With Everlance Business, Hoffman Beverage:

  • Saved hours of administrative time manually tracking mileage for both payroll and the sales force every month
  • Transitioned from a patchwork process to a one-stop, cloud-based mileage system
  • Provided up-to-date information to the organization to quickly analyze real-time data on over 50 employees
The Hoffman Beverage Team

About Hoffman Beverage

Founded in 1919, Hoffman Beverage Co is a leading beverage distributor. Their core focus is on beer distribution in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They equip brewers and retailers with the products and services they need.

Hoffman Beverage relies on a mobile workforce to serve 2,500 customer locations. Management expects employees to submit mileage logs for their sales routes to get reimbursed for driving costs.

Challenge: Unwieldy mileage without a system

Archie Simmons, CFO

Archie Simmons, CFO, came to Hoffman Beverage in 2018. He had a corporate auditing background and recognized that the current vehicle reimbursement model at Hoffman Beverage was outdated.

Before Everlance, management asked employees to submit manual mileage logs. Payroll used these logs to payout each employee's stipends. This process was burdensome—not only for payroll, but also for each employee who had to manually fill out a driving record.

“Once Everlance was implemented, we had access to immediate real-time data that ended up saving everyone time and increased the accuracy of what data was being submitted.  We were also able to upload all of our store accounts to review route information which significantly increased visibility to our existing routes.  Having immediate access to the activity on Excel was a game-changer for our entire process.”

Archie Simmons

CFO, Hoffman Beverage

Why Everlance Business

Archie needed a single system to track, justify, and review monthly mileage allowances for his sales reps. He set to work looking at the options.

Archie liked that Everlance was intuitive and focused on one area. Other solutions were too complicated and trying to do too much.

Everlance Business has accurate mileage logs created with automatic GPS tracking. It also has a powerful admin dashboard. With this combination, Hoffman could track his team's mileage and get the results in real-time data via Excel.

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Cost savings

Using Everlance, Hoffman Beverage analyzed and modeled their mileage for each revenue channel. These revenue channels include convenience stores, bars and restaurants, and grocery stores. 

Everlance provided the ability to analyze the data by channel. Now, Hoffman can ensure that the current stipend structure was appropriate. And they can adjust where necessary. 

Everlance also reduced the risk of an employee over-reporting mileage. With Everlance, employee mileage records include customer locations. Each month, store numbers are reconciled with reported routes. This process limits any potential abuse and ability to overstate mileage.  

Intuitive technology

A simple system-based solution was necessary. Archie appreciates that Everlance is easy to use for drivers, managers, and administrators.

“Everlance is simple and easy to use. The guys understand it.”

Archie Simmons

CFO, Hoffman Beverage
The Hoffman Beverage Team

Business-friendly features

Hoffman Beverage serves a variety of customers. Entering in every single unique address would slow the reps down.

That’s why Everlance Business speaks their language with the Favorite Places feature. Hoffman Beverage uploaded all 2,500 customer-named locations. This feature means that customer names, rather than addresses, identify the sales reps’ routes.

There are scenarios when Everlance does not automatically track mileage, like when a cell phone battery dies. But it's easy to manually enter trips in these situations since all customers are in Everlance.

“I like Favorite Places because it provides name recognition to my reps. When swiping or adding trips, our customer numbers show right there.”

Archie Simmons
CFO, Hoffman Beverage
With Favorite Places, customer names identify routes, for drivers and administrators.

Mileage made easy

With Everlance, Hoffman Beverage was able to organize its mileage system. Plus, thanks to including intuitive technology, they can keep their mobile workforce focused on their customers, not their mileage logs. 

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