Did you know that you may be eligible to file for a tax extension if you are not able to file by the tax deadline? Many people do this every year and it can be a good way to relieve some of the stress of tax season if you know that you need that extra time to dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”. The extension is usually for 6 months after the April 15th deadline.

Here is how you can file for a tax extension:

First take note of these specials rules before you file for an extension, for they may apply to you:

  1. Living outside the United States - You may be eligible for an automatic 2 month extension.
  2. Out of the country when your 6-month extension expires - May have to pay a penalty (interest based).
  3. Serving in a combat zone or a qualified hazardous duty area. - You are already eligible for an automatic extension.

Click below to download the Individual Tax return Extension Form:

Extension Form

As always remember to consult with a CPA or legal authority if you have any questions on whether you qualify for the extension.With the tax deadline less than 1 week away make sure you are being proactive on filing your taxes or an extension. If you know of someone that could use that extra time to file for an extension share these easy steps with them and you can refer some additional info from our blog that may help with taxes, mileage tracker and expense logs.Photo Credit: Unsplash.com - License: CC0