Easiest vehicle reimbursement solution for medical devices

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Leading medical device & pharma companies trust Everlance

One platform, multiple programs


Choose FAVR, Cent per Mile, or Accountable Allowances that fairly reimburse reps

Territory Managers

Offer an attractive job benefit and quickly onboard new team members

Service Technicians

Keep employees focused on customers with the #1-rated mileage tracking app

Personal vehicle reimbursement that delivers the best results

Cost reduction

Save 20-30% by preventing tax waste and mileage inflation with easy, accurate trip logs

Time savings

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes for recording, reviewing and reimbursing mileage

Lower risk

Avoid the 24/7 liability of company vehicles and ensure your employees are carrying adequate auto insurance

It’s time saving
You don't have to deal with paper and people doing different things. And you've got humans that will answer you by email, or even phone.
Ken Morris, Head of Sales
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Everlance gave our sales reps back valuable time
It reduced stress, saved time and helped us allocate more time with our clients.
Jeff, Head of Sales
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A recognized leader in mileage tracking

Choose your vehicle programs

Fixed and Variable Rate

FAVR car allowance

Customize reimursements to each employee's costs where they live, and keep up with changing gas prices

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Pay per mile

Reimburse your team at a consistent rate for every mile (or km) they drive, based on accurate mileage logs

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Fleet & Allowance

Mileage tracking

Document business usage of personal or company vehicles to ensure IRS compliance

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Add on options to reduce risk

Insurance verification

Verify employees maintain auto insurance that meets your minimums

Continuous MVRs

Stay updated on employee driving records and get notified of risks

Driver safety training

Deliver targeted training to at-risk drivers and proactively address risky behaviors

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Getting started is easy too

Everlance is consistently top-rated for our speed and ease of implementation thanks to intuitive technology, flexible subscriptions and responsive support

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