility requirements -- such as a minimum of 5 employees each driving more than 5,000 business miles per year -- will determine whether a FAVR program is suitable for your organization and its mobile employees.  Please reach out to the Everlance sales team to see if a FAVR program is right for your organization.

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