MileIQ Review: One of the most common questions in the mileage tracking industry is "Which Mileage Tracker App Is The Best?" At Everlance we feel this is an incredibly important question and in order to fully understand the answer, you need to know what's out there and what each app can and can't do for you.In this review series we're going to cover some of our competitors, like MileIQ to give you a better idea of how Everlance stacks up when it comes down to features and pricing so you can make an informed decision (MileIQ vs Everlance).We hope you'll agree that Everlance is the most fully-featured mileage tracking & business expense app on the market, saving an average of $6,500 per year and trusted by over 250,000 users and don't just take our word for it, Everlance has been featured by Apple & Google as "Best New Apps".

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Founded: September 2013

Founders: Chuck Dietrich, Dan Bomze

Parent organization: Microsoft Corporation

What Is MileIQ?

MileIQ is a popular mileage tracking app that was acquired by Microsoft in 2015. The app runs in the background to automatically log each of your drives and then calculates the value (at $0.535/mile) to properly account for your business mileage for reimbursement or tax purposes. Within the app you're allowed to add your vehicles, purposes and locations, as well as customize features that help personalize each drive.MileIQ integrates with Office365, however it does not track business expenses or sync with your bank account (Everlance does!).

How Does MileIQ Work?

mileiq automatic mileage tracking

Automatic Mileage Tracking: Mileage is tracked automatically in the background on each drive. When you're finished with each drive a notice will display on the screen with an estimated deductible/reimbursement value prompting you to classify the trip as either business or personal.How To Track Mileage: Mileage is tracked automatically through your phones GPS. At the end of each ride you'll be asked to swipe to classify the trip. Swipe left for personal, and right for business. You also have the ability to "bulk classify" your drives. Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to manually add mileage from previous trips in the app (You can with Everlance!)Mileage Reimbursement: MileIQ works with the IRS's Standard Business, Medical & Moving Mileage Rates and relies on your classification of each trip to accurately calculate the value, as rates will vary.MileIQ Dashboard: Once you login on your desktop, laptop or tablet you'll be presented with the Dashboard where you can classify, edit & review all of your drives. Each drive will be presented in a snapshot that allows you to see drive data in more detail.

How can I Use MileIQ for Business Reimbursements and Taxes?

MileIQ provides users with their mileage reports. Choose between Excel or PDF formats that can be used to send to your CPA / bookkeeper for tax deductions or manager for mileage reimbursements.

What Does MileIQ Cost?

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mileiq pricing table

MileIQ Pricing Table[/caption]MileIQ offers 3 pricing tiers for most users.

  • Free: Up to 40 drives every month.
  • $5.99/mo: Unlimited drive tracking & logging.
  • $59.99/yr: The same features as $5.99/mo, slightly cheaper and billed in full.

In addition, MileIQ also offers team discounts for businesses that have multiple users. The exact discounts aren't listed on the website so you will have to inquire if you're a business looking to add your entire team to the service.

Is There A Promo Code Or A Coupon Code?

MileIQ offers an affiliate program directly through their website. Affiliates who join the program are allowed to issue promo codes and coupon codes to entice users to sign up for the service. A quick Google search will result in many coupon codes you can use to get a slight discount. The most common discount is 20%, which would save approximately $12/yr.

MileIQ Alternative

Download Everlance for iOS or Android free and discover the easiest way to track your business mileage and expenses!

Everlance Features

Automatic Mileage Tracker: Just Drive. We Take Care Of The Mileage. - Go for a drive, we track the mileage automatically in the background.- Easily swipe to classify your trips.- Have past mileage you need to keep a record of? Manually enter in any trips into the app and watch the app magically calculate the totals for you.Business Expense Tracker: Expenses, Receipts & Revenue. - Automatic Expense Tracking: Link your bank or credit card to track expenses automatically.- Receipt Storage: Upload and keep all of your receipts organized securely in the cloud.Mileage and Expense Reports- Accurate mileage reports for tax deductions or business reimbursements- In-depth expense and revenue reports in both excel and PDF formats- IRS compliate reportsEverlance Cost (also available for teams)Android:- Everlance offers unlimited automatic tracking for Android devices- Try Everlance Premium for and get features like: Work Hours, PDF Reports & Premium SupportLearn more about our Android featuresiOS:- FREE (30 Trips)- $8/mo- $60/yrLearn more about our iOS Pricing