Curious how Everlance can help you save on taxes as a freelancer or gig worker? 

Everlance has tons of features for gig workers and freelancers, including: 

As part of our new partnership with Wag!, we’re excited to feature a Wag! caregiver who also uses Everlance to help track mileage and tax information. 

Today, hear from Courtney on how Everlance and Wag! have helped her jumpstart her own business and saved her time and money on taxes!

Tracking miles for Wag! 

Courtney started working with Wag! because she loves dogs and wanted the chance to work with them. “I thought there would never be a cooler job than playing with dogs all day!”

Wag! caregivers, of course, do more than just play with pups—Wag! caregivers can offer all kinds of pet services, from dog-walking to pet-sitting and boarding, pet training, and more!

“I also do Instacart,” Courtney said, “so I first heard about Everlance when I was doing research on the best apps to use to help track mileage and spending to make taxes easier.”

Everlance is an app that helps any kind of freelancer or gig worker keep track of their business mileage and expenses and make taxes easier.

With automatic GPS-based mileage tracking and easy business expenses tracking, keeping track of deductions is easier than ever. Everlance is here to save you time and money on your taxes! 

Save time and money on your taxes

Did you know that the average Everlance user saves about $6,500 just by using our mileage tracker for taxes? For Courtney, the savings aren’t just financial—Everlance helps save her time and increases her peace of mind when it comes to filing taxes. 

“I just use Everlance to track my mileage and the money I spend on my multiple different businesses so that taxes will be easier," Courtney said.

"It makes taxes easier because it allows me to track everything in one place. I love that I can mark if it is for business or personal so when I do taxes I don’t have to worry about being wrong on my deductions.” 

With Everlance, you can easily create categories for all of your income streams—whether you’re a W2 employee doing Doordash on the side, make a full-time living using gig-work platforms, or have your own business.

Simply choose from our preset categories or create your own, then classify all your mileage and expenses accordingly so everything is ready for tax season.

No more headaches, no more concern that you’re missing something important! You can keep everything in one place. 

Courtney says, “I would love to one day open my own dog grooming business,” and that working with Wag! is helping her get acquainted with dogs and dog owners in her city, gain experience working with dogs, and helping her make progress on her dreams before she begins on her journey to have her own business someday.

With Everlance and Wag! partnering together, building her business and saving money on taxes is easier than ever. 

Want to get started with Everlance so you can save money and time on your taxes?

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