The insurance claims and liability services company increased accuracy and accountability, while saving time for drivers and management after switching to Everlance.

For StreetDelivery, there were three primary goals that sparked their desire to update their vehicle program and mileage reimbursement process: 

  1. Improving accuracy and accountability
  2. Implementing an easy-to-use system
  3. Increasing employee happiness

Despite numerous challenges in finding a single system that could meet their needs, StreetDelivery has been able to save time and achieve their goals with Everlance's accurate, reliable and easy-to-use platform.

The accuracy of Everlance is spot-on. It has helped our company be very, very efficient with our payroll and how we track [mileage]. It’s very cost-effective as well. We’ve tried a bunch of [other software] and we finally ended with Everlance. I can’t see us ever changing.”

- Jason, Head of Operations 

StreetDelivery, an insurance claims servicer, searches for a way to improve accuracy and accountability for mileage tracking, while saving time. 

StreetDelivery provides services for insurance providers to expedite insurance claims. They help insurance companies provide good, fast service to customers by employing a team of drivers to investigate claims, drive to sites and take photos. The StreetDelivery team assesses claims and covers everything from vehicle to property claims and more. 

With a 100+ employee nationwide team that’s fully remote and drivers that are clocking lots of mileage, StreetDelivery had a big need for reliable mileage tracking.

Challenges & Problems 

StreetDelivery was running into a number of mileage tracking challenges: namely, a lack of accuracy or accountability in their previous methods. 

Before switching to Everlance, they’d been tracking mileage manually. Over the years, they tried a variety of different mileage tracking apps, but couldn’t find one that was as accurate or reliable as they needed.  

  • Since they work with insurance companies, accuracy and accountability are really important. They were struggling to use products that were inaccurate, technically inconsistent or unreliable.
  • In addition, having accurate reimbursements for drivers is essential as well. It’s a big question for drivers during the interview process, so having a good system for mileage tracking is a must to attract and retain good employees. 
  • Other systems they’d tried weren’t very user-friendly. It ended up wasting more time since management had to dedicate time not only to managing the system, but also to troubleshooting technical issues, pulling manual reports when systems glitched, and fixing errors. 

As a result, they began the search (again) for a user-friendly platform that could provide accurate, reliable mileage tracking that was easy-to-use for drivers and could reduce the amount of time being spent on manual reporting.

Solution: Everlance’s accuracy and reliability provides accountability for drivers and saves time for management. 

StreetDelivery had a number of specific challenges and needs when searching for a mileage tracking software: 

  • They needed accurate and reliable mileage tracking that could provide accountability. 
  • They needed a user-friendly system that would be easy-to-use for drivers and management. 
  • They needed an efficient system that would help save time for the whole team. 
  • They needed a single system that could track mileage as well as expenses. 

Ultimately, StreetDelivery chose Everlance for its accuracy, technical consistency and user-friendly platform. 

“Over the years, we tried a lot of these apps and some worked and some didn’t, but there was always something bad about each one of the apps we tried. Then we ended up on Everlance and it’s been awesome ever since. It’s just made our lives really a lot easier.” 

- Jason, Head of Operations

Everlance’s accurate and reliable mileage tracking provides accountability 

With StreetDelivery, all of their drivers and teams are working remotely and traveling back and forth from their homes to the sites to start claims. Everlance’s GPS-powered mileage tracking provides accountability for StreetDelivery and ensures that each claim site is visited and recorded. 

“If someone says they were there and they weren’t there, it can be considered insurance fraud,” Jason explained. As a result, accuracy in mileage and trip tracking is essential for StreetDelivery. “Everlance is the most accurate mileage tracking platform we’ve used,” Jason said. 

Everlance’s accuracy and reliability is useful for drivers as well. Since their drivers are clocking a lot of mileage each week, drivers are invested in making sure mileage gets tracked accurately so they can be reimbursed. The accuracy of Everlance’s tracking ensures both drivers and management can trust the mileage logged. 

“Everlance provides such accurate details that we never have to worry about [insurance fraud],” Jason said. “Plus, it’s beyond easy to track mileage and our staff loves it. It offers total transparency for our staff.” 

The automatic GPS tracking Everlance provides allows StreetDelivery to trust their employees with confidence, as well as the records and accountability needed in case an insurance partner ever needed them. 

“We’re extremely happy with the product. Everlance has really taken our business in a different direction, with just how efficient it is and how easy it is to sell now. It’s a great product… and we’re so grateful that we were able to find it.”

- Jason, Head of Operations

Drivers appreciate Everlance’s accuracy and ease-of-use, helping StreetDelivery attract and retain good employees

It’s not just the accuracy of Everlance that drivers appreciate, though. The user-friendly software has helped StreetDelivery in attracting and retaining good employees—improving employee quality of life while also making Jason’s job easier as the Head of Operations. 

Within Jason’s role, he’s busy managing the recruitment and training processes for new hires, helping payroll spot-check mileage for accuracy, supporting drivers, processing claims himself and more. Although it’s a tough market for hiring right now, Jason says having Everlance as a benefit for drivers has helped sell the job for new hires and simplified the onboarding process. 

With drivers logging so many miles, understanding the mileage tracking system they’ll be using is a common question during recruitment. 

“It makes my life a lot easier to talk to people about the job and why they should work for us. People want to know how this is all tracked, and when we’re able to say ‘You know, we have an app and here’s how it works and what it does’.... it really helps,” Jason said. 

“It’s very user-friendly. We hire a lot of people who…maybe aren’t as tech-savvy, but the thing is, you really don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this. We really haven’t had any issues because it’s so user-friendly.” 

- Jason, Head of Operations

Everlance’s user-friendly system saves time for both drivers and management 

Not only has Everlance’s accuracy and reliability transformed StreetDelivery’s business, but the user-friendly system has saved time for the drivers and management alike. 

With previous systems, tracking mileage, reporting trips and being paid was a messy and burdensome process for drivers and administration alike. StreetDelivery had attempted to modernize their processes by using other mileage tracking apps or software to track and report mileage, but unfortunately, the software was so difficult to use that it didn’t end up saving much time. 

Jason, the Head of Operations, was spending a lot of time recalculating mileage when the software had technical glitches or other errors, troubleshooting the platforms, or teaching drivers how to use them.

With Everlance, the system is not only technically reliable, but also user-friendly. Ultimately, an easy-to-use system for drivers is also easy-to-manage for Jason and other administrative staff, and saves time for drivers, management and payroll. 

Saving time for drivers

The platform is easy to use and saves time with automatic mileage tracking and simplified expenses reporting. Jason hardly ever has to troubleshoot the platform for drivers now, due to its intuitive design. If team members do have questions or want to explore new features, Jason mentioned, the Everlance customer service team is very available and ready to help. 

Saving time for management

For management, Everlance’s all-in-one system for mileage and expense tracking saves hours of work each month. Previously, management had to spend 5+ hours every week manually running mileage reports using Google Maps, and another 4 hours each month doing manual expense reports by compiling and calculating everyone’s submitted receipts. Now, with Everlance, all of that time—more than 24 hours a month!—is saved through Everlance’s automatic mileage tracking and easy-to-use expense management system. 

Saving time for payroll and admins

For payroll, Everlance has saved time and made their job much easier. Previously, payroll had many manual processes in place for paying and reimbursements for employees. Now that the payroll team can get mileage and expense reports directly from Everlance, they no longer have to waste time reaching out to individual employees to get mileage logs completed or expense reports submitted. 

Instead, they’re able to pull all the data they need instantly from one Everlance report, plug in the numbers and get employees paid quickly and efficiently. 

The bottom line: 

Now that StreetDelivery is using Everlance to track and reimburse mileage and expenses, they’re able to: 

  • Protect themselves against insurance fraud and other problems with accurate mileage tracking and built-in accountability 
  • Save time for management with a user-friendly, all-in-one mileage and expense tracking system.
  • Avoid manual or technically inconsistent processes to save time and improve accuracy 
  • Give drivers the benefit of an easy-to-use system that improves employee’s quality of life and productivity 
  • Attract and retain good drivers with accurate, quick reimbursements and an easy mileage tracking systems

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