If you are a Dasher and are looking to level-up your earnings, this guide is for you. 

We cover the best times to DoorDash to maximize your earnings in your area, and we updated these for 2023. We cover times on weekdays, weekends, throughout the day, and more.

Let’s dive in!

Make the most by studying your area 

We saved the best for first: to maximize your earnings, you need to know your region. Every area has its own best time. Pay attention to when you have a lot of low value orders, make a note of when you keep getting large tips, and other important trends. 

If you really want to level-up, make a spreadsheet of your work sessions with observations about the quality of your DoorDash earnings.

If you work in a college town, a financial district of a busy city, or a residential area, the best times to Dash will vary. 

Take this Redditor for instance:

Get steady orders by scheduling work hours around meals

The easiest way to make sure you get steady orders, is to work around a meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends. These hours tend to be reliably busy times to work.

Add at least a 1 hour buffer before and after you’d expect people to be ordering this meal, as you might be able to scoop up a few early birds and late-night owls.

To maximize your tips, don’t skip Sunday

If you followed our first tip and observed that folks order brunch on Sundays, then this tip is for you. Depending on your area, Sunday is likely one of the best days to DoorDash. On the weekend, these morning to afternoon shifts can be busy hours—even peak hours for that day. 

Sunday is a three-for-one opportunity. If you work Sunday morning through early afternoon, you have the chance to get orders for breakfast, brunch, and lunch in quick succession.

This means: lots of orders in a short amount of time.

To level-up, always be testing

This tip relates to our first tip—don’t get stagnant and follow someone else’s playbook. 

As your busy schedule allows, test new times and areas. Some folks think that more expensive restaurants have higher tips, while others find that expensive residential areas lead to low tips. 

You have to be willing to explore in order to tap into the absolute best time and place to Dash.

Finally: pay close attention to the map

Need help deciphering the Dashing map?

Here is a great pro tip from a Dasher:

We hope that today’s post helped you figure out how to find the best time to work DoorDash.

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Now, let’s turn it over to you:

Which tip(s) are you going to use?

Are you going to experiment with a new time or region?

Or maybe you just want to pay closer attention to the map during your normal work hours.

Either way, let us know by tagging us on social media with your best tips!

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