"We've reduced our mileage reimbursements by 25% since we started using Everlance."

Spencer I., Assistant Controller
Pacific Seafood

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The Everlance Difference

Automatic & reliable GPS trip tracking
Credit card integration, receipt uploads
Manager approval process
IRS compliant excel downloads
Custom account settings such as favorite places, custom expense codes etc.
Intuitive app features such as work hours, favorite trips and more

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Company Mileage Reimbursement Methods

Mileage reimbursement involves reimbursing employees for using their personal vehicle for work or expenses for using a company car. For example, you might reimburse employees based on their mileage logs or based on an allowance.

How does employee mileage reimbursement work?

Employee mileage reimbursement programs are often as unique as their organizations. Some organizations still use paper logs. Then, the finance department is tasked with a behemoth of a task: tracking down individual reports, verifying routes, and then individually approving reports.

But there’s a new way to manage mileage—and it comes with a suite of benefits that extend beyond significant cost savings. With intuitive and intelligent technology, you’re sure to ensure mobile employee effectiveness, keep your team happy, and save administrative time across the board.

What are the benefits of the “new way”?

The benefits of the modern approach include: cutting costs easily, leveraging powerful business insights, keeping employees happy, saving administrative time, and staying audit-ready.

Meet Everlance Business, the modern mileage and expense management platform.

Everlance Business tracks mileage with a top-rated app, streamlines reporting through a user-friendly dashboard, and adds the human touch for a complete solution.

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