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Quick Tax Guides for Self-Employed

These guides focus on delivery and rideshare (but they're also helpful for other freelancers).

Want guides for your type of work? Other feedback? Let us know.

Filing status
Self-Employed Income Estimate your 1099 income for the whole year

Advanced (W2, miles, etc)

Do you have any employee jobs?
Employee Income Estimate your W2 income for the whole year
Work Miles Estimate your work mileage for the whole year
Other Business Expenses Estimate your non-car work expenses for the whole year (cell phone bill, health insurance, etc)

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Your Results

You’ll owe:

of your self-employed income.

Expect to owe around

in taxes ( of your income).

Since you’re also an employee

your tax bill may be a bit lower than this. (Your refund lowers what you owe.)

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Your Tax Breakdown



Social Security and Medicare

(aka Self-Employment Tax)


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