The amount of apps out there can just be overwhelming. Luckily, we went through many of them and have picked out the few that we believe can make a big impact for you as a real estate professional. Here is our list of recommended apps for real estate professional and brokers. We first start with how you can keep all your files and records neatly organized:

Everlance Top recommended apps for Real Estate 2016


One of the top tools for realtors in 2016. Simplest way to get all your documents to your clients and signed in a timely manner. No more having to spend the time with the back and forth.


Everything is stored in the cloud, simply download the app and start storing all your files neatly. Also, has nifty autosave to the cloud for your photos, so now you can create a folder for every property and save all the photos accordingly.

Recommended apps for real estate

A great realtor will put themselves in the shoes of the consumer. Think of what attracts a buyer the most: great school district, walking distance to restaurants, great public parks. This is why we have included real estate consumer apps, get to learn more about your area. Here are 3 apps that are great for this:


Created by the census bureau, this app provides insight on where to live based on what activities or personal preferences a consumer might have. Ex: You can then use this data to market your area to people that are more active or want to be close to a body of water.

Walk Score

Learn how your home or rental scores compared to others by taking into account nearby restaurants, parks, schools and work, as well as safety.


Search through thousands of listings. We found this to be one of the best UI’s and simplest to view all the details about the home or the rental. Also, it's a great comparison tool, so you can check up on the competition :).

real estate apps - Everlance

Effective marketing leads to higher sales and one of the first steps is making yourself easier to find for a buyer or renter. Now that consumers have access to many of the same tools that realtors do, consumers tend to do more research realtor as well as the listing. Here are a few apps for real estate professionals that are being used for listings.

Smarter Agent

This SaaS company is bridging the gap between the buyer and the real estate agent and doing it all on mobile. Since consumers are moving more and more into mobile, agents need to make the transition and Smarter Agent is the simplest way to do so.


Boasting over 1 million agents in their networks NAR (National Association of Realtors) is the largest network for realtors. They provide members with quarterly classes, agent hotlines and up to date news on the market. They have created many apps that are at your disposal as a member of NAR. Here are the list of app: Click Here


Believe it or not there are many realtors on Yelp and since most consumers are in this app it makes sense why they can find their potential realtor on this platform. Build your own Yelp page and start having past clients rate you, the better your rating the more potential clients you will reach.

app for real estate professionals

Lastly, there are apps out there that can make life a little easier for you in your day to day. Whether it be for tracking your mileage, finding where you can get the best price on gas or just making it easier to communicate with your team. Make sure to take full advantage of these services.


Effortless mileage and expense tracking. You just have to turn on the app and let it do the rest. Categorize your trips at the end of the day or week and save thousands of dollars on taxes a year, you can learn more here. Also, no more holding on to those receipts, just snap a picture of it and add the expense. All 100% Free.


One of the simplest tools for communication. Add as many people as you would like and create channels for anything from a real estate listings to best lunch places and keep all your conversations organized.


The $60 upfront cost may seem a little much until you use it. Have all your passwords saved in one secure place and then have the app create new passwords for every site. This app gives you the peace of mind that all your info is safe online. Now you have the option to have a different password for every realtor site or publication you are part of, without having to remember all of them.


Have you ever found yourself showing a property in a new area and your almost out of gas? Well this app helps find the best price around and also gives you turn by turn direction to the gas station. Also, the more you drive the more money you can earn towards gas, so if you are like most realtors and on the road a ton, this is a no brainer.


One time or another we have all been stuck in traffic and late for showing a property, this can be a lifesaver. Waze is a crowdsourced platform where users inform the app of accidents and traffic jams and the app will almost always pick the best route for you to use. So no more being stuck in traffic and missing that open house.Since real estate professionals are on the go, mobile apps have made a big impact. Make sure to take full advantage of these apps for real estate professionals. We would love to hear what other real estate apps are out there that have been helpful for finding clients or decreased the closing times. Good luck out there!

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