Caregivers have one of the most diverse jobs in the world. They are not only nurses but a companion, a friend, an extra hand around the house. Juggling many tasks per day like remembering the correct pill for the patient, getting a patients medical records and even personal business tasks like getting reimbursed for miles driven can be exhausting and leaves little to no energy for anything else let alone picking tools like caregiver apps.Also, since there are so many different fields that a caregiver can work in: senior care, home aid, respite care, nurse, hospice and many are on the move all the time it’s important to take advantage of some of the technology services out there, but which ones? We have handpicked a few caregiver apps and services based on usability, reviews and device availability that will be helpful and enable you to just focus on the patient.


Device Availability: Android & IOSUsability: Has a little bit of a learning curve but is packed with lots of features - 4.5 starsReviews: IOS - 5 stars | Android - 4.5 StarsThis caregiver app enables you to take pictures of medication, add notes for each patient and calendar appointments. Have all the medical records on hand and a special feature provided is that you can share all the info with the family so that they know exactly what is going on with the patient and take some of the caring load off. Most commonly used by senior care, home aid, respite caregivers.

Smart Medical Reference

Device Availability: Android & IOSUsability: One of the better designed medical apps - 5 starsReviews: 4.5 stars on bothThe one stop shop for all your records. The app keeps accurate logs of lab tests, previous medication, and also has access to the public medical records field where you can research anything through the app, acts a little bit like a personal medical encyclopedia. This is app is most commonly used by nurses and home care aids.


Device Availability: Android & IOSUsability: The Android version is a lot more intuitive - 4 stars.Reviews: 4 stars - IOS | 4.5 - AndroidEvernote makes it easy to keep track of all the notes you take for your patient. All your data is saved in the cloud and can sync across many devices so you can read up on a patient's notes back at the hospital or simply share them with the patient's family or other caregivers. Most commonly used by senior care, respite care, support groups, home health caregivers.

Everlance (Caregiver Apps)

Device Availability: Android & IOSUsability: We are biased but we think it’s very intuitive - 5 starsReviews: 5 stars - IOSAs we said before we are biased but through a lot of user research, we have found that many of our caregivers and hospice care nurses are driving to different locations every day and they are missing out on a lot of deductions. We want to take a little bit of the burden off your shoulders and help you start saving more, the average user saves $600/month by logging their miles and expenses. Everlance can be used by any nurse, caregiver, etc.

Learn More about the Standard Mileage Rates:

Over 400,000 people use Everlance to track company mileage based off of the IRS standard mileage rate, saving an average of $6,500/mo - shouldn't you?


Device Availability: Android & IOSUsability: Very easy to use and intuitive - 5 StarsReviews: 4.5 stars on bothTheir slogan is ‘never miss a pill again’ and they really mean it. Medisafe acts like a more advanced pillbox. This is a great tool for the caregivers and even in hospital nurses for patients. Simply enter in the patient's information and what pills they need per day and the app sets reminders on not only when to take the medication but when to order another batch so that there is no wait time. Most commonly used by senior care, home aid, respite caregivers.These are only a few tools that you can add to your arsenal. We would love to hear of other caregiver apps, services, healthcare specific resources you use, send us a message at support@everlance.com and we will add your suggestion to our list.