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Everlance + iBeaconGPS is an amazing thing. Every day Everlance tracks over 1,000,000 miles from our users and this is primarily done with standard GPS on a smartphone. It works well and it’s the industry standard for tracking apps.

However, today we’d like to talk about something we’re really excited about for our iOS & Android users, and that’s iBeacon. With an iBeacon device installed in your car and iBeacon tracking activated on your smartphone, Everlance is now able to track every ride with even greater accuracy than before.

Before we dive into the specifics of how Everlance uses iBeacon to track, let’s talk a little about the technology behind iBeacon.

What Is iBeacon?

iBeacon is Apple’s internal name for a technology standard based on discovering “beacons”, and a beacon is just what you might think it is. It’s an object that sends out a signal. Much like if you’re lost and you light up a flare, or shine a light in the sky – that’s a beacon to aid in giving your exact location.

Hardware beacons like iBeacon work in a very similar fashion except they use radio waves to communicate with other devices. The underlying technology that makes all of this device-to-device communication work so well is called Bluetooth Low Energy.

You’re very likely familiar with the classic version of Bluetooth in a lot of everyday products, such as your smartphone, which allows you to “sync” to other devices.

Bluetooth LE works in a very similar fashion except that it consumes far less energy and the costs are 60% or cheaper. The cheaper cost is great because what that means is that you can afford to put Bluetooth LE in a lot of smaller, cheaper products – like key fobs, or wallets.

The battery life on Bluetooth LE devices is also pretty amazing because they can last up to 3 years on a single coin cell battery!

Why Do I Want To Use iBeacon?

The #1 reason you want to use a beacon for tracking your mileage is that you want the most accurate system possible. With traditional GPS systems, there can be coverage issues, including Line Of Sight (LOS) problems. We’ve all been in zones where GPS wasn’t working on our phone, right? With a hardware beacon near you, there’s a much better chance that the proximity signal it gives off will be received by the device you’re carrying.

Ultimately, you want to utilize this technology to get better tracking data, and right now no one is doing it better than Everlance with iBeacon.

How Does Everlance Use iBeacon?

Everlance uses iBeacon technology to receive more accurate tracking data from the device. In order to get this information, which sends a radio signal every 100ms, a physical hardware device (shown below) needs to be plugged into a USB outlet in your vehicle and Turn on iBeacon needs to be activated in your settings.

How To Get The Device

To get the iBeacon device all you have to do is write to us directly and we’ll send you the USB iBeacon for a small fee that you can plug into any USB outlet in your vehicle, just like you would when charging your phone.

How To Install The Device

Before you think “Ohhh no thanks, installing a device is too much work!” – it takes literally seconds and is no more difficult than plugging in a car charger!

See? How easy is that!

How To Enable iBeacon Tracking

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Enter Tracker Settings 
  3. Click on iBeacon 
  4. Toggle Turn on iBeacon 
  5. That’s it!

For more information on Everlance + iBeacon, please refer to the help section article.

In Summary: Why You Should Use iBeacon With Everlance

  1. iBeacon makes precise proximity tracking as accurate as possible.
  2. iBeacon devices install in seconds.
  3. iBeacon devices are inexpensive.
  4. iBeacon devices can last up to 3 years on a single battery.
  5. iBeacon devices use very little battery power compared to traditional Bluetooth.

iBeacon with Everlance is incredibly helpful for the average user and it’s absolutely perfect for companies with large teams that need to track their employees and have very little margin for error in reporting.

Do you want to give this new technology a try? Write us directly at and we’ll help you get a device quickly and start tracking!

For those of you with companies that need to track employees, please sign up for information on our Everlance Teams product and we’ll create a custom package with iBeacon’s for you.


Everlance is the #1 rated mileage and expense tracking solution. Download our award winning app on the Appstore & Google Playstore or try our mileage and expense solution for your company.

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