Expensify Review: Expensify vs. Everlance

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Expensify Review

Expensify LogoIn the third part of our review series we’re going to take a closer look at a Expensify: receipt and expense tracker.

At first glance it may seem that Expensify & Everlance wouldn’t make a good head-to-head comparison. They seem to do 2 different things. That is until you look a little deeper and compare appropriate plans. It’s then that you’ll see how much the 2 apps have in common.

Expensify handles expenses well. This includes tracking receipts and dealing with automatic reimbursements. In fact, you’ll find that their top plan has some pretty advanced features for big businesses with many employees.

However, what about those smaller companies & freelancers? Do they need automatic reimbursement or to manage employee vacation expenses? Or to integrate with expensive ERP platforms?

Probably not.

This is where we feel in a true apples-to-apples plan comparison, Everlance is a better value and a better product. Everlance handles expenses, business revenue and reporting, but it also does something Expensify doesn’t at any price point – it automatically tracks business mileage!

In fact, the average Everlance user finds over $6,500 in IRS deductions using our app!

Expensify Pricing  vs. Everlance For Individual Users

Expensify Free

  • 10 Synced Receipts
  • Unlimited Receipt Storage

Everlance Free 

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking (30 trips)
  • Unlimited Manual Trips (Enter trips manually)
  • Unlimited Synced Receipts & Storage

Expensify Team: $5/mo

  • Unlimited Synced Receipts
  • Basic Expense Approval
  • Next Day Reimbursement
  • Bank / Credit Cards
  • Integrations with QuickBooks and Xero

Everlance Premium: $5/mo 

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking (Unlimited)
  • Unlimited Synced Receipts & Storage
  • Bank / Credit Cards
  • Advanced PDF + Excel Reports

The Bottom Line

Expensify Pros:  Inexpensive, Expensify integrates with QuickBooks & Xero

Expensify Cons: Manual revenue tracking, Mileage tracker is manual!

Everlance easily wins this battle for single users and small teams. You get automatic mileage tracking, which isn’t even offered with Expensify. You get unlimited receipts & storage even on the free plan so you can take as many receipt pictures as you need and you get beautiful reporting in PDF and Excel.

On Everlance you can track both your business expenses and revenue automatically. On Expensify you can only track revenue manually. This means that you have to enter in the values one at a time, every time. On Everlance, you don’t. The app does it for you.

It’s easy to show how Everlance beats Expensify in the Free and Team ($5/mo) plans for small businesses & freelancers, but it would be unfair not to talk about the advanced features built for large companies that handle many employees & contractors and need robust integration with ERP’s and Travel Software.

It’s in this enterprise segment where Expensify really shines.


Expensify Main Enterprise Features 

  • Automatic Reporting & Submitting: Scan your receipts and Expensify will automatically create the report for you and auto-submit for approval.
  • Automatic Approval: Items that are typically approved automatically, such as inkjet refills or coffee can be automatically approved.
  • Automatic Reimbursement: Businesses with employees can let Expensify manage reimbursement. When reports are approved the automatic reimbursement system credits your employee’s bank account.
  • Duplicate Expense Detection: Expensify finds duplicates expenses across reports.

Beyond these features there are many more smaller features that aim to make the entire expense report/reimbursement process easier for both the business owner and the employee such as per diem’s, custom reports, out-of-office delegation and auditor access.


Expensify Integrations

Accounting, ERP & Travel Software


Expensify Alternative For Small Business & Freelancers

Download Everlance for iOS or Android free and discover the easiest way to track your business mileage and expenses!

Everlance is a 100% automatic mileage and expense tracker. The app creates an IRS compliant mileage log automatically for you in the background using GPS. You can also link your bank and credit card to pull in transactions and receipts. To manually upload receipts, add revenue, or notes in the app simply tap the ‘+’ button.

The mileage and extra business deductions the app finds for you can add up to $1,000s per year in value and is perfect for freelancers and independent contractors looking to maximize tax deductions.

Automatic Mileage Tracker: Just Drive. We Take Care Of The Mileage. 
– Go for a drive, we track the mileage automatically in the background.
– Easily swipe to classify your trips as work, personal or charity.
– Manually enter in older trips or trips you forgot to record

Business Expense Tracker: Expenses, Receipts & Revenue. 
– Automatic Expense Tracking: Link your bank or credit card to track expenses automatically.
– Receipt Storage: Upload and keep all of your receipts organized securely in the cloud.

Mileage and Expense Reports

– Accurate mileage reports for tax deductions or business reimbursements
– In-depth expense and revenue reports in both excel and PDF formats


Everlance Rating & User Reviews

iOS App Rating: 4.9/5 stars

Android App Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Shannon H. October 25, 2017 [Google Play Store]

“Super easy to use and is going to be a great tool for my business!”

Best Mileage Tracker out there [iOS App Store]

“Great mileage log and tracker! I have tried them all and nothing compares to this app. Everlance us helped me save hundreds or hours and thousands of dollars for my taxes. All the others just do mileage tracking but this app also tracks your expenses, revenue and receipts making it the only app you need as a small business owner or self-employed person. Best mileage tracking app out there!”

Everlance Cost (also available for teams)

Simple Pricing:

– Everlance offers unlimited automatic tracking  and expense logs for Android devices

– Try Everlance Premium: Work Hours, PDF Reports & Premium Support

Learn more about our Android features


– Free for 30 automatically tracked trips
– $8/mo
– $60/yr

Learn more about our iOS Pricing


Everlance is the #1 rated mileage and expense tracking solution. Download our award winning app on the Appstore & Google Playstore or try our mileage and expense solution for your company.

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