Mileage Log Book vs. Automatic Mileage Tracking App

For those of you that are still using a mileage log book to record your daily business mileage, we wanted to take a moment to show you how you could be saving hundreds of hours every year using an automatic mileage tracking app like Everlance. We realize that some employers may still require physical mileage log books and hard copies of receipts, but after you read this article we hope that you take this to your employer and show them that Everlance can't be beat when it comes to tracking mileage & expenses.This means tracking both mileage & receipts. We seriously do it all and we do it a lot more efficiently than a mileage log book.Automatic mileage tracking apps like Everlance save both time and money, freeing up employees to do what they do best - work, and minimizing the overhead of collecting log books and receipts, saving time and employee overhead in the process.We make recording mileage & expenses for tax deductions or employee reimbursement a true win-win scenario.However, we don't want you to think this is just for employees and employers. Everlance is for every person that drives for business, charity or even moving.We have thousands of real estate agents, sales people, nurses, Uber&Lyft drivers and everyday people that casually, or continually use their personal vehicle during the course of business.You may be using a pen-and-paper to record these events and now is the time to consider switching to an app that handles all of this for you.In 2018 millions of people are now tracking their mileage using apps like Everlance instead of manually entering in their numbers in a mileage log book.Why?Because we make IRS-compliant record keeping incredibly simple.If the best way to log mileage in the past was with a pen and paper in a log book, wouldn't it make more sense to update into the 21st century and automate the process? Yes!This is why Everlance was created and why over 400,000 people happily use our mileage and expense tracking app to record their mileage.Now let's go over the differences between mileage log books and automatic mileage tracking apps. We want you to fully understand how easy the new solution of using an app is vs. a mileage log book and there's no better way to prove that than to show you!

What is a mileage log book?

Vehicle Mileage Log Book Template

For those of you that have never seen a mileage log book we'll include a picture. The rest of you that use one every day will probably feel a twinge of unhappiness when looking at it.Does it remind you of things you don't want to do? Time you've spent sitting in your vehicle doing the math based on your odometer? What about sitting at a kitchen table using your best estimates so you can get it turned in on time?As effective as a mileage log can be, the reality is you have to fill them out - every time. Over and over again.You may have a fancy log book with your company logo, or a simple pad of paper that keeps track of your mileage and expenses. They work, there's no denying that....but, couldn't it be better?What if there was a way to just drive and have all of the details handled for you?If you use Everlance there is!

What is an automatic mileage tracking app?


If you haven't yet had the pleasure of using an automatic mileage tracking app like Everlance you're about to be blown away. The ease-of-use is unparalleled and the sheer fact you only have to minimally interact with the app is one of the most amazing, time-saving features that apps bring to the table.Can you swipe left or right after your drives? Yes? Then you might be happy to know that's all you have to do!You don't need to write anything down on paper, and while we give you the opportunity to manually enter in previous trips, you really don't have to.Instead, Everlance does all of the heavy lifting and right now we want to show you how.

How Automatic Mileage Tracking Apps Work

The process is actually quite complex behind the scenes. Everlance uses GPS to coordinate your exact position and rate-of-speed to determine that you're driving.When the app detects that you're driving it starts recording the route, in visual detail, and applying the IRS's Standard Mileage Rate of $0.545 to each mile you drive. Showing you in real-time how much money each trip is worth to you.That's not all, though.The point of tracking your rides is to have an IRS-compliant record of each business activity (such as a trip) and this is where the app really shines.

Everlance App Swipe Right For Work

Each and every trip you take can then be classified.Remember above when we mentioned "swiping"? That's all you have to do.No mileage tracking app is going to know if you just drove for business or personal, but you can tell it and using Artificial Intelligence it can learn to automatically classify known routes as business or personal.At the end of each ride you only have to do one thing, and that's classify the trip.Was it a business trip? Swipe right.Was it a personal trip? Swipe left.Here's a detailed explanation of how to classify your trips. This is really it as far as mileage tracking goes. You drive, the app records all of the pertinent data and then you only have to classify the trip and it's been "logged", saved and ready to export at any time....Wait, what is an export? Let's back up for a second.With a mileage log book you don't have to export data, it's all physical data on paper. You would simply turn the log book into whoever is keeping records.With tracking apps like Everlance you're essentially doing the same thing by exporting your data into a file and then sending it to a record keeper, a tax preparer or your favorite tax software.It's not quite as simple as handing a book to someone, but it's way, way better.You can hand a book to tax software like TaxAct, can you? No. They need data in the form of a file.What if you were an employee that worked at a company that required mileage log books and after you turn them in they have to manually type the numbers in your log book into a spread sheet?Wouldn't it just be easier if they took your Everlance data file and instantly import it into Excel? We think so!Do you want to see the export feature in action? We've got a great help article that will show you exactly how to export a report of your mileage and expenses.

Why Do You Keep Mentioning Expenses?

Oh, right. Here's the thing. Everlance doesn't just track mileage, it also tracks expenses and revenue!What good is just tracking mileage if you have expenses that go along with it? Wouldn't you want to also have a record of tolls, parking fees, hotels, meals & entertainment and all of the other little expenses that are tax deductible or reimbursable?We thought so too!In addition to being the #1 rated mileage tracking app on the App Store, Everlance also does a seriously great job at tracking expenses.And guess what? That can be automatic too.While expenses are often best left to manual entries, Everlance does have the option to add your bank account or credit card and it can automatically import and classify deductions for you.It's really a pretty slick process, however, let's get back to mileage tracking & log books and sum all of this up.

Mileage Log Books vs. Everlance

After nearly 1,300 words we hope you can see the true value that Everlance brings to the table. Whether you're an employee, self-employed or a casual freelancer - Everlance can make the tedious task of mileage tracking hundreds of hours easier for you.With a mileage log book there are very few upsides.With Everlance there are very few downsides.Automating the process of mileage (and expense) tracking should be a priority for everyone. No longer do you have to remember to write down your mileage, physically turn in your log book and then repeat every, single month.Everlance does this for you.

"Ok, So How Much Does Everlance Cost?"

Everlance has a couple of different pricing models, and all of them are affordable, especially when you compare them to how much time you're saving every year recording mileage & expenses as well as formatting and reimbursement or preparing tax returns.Everlance Basic: FreeEverlance Premium: $60/yr; $5/mo.Everlance Teams (for businesses): $25/mo per employeeFor those that are self-employed, Everlance Premium is the best option. You get automatic mileage & expense tracking and access to the Everlance Dashboard that will show allow you to view your current trips and export data for reporting.For businesses we have Everlance Teams that has all of the same features as premium but also allows you to setup and manage employees quickly and pay one simple bill.Lastly, we'll always have a free version. If you just want to test Everlance download the app and sign up. You'll get 7 free days of Everlance Premium and after that the 7 days are up you'll have access to our free version of Everlance which utilizes almost all of the same features except you will be capped at 30 rides per month and automatic expense tracking won't be available.For just $5/mo you can upgrade to Everlance Premium and get it all. It's almost a no-brainer if you drive a lot. If you don't, Everlance Basic should be fine for your needs.

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