We are thrilled to announce our partnership between the best mileage tracking app and Oregon REALTORS™ At Everlance, we focus on the unique needs of real estate professionals and are committed to empowering them with the best tools for their business. This exciting collaboration brings deeper member benefits to Oregon REALTORS™ members, offering them access to Everlance Premium Plus at a deeply discounted rate.

What's in Store for the Beaver State?

Oregon REALTORS ™ members will now enjoy Everlance Premium Plus at the cost of Everlance Premium. For only $8 a month or $60 a year, members can access a premium experience that includes:

Unlimited Automatic Mileage Tracking: Say goodbye to manual mileage logging. With Everlance, members can effortlessly track their mileage, ensuring accurate and hassle-free deductions.

Bank or Credit Card Linking for Automatic Expense Tracking: No more tedious receipt tracking. Premium Plus allows members to connect their bank or credit card to automatically track business expenses.

Tax Deduction Finder: Maximizing tax deductions is a breeze with Everlance. Our advanced tools help members identify potential write-offs, ensuring they keep more money in their pockets.

VIP Support: Oregon REALTORS ™ members receive priority support from our dedicated customer success team, ensuring they have a smooth and pleasant experience with Everlance.

Live 1x1 Training: Learning how to make the most of Everlance's powerful features is now easier than ever. Premium Plus members can access personalized, live training sessions to master the platform.

Why Everlance Premium Plus?

Everlance is a free app to use, and if you're someone who prefers to track every trip manually by hand, we can help you with that at no cost.

We know that managing finances and mileage tracking can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for real estate professionals constantly on the move. Everlance Premium Plus is designed to simplify their lives, streamline their business operations, and maximize their potential tax savings with a suite of tools to automate your tracking and reduce your headaches.

With Everlance Premium Plus, Oregon REALTORS ™ members can focus on what matters most – building successful careers and serving their clients – while leaving the burdensome administrative tasks to us.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Everlance Premium Plus is a breeze for Oregon REALTORS™ members. Simply sign up through the exclusive Oregon REALTORS ™ link here: Everlance for Oregon REALTORS™

If you're already an Everlance Premium member and part of Oregon REALTORS ™, don't worry! You'll automatically be upgraded to Premium Plus, and your billing will be adjusted accordingly.

What expenses can I write off as a realtor?

Checkout our post outlining some of the most common tax deductions that realtors and agents can enjoy! 15 Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents & Realtors in 2023

Join us in Celebrating this Partnership!

We are beyond excited to welcome Oregon REALTORS ™ members to the Everlance family. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to support real estate professionals with cutting-edge tools and exceptional value.

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