We’ve been getting questions about MileIQ and the best MileIQ alternative—so we did some research. In this article, we look at the history of MileIQ, the issues users are currently facing, and why users are making the switch to Everlance.

Let’s dive in!

What is MileIQ?

MileIQ is a mileage tracking app for the self-employed, independent workers, and small businesses. According to their website, “MileIQ automates mileage logging, creating an automatic, accurate record of the miles you drive.”

What’s happening right now?

MileIQ has been undergoing some changes recently, and its future is currently unclear. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much publicly available information right now, but we pulled together what we could.

Change in leadership

While we didn’t see a public announcement, we noticed that the company has changed hands. Such a change could be due to any number of reasons, from Microsoft no longer wanting to invest in the product to a pivot in what MileIQ will offer and beyond. According to Wikipedia: “On March 18, 2021, MileIQ service is transitioning to a new owner, MileIQ LLC, which is led by the original creators of the mileage tracking app. MileIQ LLC is unaffiliated with Microsoft Corporation and will start operating the app and the service after May 01, 2021.”

Small team

We couldn’t find anything about the current MileIQ team on their website. However, according to LinkedIn, MileIQ currently has just ten employees. It raises concerns that customers might not get the support they need, much less ongoing software improvements.

Pricing change

And their responses have revealed that MileIQ will no longer be free for Microsoft Office 365 customers. According to MileIQ: “Please enjoy MileIQ with O365 until March 2022 as at that time, it will no longer be available.”

Response to user review on Play Store
Response to user review on Play Store

We recommend that you don’t wait until 2022 to come up with your game plan. Instead, take this time to find the best solution for your business! Everlance will help you transition to our platform. We will provide hands-on training to new Everlance Business customers and have a clear process for importing data from MileIQ into Everlance

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How did we get here?

We’ve noticed that Microsoft hasn’t been putting resources into MileIQ for some time now. While Microsoft’s acquisition of MileIQ originally promised exciting goals, it doesn’t seem like they have lived up to their promise to “reinvent productivity and business process in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.” 


Microsoft acquired Mobile Data Labs (maker of MileIQ app) in November 2015. Microsoft’s announcement highlighted it as part of their “ambition to reinvent productivity and business process in a mobile-first, cloud-first world… The team will continue to build and offer mobile productivity solutions.”


In October 2016, MileIQ launched its Teams product.


In 2017, they partnered with Xero, launched a new website and logo and introduced new intelligence features (e.g., frequent drives, work hours).


In October 2018, Microsoft launched a separate app, Spend, to track expenses. After feedback, they withdrew the app and it’s no longer available. The last post in MileIQ news in their blog is dated to November 2018.


Last Twitter and Facebook activity.


Everlance starts hearing of issues with MileIQ. Customers continue switching to Everlance because they are tired with MileIQ’s failures and the fact that the app was constantly missing trips.

Why MileIQ customers are switching to Everlance

Even before these concerning changes to MileIQ, we noticed that users were comparing MileIQ and Everlance. These individuals ultimately chose Everlance because of its ease of use and accuracy. 

5-star Everlance reviews
Actual user reviews from App Store and Play Store

Easy adoption

Over 1 million users trust Everlance. We hear time and again that users are blown away by how easy it is to use the Everlance mobile app, from setting up automatic tracking to swiping to classify their trips. 

The app is tried and tested, and this is key for teams who use Everlance Business. Teams who are deciding between MileIQ and Everlance have their team members test the apps and get feedback on their preferences. We often get feedback that they like Everlance and appreciate its ease of use. Seamless employee adoption is crucial for any enterprise software.

Reliable mileage tracking

We repeatedly hear from users who have left MileIQ that our tracking is better at capturing every trip. Frequent internal tests against MileIQ and other competitors reveal that our tracking accuracy is best-in-class. In addition to being user-friendly, reliability is one of the key drivers behind our #1 rating on the App Store and Play Store.

Route visibility

Everlance offers end-to-end route visibility, including a map that shows the exact GPS-tracked route of every trip and the full address of the destination. With GPS-generated maps, you can easily see if the route looks right (rather than comparing the change in the car's odometer to the app, which defeats the purpose of using an automatic tracker!). This also helps teams who use Everlance Business—managers can easily check to see if employees are following their routes.

Ease of use

For managers of mobile teams, Everlance is very easy to use. With a few clicks, you can be up and running with Everlance. Compared to MileIQ’s setup, Everlance is a breeze.

Plus, you can streamline mileage and expense reimbursements directly through Everlance's web dashboard. We support FAVR, CPM and flat allowance reimbursements to meet your business needs.

Intelligent features that save time

Everlance has intelligent features, including Favorite Trips, Favorite Places, and Work Hours: 

  • Favorite Trips: Do you drive to and from the same locations daily or weekly? With Favorite Trips, you can set the app to automatically classify these drives for you. 
  • Favorite Places: Have business locations you regularly visit? With Favorite Places, you can save time by naming smart locations, and your log will include an easy-to-recognize name rather than a full address.
  • Work Hours: Work Hours enables you to pick specific hours each day during which your trips will be auto classified. This makes classifying a breeze and great for those that have weekly routines. 

All of these Everlance features help users save considerable time. 


Make better use of your team’s time and energy by getting compliant now rather than later. Plus, you and your team will rest easy knowing you are audit-ready, thanks to Everlance.

Everlance vs. MileIQ for business

Everlance’s robust and intelligent enterprise platform is unparalleled. MileIQ doesn’t offer an enterprise option comparable to Everlance’s integrated platform for mileage, expenses and reimbursements. Take a look at the table below to see why there really is no comparison between Everlance and MileIQ.

Everlance beats MileIQ with expense management, end-to-end reimbursements, FAVR options and more

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