With Everlance Business, Wil Fischer Companies

  • Saved money and gave flexibility to employees by extending their reimbursement program to more team members
  • Avoided major capital outlays for new vehicle purchases as they added staff
  • Saved time with a more user-friendly, reliable mileage tracking system

About Wil Fischer Companies

Founded in 1966, Wil Fischer is a Midwest distributor for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including Anheuser-Busch brands and craft beers. They’re headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, and operate four facilities from which they serve 32 counties and over 2,000 customers across Northwest, Southeast and Southwest Missouri, as well as Wyandotte county in Kansas.

Employee well-being, customer service, honesty, integrity and environmental stewardship are crucial to Wil Fischer’s mission. And with over 70 employees who spend most of their time on the road, mileage reimbursement is an important part of that. They want to ensure team members are reimbursed for driving their personal vehicles in a fair and timely manner, based on accurate mileage logs.

By switching gears and having the same minimum requirements met, but significantly improving the user experience, our adoption and usage has been much better. I feel like Everlance’s user experience is probably the most user-friendly out of the different solutions that we've evaluated. It has a more simple interface, and I think that's needed for our staff. Our adoption got a lot better when we went to a simpler user experience.

Sean Taylor
Vice President, Business Administration

Challenges & Problems

Sean Taylor, VP Business Administration
Sean Taylor

Wil Fischer had implemented another mileage tracking software solution, but they were encountering some major challenges with the current solution: namely, that the merchandising team struggled to use it. 

  • Tools were too complex:
    Although their previous mileage tracking tool had a lot of features, the user experience was too complex. Sean Taylor, Vice President of Business Administration, had originally chosen the tool for its varied features, but soon realized it was making for a difficult user experience. 
  • Software wasn’t user-friendly: 
    Sean saw the problem was in the software’s usability. It just wasn’t intuitive enough for their managers and drivers. From an admin perspective, the software was clunky too. For example, Favorite Places were managed on a user-by-user basis, so any customer or employee changes made for a huge administrative headache.
  • Wasting time:
    Since the software wasn’t very user-friendly, Sean had to remain very involved in the day-to-day management. Instead of increasing efficiency, the software was actually taking up his time because the team had trouble adopting it on their own.

Ultimately, Sean decided to look for a new solution. He wanted all the same capabilities, but with a user experience that worked for all team members, not just the most tech savvy.

Solution: Wil Fischer turns to Everlance Business to meet business requirements while delivering a user-friendly platform

Everlance provided a tech-based solution to automatically create accurate mileage reports

For Wil Fischer companies, finding a tech-based solution to solve business problems comes naturally. It’s all part of their strategy to grow through advanced sales and operational execution. As a result, applying technology to simply the mileage reimbursement process just made sense.

However, it turned out that finding the right technological solution for mileage tracking and reimbursements wasn’t so straightforward.

For the employee that’s actually on the streets, tracking your mileage with pen and paper or notepad on your phone, you’re going to forget and you’re not going to be accurate. If it’s something that’s happening in the background of your phone, you don’t have to worry about it. And we get an accurate portrayal of what actually happened.

Sean Taylor
Vice President, Business Administration

Their primary business requirement? A solution that could produce accurate mileage reports, automatically.

It might sound basic, but beyond the tool they were using, Wil Fischer had tested older solutions that just weren’t reliable. They wouldn’t start tracking until someone was three or four miles down the road, instead of knowing the moment someone left a customer and tracking the trip’s mileage from the beginning. Employees wouldn’t be happy about the missing miles.

However, the tool they were using fell short in the user experience, leaving them to reconsider their options. After considering the landscape, Sean saw Everlance was the only solution that would meet their business requirements and provide the user experience they needed.

When putting Everlance to the test, Sean confirmed that the app’s GPS-based tracking always captured his miles accurately. Bottom line, “it works,” says Sean.

Everlance's easy-to-use driver and admin dashboard makes tracking and approving trips easy.

Saved time with a user-friendly software that enables the mileage tracking and reimbursement process to run on its own

Before Everlance, Sean had to spend a lot of time each week working closely with reviewing and approving mileage reports, as well as managing the software. Now, he can take a step back, and the team knows what to do day-to-day.

He’s available to support as needed, but the entire process runs smoothly on its own:

  • When new drivers are hired, HR easily gets them set up and trained. All they need to do is send an invitation link.
  • Mileage tracking and report submissions are a breeze for all drivers. Since Everlance automatically and accurately tracks all their trips, they only have to classify their mileage and submit their report.
  • Approving reports is straightforward for supervisors. They know the mileage is genuine because it’s tracked via GPS. They can quickly verify trips are work-related because most show customer names as their origin or destination, and if not, detailed route maps are available for them to review.
  • Paying approved reports happens quickly through Payroll. And if any questions arise, the IT manager can handle them.

Not only has switching to Everlance saved Sean time, but it’s also made things easier for drivers, supervisors and payroll teams.

See how Everlance Business works

Increased employee satisfaction and productivity through timely and straightforward reimbursement processes

Sean was impressed by Everlance’s user-friendly interface on the app as well as the manager dashboard. Given he was focused on his team’s experience and enabling them to use whatever solution he chose on their own, he decided to make the switch.

Once they had switched to Everlance Business, Sean saw a significant improvement in adoption and usage. This has led to time savings across the board, and more flexibility and satisfaction for employees to use personal vehicles for work and know they’ll get reimbursed on time, for every mile they drive.

For full-time drivers who accumulate a lot of mileage, it has prevented a lot of frustration. At the end of the day, they can look through full route maps for all their trips and classify them with a swipe. This accurate and reliable reporting ensures that they receive a fair reimbursement.

In fact, as everyone got comfortable with Everlance, word of the benefits spread among employees and adoption blossomed. Team members who were using company cars have proactively asked to use their personal vehicles instead, and get reimbursed for mileage.

It just takes one employee making the first move. We had one sales rep who came forward and said it was actually a waste of time for them to drive back and forth picking up and dropping off their company vehicle. They asked, ‘would it be okay with you guys if I just drove my own vehicle and got paid mileage?’
We granted that and now, because it's been a success for her, we've had other employees come forward and say, ‘hey, I would like to do this too.’ So now, we've got five people that we would have normally put into company vehicles that are now driving their personal vehicles.

Sean Taylor
Vice President, Business Administration

Enabled Wil Fischer to scale their team while keeping costs low by downsizing their company fleet

Sean also credits Everlance with upfront cost savings and more even cash flows. As they’ve grown their business and added to their staff, they’re having most new employees drive their personal vehicle instead of company cars—a direction that’s only possible because they trust Everlance to accurately track mileage.

In the past, they would have had to purchase new company vehicles for every person they’re adding to their salesforce. With current supply chain issues making new cars so hard to get and so expensive, it has saved them a lot of money.

In addition, since Sean doesn’t have to manually approve mileage reports, scaling their team up while still managing mileage reimbursement processes has become much easier.

We know for a fact that we have not had to buy any new cars because we trust that Everlance is working. It's allowed us to save the capital outlay of purchasing vehicles at a time when prices are so over inflated. Those companies who are trying to buy vehicles are having a tough time. It's been an unforeseen blessing in disguise.

Sean Taylor
Vice President, Business Administration

From a cash flow standpoint, it means they’re paying mileage reimbursement every two weeks instead of taking a major one-time hit to purchase the vehicle. They also save on the costs and headache of car maintenance. With even car parts so hard to get right now, they don’t have to worry about struggling to get vehicles fixed quickly if issues arise.

The bottom line: 

Once Wil Fischer switched to using Everlance Business to manage mileage, they were able to: 

  • Significantly improve employee adoption and user experience through best-in-class technology and outstanding customer service 
  • Improve accuracy and fairness of mileage reimbursements with automatic GPS tracking 
  • Save time on reimbursement processes with Everlance’s software 
  • Save money by expanding their reimbursement program and cutting back on company fleet size

Dissatisfied with your current mileage tracking and reimbursement system? 

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