With Everlance Business, Catholic Charities West Michigan:

  • Dramatically reduced time spent on processing 400–600 mileage logs every month
  • Instituted a verifiable and accurate mileage tracking system
  • Ensured case workers correctly allocated mileage across 30-40 sub-programs

About Catholic Charities West Michigan

Catholic Charities West Michigan, a nonprofit and community-based organization, works to serve the community, offer counseling, and build strong families in the Midwest. In 2020, they served more than 32,000 individuals through 30+ programs. To reach so many people, they rely on a mobile workforce of caseworkers. On any given day, these caseworkers transport clients, meet clients at their homes, offer counseling, perform licensing, offer family preservation services, and more.

Challenge: Too much time spent on mileage 

Fred, Director of Finance at Catholic Charities West Michigan
Fred, Director of Finance

Fred, Director of Finance, and Agnes, Accounts Payable, are a strong team. Even still, they were overwhelmed by the 400–600 mileage reports they’d have to review, verify, and approve every month. Checking the accuracy of the reports fell on Finance, and it was too burdensome. Since they receive government funding, they are required to allocate costs properly. Fred was concerned about accurately allocating mileage and expenses to all their different programs. Given the number of logs, Fred was worried about inflation, mistakes, and mileage validity. 

With 200–300 mobile employees, Catholic Charities West Michigan is a mileage intensive organization. Before Everlance, each employee would each manually create a mileage log in an Excel spreadsheet. 

Agnes then organized and double-checked each individual log before approving it. However, some records would inevitably be late, and then Agnes would have to individually check in and follow up with 200–300 employees. This entire process happened twice a month because their employees drive so much. Thus, Agnes tracked down and processed between 400 and 600 individual mileage logs every month. It was a very time-intensive process.

“We’re a mileage intensive organization. And there were too many hands involved—we needed a better system.”

Fred, Director of Finance

Catholic Charities West Michigan

Why Everlance Business

When Fred learned about Everlance, he was attracted to how much time it could save his Accounts Payable department. Fred knew his team spent a lot of time collecting, reviewing, and approving mileage logs, so he worked with Everlance to figure out how could make this process more efficient for the whole finance and accounts payable team.

Everlance Business has accurate mileage logs—created with automatic GPS tracking—and a powerful admin dashboard. With this combination, Catholic Charities West Michigan can review and approve mileage reports in a fraction of the time.

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Time savings and efficiency

Because caseworkers drive so much, they depend on their reimbursements. It’s important to Fred and CC West MI to make sure to reimburse their caseworkers in a quick and timely manner.

Everlance makes it easy for these staff members to get reports to Agnes promptly, and then Agnes can turn them around fast. Fred has noticed a marked increase in the number of reports submitted on time, which helps CC West MI payout reimbursements punctually. 

“Having an app like Everlance makes it easy for employees. It’s easy to get the reports to us quickly, so we don’t have to worry about delays. We can turn that reimbursement around right on time.”

Fred, Director of Finance
Catholic Charities West Michigan

Intuitive technology 

Fred appreciates how easy Everlance is to use for employees and administrators. 

With over 1M consumers, the mileage log app is exceptionally user-friendly. And the Team Dashboard makes it easy to review and approve reports for staff with just a few clicks. 

“The user interface is incredible. The ease of use is perfect. It makes it as simple as possible. This means our employees can focus on the work they need to focus on.”

Fred, Director of Finance

Catholic Charities West Michigan
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Business-friendly features

Before Everlance, Fred was concerned about allocating employee mileage to the appropriate program. For instance, under their Family Preservation program, there are 30-40 sub-programs. Caseworker mileage must be classified and allocated under the proper program name. 

Everlance helped Fred solve this problem with two features: 

Work Purposes

With Everlance, you can create multiple work Purposes. When classifying mileage, you’re able to Swipe a trip and select the associated work purpose. 

With our Swipe to Classify feature, Everlance makes it easy to allocate trips for different programs


Drivers can leave notes to provide even more detail about the associated program for their mileage or expenses. These notes are helpful to Fred and the entire CC West MI organization, who rely on critical data to ensure the success of their programs in their communities.

“Everlance was very well received by the organization as a whole. They were all delighted to be done with having to fill out a spreadsheet. And our employees are younger, so they are used to this kind of technology. It’s nice to have Everlance for them to use.”

Fred, Director of Finance

Catholic Charities West Michigan

Mileage made easy

Before Everlance, Catholic Charities West Michigan spent too much time on mileage. With Everlance, they were able to take control of their mileage and make it easier end-to-end. Plus, thanks to the intuitive technology, they were able to keep their staff focused on their community, not their mileage logs. 

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