Still tracking work miles by hand? 

Missing work expenses and mileage deductions you’re eligible for?  

You could be missing out on thousands of dollars of savings each year in tax deductions and write-offs! 

In fact, the average Everlance user saves $6,500 a year by maximizing mileage and business expense deductions with Everlance. 


Our complete guide to how Everlance works will show you how to track your mileage automatically, why mileage tracking apps matter, and how you can save thousands of dollars a year in tax deductions using Everlance. 

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How does Everlance work? 
Who should use a mileage tracking app? 
What's the best way to track your mileage? 
How to use Everlance to save on taxes
How to track business expenses with Everlance
What is Everlance Premium? How much is Everlance Premium?
How to get started with Everlance

How does Everlance work? 

Everlance is the #1 mileage tracker and expense tracking app, using GPS to track miles automatically, save you time every day and save money come tax season. But Everlance does a lot more than just track mileage. 

What else does Everlance offer for gig workers, freelancers and anyone who has to track mileage or expenses for work?

  • Automatic, accurate mileage tracking using GPS that runs silently in the background
  • Options to classify your trips as work or personal 
  • Auto-classification of trips with dedicated work hours 
  • Favorite Places feature auto-classifies work trips on your saved routes
  • Automatic or manual expense tracking with bank and credit card integrations 
  • Instant deduction finder to ensure you never miss a deduction
  • IRS-compliant mileage logs

Who should use a mileage tracking app? 

Anyone who has to track mileage and expenses for work can benefit from an automatic mileage tracking app! If you’re a gig worker or freelancer who drives frequently (or primarily) for work, an automatic mileage tracker can save you thousands of dollars each year in deductions. 

Who should use Everlance?

What’s the best way to track your mileage? 

There’s a number of ways to track mileage if you drive for work, from the manual (tracking miles on a paper log or in the notes app of your phone) to the automatic (using a mileage tracking app, like Everlance). 

Using a digital or paper mileage log that you fill out manually is pretty common, but it’s also a pretty big hassle. Not only do you have to actually, you know, remember to fill it out, but you also have to log mileage in between each trip, keep the log somewhat safe and organized, and then maintain IRS-compliant records. 

With an automatic mileage tracker like Everlance, you have multiple options for tracking your mileage to help make sure you never miss a mile and save you tons of time (and money!). 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Standard mileage tracking: When you’re ready to start a trip, just open up the Everlance app on your phone and tap the “+” button to start tracking your drive. When you’re finished driving, press stop to complete your trip, and classify it as business. Forget to start Everlance when you started driving? No problem—you can always add trips manually as well by simply entering your starting and ending locations and the total mileage (if you have it, otherwise, Everlance will calculate the mileage between the two locations for you).
  • Automatic trip detection: When Everlance is running in the background, it will automatically detect if you’re driving and create a log of all the trips completed while the app is open. At the end of your shift, you can simply swipe left to classify a trip as personal, or swipe right to classify as business.
  • Long session tracking: If you drive for work in longer shifts, or during certain hours, you can activate long session tracking to automatically track your drives as one long trip, simplifying your mileage logs. Driving for Doordash for the next four hours? Just go to settings in the Everlance app, tap on “Auto-Track Style” and select Long Session.

How to use Everlance for taxes 

The average Everlance user saves $6,500 a year on their taxes, thanks to Everlance. 


Everlance effortlessly tracks all of your work miles and business expenses so you never miss out on another deduction that could save you money. 

Here's how to save money on taxes with Everlance:

  1. Download the Everlance app and turn on automatic trip detection. All of your drives will be accurately recorded and you’ll just have to swipe to classify recorded trips as personal or business. 
  2. Connect a bank account or credit card to Everlance to monitor your transactions for business expenses. Everlance will keep track of your transactions, and you can swipe to classify transactions as business or personal. All your business transactions will be remembered so you can easily tally up expenses and deductions during tax season!
  3. When tax season rolls around, skip the complicated data exports and put away your calculator. Everlance’s Tax Center will tally your mileage and expense totals, so that you can easily and accurately report your mileage and deductions into your tax preparation software. It’s that easy! 

Is tax season right around the corner, but you haven’t prepared much? Everlance still has you covered. 

  1. First, use Everlance’s instant deduction finder to find all your tax deductions from the past year in minutes.

    With the instant deduction finder, all you have to do is connect your bank account or credit card and Everlance will scan your transactions for potential deductions. You can review the list and remove any personal expenses, then deduct the rest as business expenses. Done and done! 
  1. Next, review your Everlance Tax Center. The Everlance Tax Center will show you all your work-classified mileage as well as your total mileage and your business expenses.

    If you have unclassified trips, you can easily classify them right from Tax Center (cha-ching, more deductions!). Then, easily input the mileage and expense totals from Tax Center right into your tax prep software. 

Now you’re done! 

Tracking business expenses with Everlance 

Keeping accurate mileage logs is the first step to ensuring you’re getting the most tax deductions you’re eligible for. 

But it’s not the only thing you can do. 

Any business expenses you pay for out of pocket during the year can be deducted from your gross income at the end of the year to lower the amount of taxable income. And the less income you have to pay taxes on, the more savings you keep! 

But tracking business expenses all year long can be a major pain. When you run your own business, expenses for parking fees, tolls, hotels, food, business supplies, licenses and training and more can all add up—and bog you down. Not only do you have to keep track of everything you purchased, what it was for and so on, you also have to keep receipts as well. 

That’s where Everlance comes in! 

Here's how it works:

Everlance’s expense tracker makes managing business expenses and receipts a breeze. With Everlance, there’s two ways to manage business expenses: 

  1. Link your bank account or credit card to your Everlance account and we’ll automatically add expenses for you to easily classify as work or personal. 
  2. Add in expenses manually whenever they occur. 

Paid for something in cash that was a business expense? Put it on a card that’s not connected to your Everlance account? No problem. Just snap a picture of the receipt, classify, and you’re done! 

Your receipts will be securely stored, so you won’t have to worry about losing them or having to piece together expenses at the end of the month or during tax season. Just snap a pic when you purchase, then feel free to forget about it—you can download all your reports and data from Everlance whenever you’re ready for it. 

Did we mention that Everlance’s expense tracker works for businesses of all sizes? Whether you’re a freelancer flying solo or a major corporation juggling expenses for hundreds of employees, Everlance’s expense tracking helps make your life easier. 

What is Everlance Premium? 

Is Everlance Premium worth it?

The short answer is, if you drive a lot for work (more than a few trips each month), yes! 

How can we be so sure? 

For one, Everlance Premium pays for itself pretty quickly, given the deductions you’ll rack up that you might have missed otherwise. Even if you only take one big trip a month for work, Everlance Premium pays for itself with just a few hundred miles driven. 

Plus, the cost of Everlance Premium is tax-deductible! As a business-related software, you can deduct the cost of Everlance Premium as a business expense on your taxes. Win-win!

Everlance Premium is a paid subscription that gives you: 

  • unlimited automatic mileage tracking
  • automatic expense tracking
  • premium support—access technical support or get questions answered 7 days a week via phone, email or web chat
  • advanced reporting

And more!

Why do we charge for a premium subscription? Everlance Premium allows us to pay for geolocation services, store all of your reports for as long as you need them, and staff our support team to get you help whenever you need it, and keep building and improving the product for you. 

Whether you have a free or premium subscription, Everlance always securely stores all of your recorded data and never sells your data. If you ever have questions about your data with Everlance, feel free to reach out to us directly—your security and privacy is our priority!

How much is Everlance Premium? 

Of course, you can use the free version of Everlance forever and track your mileage and expenses to save money on your taxes and save time all year long. 

But Everlance Premium has a lot more features that will help save you time throughout the year and ensure you don’t miss any mileage or deductions. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between a free and premium subscription: 

For just $5/month, Everlance Premium gives you some seriously powerful features for tracking deductions, including: 

  • Unlimited Automatic Mileage Tracking: The most popular feature is also the most reliable and accurate in the industry. Everlance automatically tracks every drive you make, tallying up the trip in real-time and overlaying your entire route on a map.

    Our free version limits you to 30 automatically-detected drives per month. (After 30 trips, you’re limited to unlimited manual trips, so don’t forget to hit start and stop before and after each drive!) For just $5, you can automatically track an unlimited number of trips and be sure you’re not missing any mileage.

  • Manual & Automatic Expense Tracking: Any Everlance user can record past or current expenses manually into the app at any time. But with Premium, you can get even more advanced. Sync your bank account and/or credit cards to Everlance and we'll import all of your expenses automatically.

    Use the same cards or accounts for both business and personal expenses? No worries, a simple swipe in the app classifies automatically imported expenses as business or personal.

  • Unlimited Receipt Storage: Receipts are tough to keep track of and a pain to store. Clean out that overstuffed drawer and take a picture instead! All Everlance users are able to store receipts in Everlance, keeping them safely in the cloud with no storage limits. However, as a Premium member, you can skip the receipt storage step altogether with automatic expense tracking.

    Of course, if you do need to store receipts as well, there’s always unlimited storage.

  • Deduction Finder: With Everlance Premium, you can use our instant deduction finder to easily find thousands of deductions in minutes! Whether you’re 3 months from tax season or 3 minutes away from submitting your tax returns, Everlance’s deduction finder makes it easy to ensure you’re not missing out on valuable tax deductions.

    Just connect a bank account or credit card, and Everlance will quickly scan your transactions for potential tax deductions. Rather than wasting time scouring your bank statements yourself, looking for possible deductions, simply review the list of potential deductions and remove anything that was a personal expense. Then your expenses are effortlessly recorded for easy IRS-compliant reporting.

  • Export Reports: What good are all of these helpful features if you can't export your data into tax software or to give to your employer or tax preparer? They wouldn't be! That's why we created some of the most flexible reporting in the industry.

    Any Everlance user can export all your data as a CSV file, but Premium users can also export in Excel or PDF formats. When you export as an Excel or PDF file, you can also choose to include receipt images if needed. When our customers need to pull their data we make it easy, and it's 100% IRS-compliant.

  • Set Work Hours: Want to make tracking and classifying your trips even easier? With Everlance Premium, you can set your work hours and Everlance will automatically classify any trips within those hours as business mileage. Always drive for Doordash between 10am - 5pm? Set those as your work hours, turn on automatic trip detection, and you can set it and forget it.

    Everlance will automatically detect your driving, record your mileage and classify it all as business mileage for you to deduct from your taxes at the end of the year.
  • Phone and chat support: While the Everlance app is easy to navigate and user-friendly, we know you might still have questions or need help once in a while. When you do, we make it easy to get in touch with a support team member. If you have Everlance Premium, contact us via phone, email or web chat—whichever is easiest for you. With a free subscription, there’s just email (of course, we’re still here to help no matter what). 

With Everlance’s free subscription, you get access to many of our best features, including automatic mileage tracking, manual expense tracking, unlimited receipt uploads to manage your expenses, IRS-compliant data exports and more. 

However, you will be limited to 30 automatically-detected trips and will miss out on some powerful features. (Don’t worry, though, you have unlimited manual tracked trips! You’ll just have to remember to start and stop your tracking after each trip, or log trips manually.) 

Ready to get started with Everlance?

Sign up for Everlance today and get a 7-day free trial of Everlance Premium. Not sure if Everlance Premium is right for you? Test it out with a free trial, and convert to a free Everlance subscription afterwards if you change your mind. 

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