Ditch Your Paper Mileage Log And Use The Best Mileage Tracker

Everlance: The #1 Mileage Tracker

The IRS allows you to deduct $0.545/mile and Everlance makes mileage tracking as easy as possible. Just download the app, sign up and start driving!

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Mileage Tracking

100% Automatic Mileage Tracking

Everlance runs silently in the background using GPS to track every mile of every drive, adding up your total deduction in real-time as you drive.

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Automatic Mileage Tracker

Classify Trips With One Swipe

We know every drive isn’t going to count towards business mileage, so we’ve made it easy to classify every drive. When you’re done with your drive swipe left or right to classify the drive and you’re done!

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Mileage Tracking App

Simple Mileage Reports

Whether you need to send your mileage reports to your employer for reimbursement, you tax preparer or software for taxes or even just to look at yourself - our Dashboard makes one-click reports a breeze.

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Mileage Log

Industries Using Everlance

Self-Employed & Freelancers

Everlance was built for all businesses, especially those who are self-employed or full-or-part-time freelancers. You can track your mileage from each trip as well as your expenses & revenue. Absolutely perfect for those of you that need to track Profit and Losses.

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Mileage Tracking for Teams

Many businesses use our Everlance Teams product when they have 2 or more employees using our app. The larger the company, the more streamlined and accurate you need your mileage tracking platform to be - Everlance excels in this area. Add as many team members as you want, manage them from the Dashboard, quickly export reports & pay 1 easy bill.

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Outside Sales

Sales teams should be selling, not writing down their mileage for the day or facing deadlines to turn in their expense reports. Everlance was made for this. Track your mileage & expenses accurately and turn them in electronically - easy as 1, 2, 3.

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From Uber to Lyft to DoorDash, Everlance is popular with this group of people for reason - they need accurate mileage tracking and they need it every time they drive. Ridesharers know that their company doesn’t always count the mileage when a passenger isn’t in the vehicle. Everlance makes sure you get the accurate numbers!

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Real Estate

From open houses, to prospecting for sales the real estate agent is always on the go. This means they need to track their mileage & expenses to get the proper deduction. With Everlance this task is as simple as downloading the app, signing up and driving. Tracking expenses is almost as easy, with the option to enter in expenses manually (gift baskets!) or automatically when linking your credit card or bank account.

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Everlance is a huge hit with Non-Profits, from churches to foundations we’ve got thousands of non-profit companies that use Everlance every single day for their entire team to track mileage & expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mileage tracker?

The best way to explain a mileage tracker is to compare it to something you may already be familiar with, a mileage log. Paper mileage logs have been used for decades by businesses and freelancers all over America that needed to keep track of their business mileage for reimbursement or tax deductions. Mileage tracking apps changed the game completely. No longer do you have to write down your mileage after every ride, the mileage tracking app does this automatically for you!

Why do you need a mileage tracker?

The IRS Standard Mileage Rate for business use gives you a deduction of $0.545/per mile and Everlance helps you maximize every penny. It’s more important than ever to properly track your business mileage for deductions and to keep accurate, IRS-compliant records. Both accuracy and compliant records are equally important when it comes to deductions.

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How does a mileage tracker work?

The best mileage trackers use GPS to coordinate a driver’s position, running silently in the background to accurately log each ride. There’s quite a bit of technology that goes on behind the scenes, especially when you consider the use of GPS over a cellular connection, route mapping overlays and calculations of deductions. When it comes to mileage tracking apps, Everlance is in a class by itself. Everlance not only tracks your mileage, your route is overlaid on a map in full detail and the total amount you can deduct is tallied above. Most mileage tracking apps do not offer this level of detail or precision.

Are Mileage Trackers Acceptable For IRS Deductions?

There is definitely some misinformation out there regarding mileage tracking apps vs. paper mileage logs, but just know this - the information for both products is exactly the same. It’s simply a recorded log of your mileage. One is in paper. One is electronic. Both are accurate and acceptable. The IRS requires that you keep an accurate record of your business mileage if you’re claiming a mileage deduction. This means that if you print out a mileage report from Everlance it’s exactly the same as if you’d have written it down in a paper mileage log. As long as you keep the record, much like you would a mileage log book, then you’ll have the accurate records to backup your claim for deductions.