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Everlance Instant Deduction Finder | iOS Only

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Find $1,000’s in Potential Tax Deduction in Seconds

Today we are releasing our newest iOS only beta feature – Instant Deduction Finder. Over the last 2 years thousands of users on both iOS and Android platforms have been recording and organizing their business expenses with Everlance Premium. We are excited to add this new powerful feature to Premium.

In our continued effort to bring more and more value to our customers we have worked hard to build the Instant Deduction Finder in collaboration with multiple CPA’s. We have learned what are the most common and often times missed potential deductions from millions of transactions and income sources and are now able to pass that learning in the form of Instant Deduction Finder to our customers.

Instant Deduction Finder

How Instant Deduction Finder works

It just takes 30 seconds to find deductions based on what you do for work. Yup, it’s that simple.

  1. Tell us what you do for work
  2. Securely connect your credit card to Everlance
  3. Everlance will comb through all your transactions and find what expenses can be potentially used as a tax deduction.
  4. Look over and remove any expenses you know were for personal use and then just classify all those expenses as work (this is stating that you want to use them as a tax write-off)

As this service grows, we are confident that we will find more and more potential deductions based on different lines of work.

How can I access Deduction Finder?

It’s really simple. Just open or download the Everlance app. Start your 7 day free premium trial and sync your credit card with Everlance. As soon as you sync your card Everlance will intelligently find your deductions and display them for you to review.

How Can I get can a report of all my deductible expenses?

Both your expenses and mileage deduction reports are always accessible in IRS compliant CSV or PDF report types.

  1. Go to the app settings & tap on Generate Data Export
  2. Select your deduction type, date and anything else you want in the report
  3. Tap Email Report. You can view the report in your email

We would love to hear from you about Deduction Finder or anything else you have questions or comments about. Contact us at support@everlance.com


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