Quickbooks Self-Employed Review: This is the second part in our mileage tracker review series. We last looked at MileIQ and how its features stacked up to Everlance, and today we're going to talk about Quickbooks Self-Employed.How will Quickbooks stack up to Everlance (Quickbooks self employed vs Everlance)? Read on to find out!

Quickbooks, an Intuit company, markets a suite of popular software called Quickbooks Self-Employed. Within this suite is a product feature that is internally referred to as "Track Miles", though the product itself does not carry an app-specific name.Confused yet?The Quickbooks Self-Employed app (the mileage tracker app) can be found on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store as a standalone product, which is helpful if you're just looking to download a mileage tracker and want one that integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks software.However, if you were to download the app itself, without subscribing to the QuickBooks Self-Employed Plan ($5 - $35/mo) you will have to use an in-app purchase ($4.99 - $16.99) to access the full capabilities of the app!See. We told you it was confusing. Why not just sell the app separately? Why not give it its own name?The business sense for the way Intuit is marketing their mileage tracker app makes sense once you understand that they're bundling the mileage tracker as a feature of their full "self-employed" platform. Yes, you can download and use the tracker separately, however, they feel it's best used in conjunction with their entire suite of products.If what you're looking for is a straightforward mileage tracker that automatically tracks IRS-deductible miles and business expenses for a low monthly fee, Everlance has Quickbooks beat, hands down. You can even upload your reports to any platform.Another area to focus on is the UI (user experience) of both the apps. Since Quickbooks is owned and operated by Intuit (company that works on Turbotax, Quickbooks and Mint), they will not focus on the experience that the user will have but on how this will just work in general. This is where Everlance can shine! We focus first on the customer and their needs and then build up from there. This way we know that we are bringing the best experience to everyone with every update of the app.Now, if you're a power QuickBooks user that wouldn't have it any other way, you probably already have their app, and if you don't, it might make sense to purchase it separately or download it as part of the monthly fee you're already paying.

How Much Does Quickbooks Self-Employed Cost?

Quickbooks Self-Employed costs $10/mo with the mileage tracker under the Independent Contractors plan. Of the 4 plans they have available, only this plan offers the mileage tracker.Here are the pricing tiers for Quickbooks Self-Employed

  • Free: Limited features.
  • $10/mo, $120/yr: Current Promotion: 50% off for 6 months

Everlance has the advantage in price ($60/yr) and we can match up with Quickbooks feature-for-feature. Everlance even has a plan for teams (2+ users) where Quickbooks doesn't! If you're running a small business with 2+ employees/contractors that need to use this app to track mileage - with Quickbooks you're out of luck!If price is a big concern to you, Everlance wins this contest easily.

What Features Does The Quickbooks Self-Employed Mileage Tracker Have?

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking: Just like their competitors, the app runs in the background to automatically detect rides and log mileage.
  • Integrates with Quickbooks/TurboTax: If there's any distinct advantage QBSE has over their competitors, it's right here. QBSE seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks & TurboTax. So, if you're a QB power user that already pays a monthly subscription it might make sense to use their built-in mileage tracking app.
  • Classify Business/Personal: All of the top mileage tracking apps have this feature. The ability to swipe left or right to classify the ride as either a tax-deductible business trip or personal use.
  • Manually Add Trips In-App: Just like Everlance, Quickbooks allows you to manually add previous trips in-app. MileIQ does not have this feature.
  • ExpenseTracker: Just like Everlance, Quickbooks has the ability to track business expenses. You can upload receipts and integrate reports into Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Self-Employed Ratings & User Reviews

iOS App Rating: 4.2/5 starsAndroid App Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Brings back tracked receipts and mileage on invoice! [iOS App Store] by JesseM85"The app worked (worked, not works) great. Until you got rid of added tracked expenses and mileage to invoices. Now I have to go in and remember the numbers and re-enter the info into a fixed cost expense. Makes no sense why you got rid of this. I remember some blurb about temporarily taking it down to make improvements, but that was several months ago. Any serious app developer doesn’t need to remove key functionality to make an app better. You add it in beta and release it. Come on quick books! Don’t drive us away! Fix the issue!"

Your recent update trashed everything [iOS App Store] by Ozinejais

"Your most recent update duplicated all my transactions, there’s loads of $0.00 incoming and outgoing transactions that shouldn’t be there. Three months worth of transactions all undone, some duplicated and some tripled. I don’t know what any of these $0.00 incoming and outgoings are. Best of all your lame service has nothing but email option to even attempt to speak to anyone, you won’t get anyone helpful or 100% literate. Looking elsewhere for these services this has created such a huge unnecessary hassle for me. It’s such a simple web based service to provide, you’re setting the bar pretty low, making it easy to have another service come in offer much better."

William Ball November 4, 2017 [Google Play Store]

"Disappointed, lots of good reviews, but once used proved to not be anywhere near accurate, capturing mileage is a hit or miss. Can not depend on app to capture all trips or even an entire trip. Would not recommend."

Ryan Yount November 1, 2017 [Google Play Store]

"I mainly got this app to monitor my mileage. It constantly did not detect several trips that I went on."

As you can see there are many recent negative reviews of this product. There are a few positive reviews as well, however, they don't go in to as much details. We'd suggest noting some of the customers' issues with the app and consider that the majority of people have left positive 4-5 star reviews.

Quickbooks Self-Employed Alternative

Download Everlance for iOS or Android free and discover the easiest way to track your business mileage and expenses!

Everlance Features

Automatic Mileage Tracker: Just Drive. We Take Care Of The Mileage. - Go for a drive, we track the mileage automatically in the background.- Easily swipe to classify your trips.- Have past mileage you need to keep a record of? Manually enter in any trips into the app and watch the app magically calculate the totals for you.Business Expense Tracker: Expenses, Receipts & Revenue. - Automatic Expense Tracking: Link your bank or credit card to track expenses automatically.- Receipt Storage: Upload and keep all of your receipts organized securely in the cloud.Mileage and Expense Reports- Accurate mileage reports for tax deductions or business reimbursements- In-depth expense and revenue reports in both excel and PDF formats- IRS compliant reports

Everlance Rating & User Reviews

iOS App Rating: 4.9/5 starsAndroid App Rating: 4.8/5 starsShannon H. October 25, 2017 [Google Play Store]

"Super easy to use and is going to be a great tool for my business!" 

Best Mileage Tracker out there [iOS App Store]by Gyusdr23461

"Great mileage log and tracker! I have tried them all and nothing compares to this app. Everlance us helped me save hundreds or hours and thousands of dollars for my taxes. All the others just do mileage tracking but this app also tracks your expenses, revenue and receipts making it the only app you need as a small business owner or self-employed person. Best mileage tracking app out there!" 

Everlance Cost (also available for teams)

Simple Pricing:Android:- Everlance offers unlimited automatic tracking and expense logs for Android devices- Try Everlance Premium: Work Hours, PDF Reports& Premium SupportLearn more about our Android featuresiOS:- Free for 30 automatically tracked trips- $8/mo- $60/yrLearn more about our iOS Pricing