Many organizations—from beverage distributors to property management companies and community-based organizations—struggle with mileage reimbursement. They rely on outdated tools, like odometers, paper mileage logs, and inconsistent forms. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately these manual systems are cumbersome and have too many hands involved. Even worse, because they’re disorganized and not auditable, they often fail to be IRS-compliant and adhere to mileage reimbursement rules

Thankfully, modernizing your mileage and expense tracking systems is pretty easy. Instead of relying on messy mileage logs, you can use a simple, user-friendly smartphone app and integrated online dashboard to make your mileage and expense tracking for your business easy and painless.

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Simplifying Tracking for Mileage and Expenses

3 Reasons to Modernize Your Mileage Tracking 

Simplifying Reporting for Mileage and Expenses

Simplifying Reimbursements for Mileage and Expenses

How to Simplify Mileage and Expense Tracking 

Whether your company has two employees or 200, tracking mileage and expenses can be a mammoth undertaking, requiring lots of paperwork, patience and probably some missing expenses and mileage here and there too. 

The standard way of tracking mileage and expenses seems straightforward, but actually could be causing big (and expensive) problems for your company. How? 

Many organizations have employees track mileage and expenses manually—filling out paper mileage logs after their drives, collecting receipts for business expenses and then putting together a mileage and/or expense report at the end of the month or pay period. What could go wrong? 

  • Manual logs introduce lots of room for human error—whether intentional or not, mileage often gets reported inaccurately. 
  • Inaccurate mileage logs can lead to over-reimbursement as drivers estimate their mileage to save on time or fill in gaps where they forgot or didn’t have time to record their drives. 
  • Manual logs and expense reports are tedious for both drivers, who have to stop after each drive to record mileage, and administrative staff, who have to tally up, approve and calculate payments from each individual report. 
  • All of this manual work wastes time and may feel more like extra work than a useful perk for drivers. 

So, how do you fix these common errors for your organization? The answer lies in modernizing your mileage and expense tracking systems. New, better ways of mileage and expense tracking can not only fix the above problems, but also help you solve problems you didn’t even realize you had.

For example, modern mileage tracking can: 

  • Provide automatic mileage tracking, eliminating the need for drivers to manually record mileage 
  • Save time for drivers and admin with automated tracking and reporting abilities 
  • Improve accuracy of your mileage reports with GPS-tracking and data logs 
  • Give your company valuable business insights with specialized reports 
  • Cut costs for your business by eliminating accidental over-reimbursement

What is a modern mileage tracking software?  

What does a modern mileage tracking system look like? 

Updating your mileage and expense tracking doesn’t need to be complicated—in fact, it can be an easy transition! At Everlance, we use GPS-based tracking to help drivers automatically capture mileage and create reports that are then sent to the appropriate manager for approval and reporting. 

An automatic mileage tracking system works silently in the background while your employees drive to capture every mile driven—including their route, start and end locations, time and more. This data, combined with a powerful admin dashboard and a top-notch Customer Success team, means that managing mileage tracking quickly goes from a tedious chore to something you can set and forget. 

Old way vs new way
The old way vs. the new way

3 Reasons to Modernize your Mileage Tracking 

Making any change at your company or organization can feel like a hassle. With Everlance, we make transitioning from manual methods of mileage tracking onto a modern system simple—but it also needs to be worth your time. 

Here’s 3 reasons why staying on an outdated mileage tracking system is actually costing your organization money. 

1. Improve accuracy and accountability 

Modern mileage tracking software, like Everlance, uses GPS-tracking technology to improve accuracy for mileage tracking. No more missed miles, no more mileage estimates or rounding, and no more mileage inflation. With Everlance, you can see exactly where, when and how far employees drove for work—and it doesn’t take your drivers any time at all to record! 

For many companies, accountability is a big factor as well. Take StreetDelivery, an insurance claims provider, for example—Everlance’s GPS-powered mileage tracking provides accountability for StreetDelivery and ensures that each claim site is visited and recorded. 

“If someone says they were there and they weren’t there, it can be considered insurance fraud,” Jason, Head of Operations at Street Delivery, explains. As a result, accuracy in mileage and trip tracking is essential. 

But this level of accuracy and reliability is useful for drivers, too. Since many sales reps, delivery drivers or other mobile employees are logging a lot of mileage each week, drivers are invested in making sure mileage gets tracked accurately so they can be reimbursed fairly. The accuracy of Everlance’s tracking ensures both drivers and management can trust the mileage logged. 

2. Reduce costs from over-reimbursement 

Ultimately, manual methods are prone to human error and often lead to over-estimated mileage, which in turn leads to over-reimbursement. 

On average, we see around 25% mileage inflation when manual tracking methods are used. That means that a company with 50 drivers each driving 500 miles a week being reimbursed at a certain rate per mile could be saving more than $15,000 a month if they switched to an automatic mileage tracking system. 

Want to see how much you could save with automatic mileage tracking? Use our mileage reimbursement savings calculator to find out.

3. Save time for drivers and administrators 

Finally, automatic mileage tracking saves tons of time for drivers and administrators—with some of our teams saying they saved hours of work each month—think 10, 15 or even 20+ hours a month after switching to Everlance

With a centralized location for all of your team’s mileage and expenses, automatic mileage and expense tracking software saves time for anyone who plays a part in the reimbursement process, including managers, accounting and HR. Administrators can log in to their dashboard and have visibility into all of their team's work-related trips at once. You can pull reports for each employee with a few clicks, rather than tracking down individual mileage logs and expense reports. Any approvals needed happen on the same platform, too—a major time saver!

Simplify expense tracking for businesses 

Automatic mileage tracking happens via GPS-based tracking technology—but how does modernized expense tracking work? 

Rather than having employees collect receipts, document expenses and then fill out or create expense reports to be sent to accounting or their managers for approval, expense tracking software like Everlance can automate many parts of this process. 

Automate expense tracking with credit card or account integrations

Do your employees have company cards or bank accounts that expenses are charged to? If so, Everlance can track their expenses and compile expense reports automatically. 

It’s as easy as connecting the appropriate account or cards to your Everlance account, and then our software will automatically import charges and expenses to your Everlance dashboard. Employees can classify them as work or personal, or you can set up automatic rules to classify all expenses as work-related. 

If you don’t have a card to connect, or an employee makes a work-related purchase on a different account, you can easily add expenses as they occur by simply snapping a picture of the receipt and inputting the expense date, time, amount and any description needed. 

Modernize receipt collection 

Still need to collect receipts? No problem. 

Everlance eliminates the need for sorting through piles of receipts and matching them to expenses on an expense report. Instead, employees can simply snap a picture of the receipt at the time of purchase and attach it to the corresponding expense in their Everlance dashboard. 

How to Simplify Mileage & Expense Reporting 

Of course, just modernizing your mileage and expense tracking isn’t as valuable on its own—you also want to modernize your mileage and expense reporting.  

After all, the reporting process is often one of the most time-consuming processes for administrative and management staff. 

Why? Mileage and expense reporting, when it happens manually, involves all kinds of tedious work and roadblocks. Does any of the following sound familiar? 

  • Having to manually process or digitize paper receipts, expense reports and mileage log, keying in expenses and mileage reports to a digital payroll system. 
  • Chasing down employees for mileage logs, expense reports or missing receipts. 
  • Tons of admin hours and paperwork, especially at the end of the month. 
  • Late payments that frustrate employees, who want to get reimbursed as soon as possible. 
  • Tedious admin work required to double-check logs, approve reports, tally up reimbursement amounts, run payroll reports and so on. 

Modernize your mileage and expense management  

When you modernize your reporting process, you link the automatic, easy, accurate mileage and expense tracking with automatic, accurate reporting as well. For example, with Everlance you can: 

  • Set up automatic approval flows, making the approval process quicker and reducing administrative or manager tasks. 
  • Get reports automatically from automatic logs—no more chasing down employees for receipts or mileage logs.
  • Reduce administrative tasks by eliminating the need for manually processes and greatly reducing accuracy or accountability reviews. 

But, of course, mileage is just one piece of the reimbursement puzzle for employees. Business expense software like Everlance keeps expense and mileage reports all in one place and makes mileage and expense reporting even faster. 

Keep employees satisfied 

Employees want a clear reimbursement policy that allows them to get reimbursed quickly while spending their time focusing on what matters. 

That’s why employees and drivers appreciate automatic mileage tracking and a centralized reporting flow. They don't have to worry about remembering to track their miles, and submitting reports is a breeze. Easy-to-use technology helps them save hours every month, and with reports submitted on time and with complete documentation, they can get paid even faster.

During the Great Resignation, when good employees are tough to find and tougher to retain, having a mileage and expense reimbursement program that is a true perk for employees is more important than ever. 

Maintain IRS-compliant and tax-ready reports 

Make better use of your team’s time and energy by keeping your tracking and reports compliant now, rather than having to adjust later. Plus, you and your team will rest easy knowing you're audit-ready. 

With automatic tracking and reporting software, your team gets tax-ready and IRS-compliant reporting effortlessly. Automatically log all the details you need to stay tax-ready, and see from your admin dashboard where you’re missing any data. Plus, accurate mileage logs ensure your program stays tax-free. 

Automate approval flows and save time 

With Everlance, you can set up your reporting and approval flows once, and then let them automatically flow through the correct process every time. Add or remove approvers, set up multi-level approvals, add a payer, and/or send someone a copy—automatically—with a quick setup. 

Save time by making sure things automatically get sent to the next person in line—whether that’s employees reports automatically getting sent to managers for approval, approved reports going to payroll, or something else. As a Manager or Admin, you can easily see which reports are ready for you to take action on from your Team Dashboard, and approve reports with one click!

Make reporting easy by keeping all reports and reimbursements in one place 

Even better, your approval flows for mileage reimbursement and expense reports happen all in the same place for Everlance, further streamlining your reporting and reimbursement processes. 

Forget the days of sorting through piles of paper or following several different processes for different kinds of expenses. With modern mileage and expense reporting software for businesses, you can use the same software, process and time-saving automation for all of your employee reimbursements. 

How to Simplify Employee Reimbursements for Mileage and Expenses 

Now that you’ve simplified your mileage and expense tracking and reporting, there’s just one piece left to simplify: the actual reimbursement process. 

But our reimbursement process is already easy!, you might say. (Ok, or maybe not). 

Even so, integrating your reimbursements with your tracking and reporting software can make it even easier—getting employees paid faster, with less friction, less hassle, and less of your time required. 

While many companies run employee reimbursements through their standard payroll system, with Everlance, you can get managed mileage and expense reimbursements. What are the pros and cons of each system? 

Option #1: Reimbursement through payroll 

This is the standard option—while it’s straightforward and transparent, it requires manager or administrative support to process, approve and pay out all of the reimbursements. It also likely requires coordination from multiple team members, such as finance, accounting or operations staff. 

With Everlance, you can make this process a bit easier by using report exports from Everlance to send to the appropriate teams and make processing payments a snap—but it still requires support from your teams, and manual processing. Luckily for you, we’ve got a way to make it even easier. 

Option #2: Automatic reimbursement through Everlance 

With managed reimbursements from Everlance, you can take advantage of our end-to-end solution to automate every part of the reimbursement process. 

From tracking mileage and expenses for employees to easily creating employee reports, routing them to the appropriate team member for approval and then getting employees paid, Everlance can help you save time every step of the way. 

Integrate your Everlance account with your payroll software, then simply approve reports and move on in minutes, letting Everlance take care of the rest. We’ll even send direct deposit payments to employees, so you can ensure your team gets reimbursed on time while spending less time managing and processing reimbursements. 

You’re keeping employees happy while also reducing your workload and that of your team’s. Why wouldn’t you do that?  

How to Get Started with Everlance

Ready to get started with Everlance? We’re here to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Here’s what it will look like to get your team set up on our software: 

Step 1: An administrator will create an account and invite the team.

Step 2: Team members download the Everlance app and decide on their tracking style—automatic tracking, long session, etc. based on how and when they drive for work. 

Step 3: An admin sets up approval flows for your reports and reimbursement process. 

Step 4: You’re ready to go! Everlance will start tracking, creating reports and getting employees paid right away.  

Our platform is so intuitive, people of all backgrounds are able to start using it right away, with little to no training. But that doesn't mean we forget about how helpful it can be to have someone you can talk to: our Customer Success Managers are dedicated to helping teams get onboarded, drive adoption and get the most out of the technology, and our Customer Support team is available via phone, email and chat to answer any driver questions.

So what are you waiting for? 

Save time and money for your team by simplifying mileage and expense tracking, reporting and reimbursements 

Get started with Everlance for free today, or set up a 15-minute consultation call to see what program is the best fit for your team. 

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