Why do hundreds of thousands of freelancers use Everlance every day to track their business mileage, expenses & revenue?Here are 3 great reasons.1.) The average user finds over $6,500 in tax deductions.2.) Everlance tracks your mileage, stores receipts and automatically uploads your expense transactions to create a detailed snapshot of your potential deductions.3.) Because it works easily, automatically and with very little input.With Everlance you get more than just mileage tracking, you get a complete solution: Mileage, Expenses & Revenue.Why just track mileage when you may have other expenses that go along with a business trip, such as fuel, hotel, food & parking? And if you're a freelancer that collects money for gigs - why not include revenue as well? So that's exactly what we did!Without further ado, let's dive into how Everlance works by seeing how freelancers use our product to save money every year.

The Wedding Photographer: Tracking Business Mileage & Expenses

Name: SandraProfession: Freelance Wedding PhotographerSandra lives in Portland, Oregon where she's a well-known wedding photographer. She just recently booked a client for a beach wedding in Seaside, OR over 80 miles one-way from her studio.In addition to the wedding event, she also has the reception event located back in Portland that she must also shoot the next day!This wedding event is a 2-day, 1-night trip that she will bill out at $2,000 even. Sandra has agreed to cover her own expenses, so the only cost to her client is $2,000 - the rest Sandra will have to deduct as expenses.Thankfully, she has Everlance to help!The morning of the event Sandra will load up her gear and make the drive to Seaside from her studio in Portland, where Everlance will begin to track her mileage the moment she drives to the second she finishes.Sandra drives straight through to Seaside and parks at her hotel. She looks at the Everlance app and notices that she drove 82.5 miles, and the total deduction (based on the 2018 IRS Standard Mileage Rate of $0.545/mile) was $44.96.

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She booked her hotel online and her rate for this evening is $147.93 with taxes. So, she opens up Everlance and manually enters $147.93 and classifies it as "lodging".Sandra hasn't even gotten to the event and she's already able to deduct $192.89!Her food will be taken care of but she still has a lot of driving to do.Sandra will make 1 round trip from the hotel to the beach where the wedding will be held: 12.2 miles, $6.65.She will make the 107-mile drive to the location South of Portland where the reception will be held. $58.32.Then she will drive the 24.4 miles back home. $13.34, but not before receiving a check for the full amount of $2,000 from her client.Let's total this up and see how Sandra did.Revenue: $2,000.00Expenses:$271.20Imagine if Sandra hadn't tracked her mileage or lodging? She'd be out $271.20 that she could deduct against the amount of tax she would owe on the $2,000 in income. That's not good!This is just one of the many ways hundreds of thousands of people use Everlance every day. Whether you're a photographer, an Uber driver, or even an employee that needs to keep a detailed expense report for reimbursement - Everlance has you covered.Now that you know how some freelancers use Everlance to track deductions, let's take a look at the features.

Everlance Premium Features

For just $5/mo Everlance Premium gives you some seriously powerful features for tracking deductions.

  • Unlimited Automatic Mileage Tracking: The most popular feature of all is also the most advanced in the industry. Everlance automatically tracks every drive you make, tallying up the trip in real-time and overlaying your entire route on a map. Our free version limits you to 30 rides per month. For $5 you get unlimited.
  • Manual & Automatic Expense Tracking: At any time you can enter past or current expenses manually into the app. If you want to get even more advanced you can sync your bank account &/or credit cards to Everlance and we'll import all of your expenses automatically.
  • Unlimited Receipt Storage: Receipts are tough to keep track of and a pain to store. Throw out that shoebox and take a picture instead! When you store receipts on Everlance, you're keeping them safely in the cloud forever with no storage limits.
  • Dashboard: Log in to the web-based dashboard with your phone or computer and instantly get a snapshot of your activity. Manage your account any way you see fit. Add, edit, update, delete - you have a lot of options, and even better you get to do this...
  • Export Reports: What good are all of these cool features if you can't export your data into tax software or CSV to give to your employer or tax preparer? They wouldn't be! That's why we have some of the most flexible reporting in the industry. When our customers need to pull their driving data we make it push-button easy, and it's 100% IRS-compliant.

Ready To Try Everlance For Personal Use Or As A Business?

If you're a single user you can download Everlance for personal use and get immediate access to Everlance Premium free for 7 days. That's more than enough time to give our powerful features a try and see how you like them. If at the end of the free trial you choose to upgrade to Everlance Premium it's just $5/mo.If you're signup up as a business that needs to manage more than 1 employee we have the Everlance Teams product that will allow you to do everything Everlance Premium does with the added benefit of account management and group billing. The cost per license is $25/mo and all new accounts are given 30 days to test and validate the product for fit.Hope to see you inside, and as always, if you have any questions please contact our wonderful support at support@everlance.com!