PhysioTech, a medical equipment and supplies provider, searches for a way to modernize and streamline expenses 

PhysioTech, a medical equipment and supplies provider, sells and services products for rehab facilities, physical therapy and other clinical providers. They rely on a mobile workforce of sales reps and technicians to meet their customers’ needs, from showcasing and demonstrating their equipment to maintenance and repairs. 

In order to reimburse their team for their mileage and keep track of expenses incurred during their workday, management requires clear documentation.

“Everlance is a singular way to get all your folks doing expenses and mileage. It's time saving—you don't have to deal with paper and people doing different things. And you've got humans that will answer you by email, or even phone. A big deal for us is that we have support. [.is-bold]Everlance went above and beyond to help us out.[.is-bold]" 

Ken, Head of Sales at PhysioTech 

Challenges & Problems 

PhysioTech was running into a number of challenges with their current mileage and expenses solution: namely, that there wasn’t a single organized solution. 

  • Lack of accountability: Management relied on drivers to manually track mileage with a paper log as they drove. This was not only inconvenient and inefficient for the drivers, but difficult to manage and ensure accuracy. 
  • Time wasted on manual processes: Cecilia, Head of Operations at PhysioTech, was becoming quickly overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and time required to process mileage and expense reports. She had to sort through receipts and mileage reports manually. In addition, as more drivers were added onto the team, the growing volume of expenses became unmanageable to process manually.
  • Difficult to manage: The process was inefficient for everyone involved—from the drivers who had to manually track and detail all their expenses to operational staff who had to painstakingly record and calculate reimbursements. Without a clear process that was standardized for everyone, it was difficult for operations staff to manage reimbursements. 

In order to solve these challenges, PhysioTech doubled down on searching for an easy-to-use solution that would save time and simplify mileage and expense tracking and reimbursements for all business departments. 

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Solution: PhysioTech uses Everlance Business to simplify and save time on mileage and expense reimbursement processes

PhysioTech had a number of specific challenges and needs when searching for a mileage and expense tracker

  • They needed a single process that that was easy to manage for administrative staff
  • They needed both mileage and expenses tracking within the same platform 
  • They needed additional accountability and control over business expenses
  • They also wanted to have access to support if they needed it

PhysioTech ultimately went with Everlance as it is a single mileage and expenses platform that was easy to manage for admins, easy to use for drivers, and where they could access real support staff whenever they needed.

“With Everlance,” Ken said, “we were able to call in and talk to a real person, who was able to answer questions and get us started. That level of support was really helpful to a company like us. There’s so much more support you can get from somebody verbally than in a little chat bot.” 

“Modernizing [your processes] makes it simple for your team and your company because everybody's doing the same thing. It saves so much time: and time is money, because then you can focus on the more important things in your business like making sales, contacting customers and taking care of customers. And you don't have to be bothered recording things on paper, keeping shoeboxes full of receipts.” 

- Ken, Head of Sales

Management and drivers save time with Everlance’s user-friendly technology 

One of PhysioTech’s biggest goals was to save time with a single, streamlined process that the entire team could use. 

Everlance’s easy-to-use automatic mileage tracking system made it easy to save hours of time each week for both drivers and administrators. “Before Everlance,” Ken, Head of Sales at PhysioTech, “[drivers] would use the excuse, saying, ‘Oh, I’m so busy. I’m going to document those receipts tomorrow, next week.’” 

Now, those miles and expenses are tracked automatically with Everlance. Admins no longer have to spend hours sorting through and manually processing paper mileage logs and receipts. Instead, all of the data, reports and information are gathered in a single software platform that’s easily manageable, even as their team grows. 

Ease of use of the Everlance platform makes managing the entire process simple 

When reflecting on Everlance’s biggest benefits for their team, Ken says, “I think one of the big things for us is that you have one singular system everyone is moving down for mileage and expenses, rather than everybody doing something different.” 

When each rep was required to keep a paper log and submit receipts for expenses, it quickly became unmanageable for operational staff. Using Everlance has allowed PhysioTech to easily implement a standardized process for their staff, making managing expenses and mileage reporting quicker and much more straightforward. 

As an added bonus, because the Everlance platform is so easy to use for drivers as well, facilitating the switch to a new system and platform for drivers has been much easier.

“Without Everlance, I wouldn't have been able to give the sales reps company credit cards to use instead of having to reimburse them. In that sense, it gave me the ability to have a bit more control.” 

- Cecilia, Head of Operations
PhysioTech relies on Everlance to make sure their employees' mileage is tracked accurately, every time.

Everlance’s automatic tracking increases accountability and accuracy

With paper mileage logs, it’s easy for human error to slip in—miscalculating mileage, accidentally mistracking miles, forgetting to log daily miles and making estimates later—whether an employee overestimates miles and costs your company or whether an operations team miscalculates reimbursements and underpays an employee, there’s a lot that can go wrong with manual processes. The GPS-based tracking of Everlance’s software has made their mileage reporting not only easier, but also more accurate.

In addition, with Everlance’s easy-to-use expense tracking, PhysioTech has been able to provide sales reps with dedicated company credit cards to use instead of manually reimbursing them for expenses. 

This saves time and makes the process much easier for admins who no longer have to process individual reimbursements. Everlance’s tracking software provides the accountability, tracking and insights to make this process possible from start to finish.

The bottom line: 

Now that PhysioTech is using Everlance Business to manage mileage and expenses, they’re able to: 

  • Save hours of work every week for operational staff and drivers alike
  • Improve accuracy over mileage and standardize the reporting process
  • Simplify their expense reporting while giving operational staff more control over company expenses 
  • Communicate with exceptional support staff to get product support and recommend new features and functionality to meet their needs 

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