Even if it’s your greatest passion, having a side hustle isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work! And the first step is keeping track of your income. The good news is that you can breathe easier when you use Everlance to track your expenses and log mileage for your freelancing. With its user-friendly interface, Everlance helps you keep track of every mile you drive for Uber or every coffee date you have with a client. Oh, and the receipt for the coffee? You don’t need to stuff it in your wallet to put in your shoebox under your bed later. Instead, you can just take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the app. Everlance stores all of the data safely in a cloud for when you need it.

Everlance also takes the headache out of doing your taxes

Everlance helps you from your day-to-day traveling and expenses, but it’s also invaluable when tax season rolls around. If you’re self-employed, the government views you like a small business and requires you to report how much you make each year, even for your side-hustle. However, there are certain things that you deduct to reduce your tax liability, like the miles you drive giving rides for Uber. We won’t get too technical here (learn more about taxes as a freelancer here). Everlance was built with overachievers in mind, so if you have multiple business lines (let’s say Lyft, Postmates, and Instacart) Everlance helps record the expenses for each separate income source. The app also allows you to create a filter for whichever business line you need to export data from. Pretty seamless, right? Make your life as a side-hustler or a full-time freelancer easier today by downloading the free Everlance app. You can click here to learn more about both our Free and Premium plans.

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