Apple and Google have apps for everything. That makes app stores the haystack and the app you need the needle. Let Everlance be the magnet! Here are 4 apps for sales reps that actually make your life easier.

Apps for Sales Reps


Sales reps spend so much time in their cars they could take out mortgages on Hondas.The last thing they need is to spend so much time looking for a parking spot that they wind up in a Lewis and Clark reenactment. With SpotHero, you search your phone for the lowest prices and reserve a space before you even hit the road. Filter your search by time and location to find the perfect match. That’s it. Never be late to a client because you were sure there would be street parking, but didn’t count on street sweeping.


The relationship that a sales rep has with their client can be more important than the product itself. Unfortunately, a good deal of valuable time is wasted managing orders instead of improving relationships. Every minute you spend translating an order into your system, or making sure HQ got the right quantities takes precious time away from that client interaction. The BlueCart apps for sales reps allow you to view real-time order history and client information on the road, place orders on behalf of their clients anytime, anywhere, and check in on orders and messaging right from their phone. No more struggling to find wifi or crawling around looking for outlets. Now you can take that extra time to cultivate the relationship with your client--and find new ones.


The only thing that makes a sales rep more anxious than sending an email is waiting for a response. “Did they receive my email?”, “Did my message get across?” “Did they even open my email?” Banish the uncertainty with SideKick. This simple plugin puts your mind at ease faster than a note from mom saying you’ve always been her favorite. Sidekick lets you know how many times someone opened your email, and tracks their clicks too. Next time someone tells you they never got the email, give them that knowing look, because, well, you know...


Chances are you have a stack of business cards floating around your car or stuffed in your wallet. Any one of those cards could be the lottery ticket to your next huge sale, but they slip slowly to the back of the drawer and go from warm lead to dead end faster than a dropped coin falls through a grate. With CamCard, keeping track of the information on those flimsy pieces of paper is easier than ever. The app allows you to take scan business cards in seconds and saves that information to your phone. Interested in saving paper? CamCard lets you swap paperless business cards with any of your contacts. Keep and leave a lasting impression with CamCard.

Honorable Mention

It would be more than a little biased to include Everlance in the top 4 sales apps, so we've omitted it from the list, however, if we're allowed to toot our own horn here for a second, we want to tell you just how awesome our app is and how much money it can save you come tax time.

What is Everlance?

Let's start right from the top.Everlance is the #1 rated mileage & expense tracking app in the world. We didn't get there overnight, it took years of listening to customer feedback and iterating on what works and dropping what doesn't.Throughout that span, we've heard from thousands of freelancers, self-employed & businesses the features that help them make the most of expense management.

  1. Everlance, first and foremost, is a business expense tracker. Company mileage is a business expense, and we find the average user $6,500 per year in mileage-related deductions. However, it doesn't end there. Everlance tracks all types of business expenses, both manually and automatically.
  2. Everlance App is one of the most feature-packed, easy-to-use apps in the entire world. You download it, sign up and turn it on. We track your mileage every single ride, overlaying your route and the amount of money you can deduct (based on the IRS standard mileage deduction) to show you your entire savings.
  3. Everlance Dashboard is the go-to place for viewing all of your data. Of course you can view it all on your app, however, the Dashboard is a special feature for larger teams (see: Everlance Teams) that need to manage multiple employees for mileage & expenses, including reimbursement and IRS-compliant record-keeping.
  4. Automatic Expense Tracking isn't just a word, it's a killer feature. Everlance Premium makes tracking expenses a snap. You simply link your business bank account or credit card to the app and Everlance pulls all of your expenses directly from your financial account, giving you that clear expense report you've always dreamed of.
  5. Everlance isn't expensive. We've managed to pack all of our class-leading features into a $5/mo package for individual users, and $25/mo for Teams users. That's incredibly impressive when you consider the potential mileage savings alone ($6,500/yr). Throw in general business expenses, such as airfare, hotels, food, rental cars & entertainment and you start to see the big picture. Everlance saves our more than 400,000 users a lot of money!

Ready To Try Everlance? You have 3 options.

  1. As an individual user, you can download Everlance for free and use Everlance Premium for 7 days.
  2. As an individual user you can download Everlance for free and continue to use the free version forever (30 free trips per month)
  3. As a business with more than 1 user, you can apply for Everlance Teams and get started quickly tracking your mileage and expenses for your entire team.

Whichever option you choose, going with Everlance is going to save you a lot of money!