With Everlance Business, Mainland Construction:

  • Reduced time and headaches spent managing mileage reports every week
  • Gained peace of mind with reliable and accurate way to track mileage
  • Instituted a hands off system that’s easy for everyone involved

About Mainland Construction Materials

Since 1970, Mainland Construction Materials has been supplying a range of high-quality construction products and construction services, including aggregates and asphalt materials, paving operations, construction services, logistics, and recycling.

Their head office, manufacturing facilities and supply points are located throughout the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Mainland Construction Materials relies on a team of about 200 to supply high-quality materials and construction services across Canada. And their team members are responsible for accurately separating out their personal and business mileage and submitting it to payroll for tax compliance.

Challenge: A paper mileage system 

Mainland Construction Materials was relying on paper mileage logs to track and verify their team member’s mileage. These paper logs were supposed to accurately track how much mileage employees were using for personal vs. business travel. However, this process led to a lot of administrative busywork because payroll would have to chase down individuals for their reports each month.

Why Everlance Business

The Mainland Construction Materials team happened upon Everlance by accident, but were struck by how much easier it could make their mileage process. 

“To be honest, we happened to stumble across Everlance. We did not know it existed; however, once we learned about how it worked, we realized how much simpler the whole process could be.”

Sandy Heer
Human Resources Manager

The team was impressed by Everlance’s ability to reduce time spent on tracking and reviewing mileage. Plus, it promised to eliminate the administrative burden of going back and forth with employees to get their reports.


Everlance makes life easier for the Mainland Construction Materials team. For everyone that the program touches, including drivers, managers, admins and finance, our intuitive technology takes the tedious work out of mileage management. At the same time, it is flexible enough to align to their existing processes.

“The process is automatic and from a payroll perspective, we have all of the info we need without having to chase people up.”

Sandy Heer
Human Resources Manager

Time and money savings

Mainland Construction Materials reduced their time spent processing mileage reports every week. Plus, Everlance’s accuracy has led to some cost savings too.

“We save about $1,500 CAD every year, but more importantly, we’ve saved the frustration with chasing up documents.”

Happy team members

The streamlined workflow not only saves the admins valuable time, but also helps to keep their employees happy. Having access to an accurate, reliable mileage tracker makes them feel confident in their mileage logs.

“It makes them feel secure that they are accurately reporting their travel and have access to data in case of a tax audit.”

Smooth transition

Everlance’s onboarding process and user-friendly technology made the switch incredibly easy for everyone. With over 1.5M users, the app is a no-brainer for users. 

They described the implementation process as “very quick, very easy.” They used a paper-based mileage logging and tracking system simply because it was the way it had always been done, but were very happy once they digitized the process. The simplicity and ease of use gives them all the information they need without having to chase employees for documentation.

A modern vehicle program

Before Everlance, Mainland Construction Materials spent too much time and energy on mileage. With Everlance, they were able to simplify and streamline their mileage process. Plus, thanks to best-in-class technology and outstanding customer service, they keep employees happy and focused on their job.

“I would especially recommend Everlance to companies with a large fleet because it really simplifies the process, and all of the info that you need is available whenever you want.”

Sandy Heer
Human Resources Manager

Next steps

Is managing mileage and compliance a burden for your team? Everlance Business is an all-in-one solution that simplifies your entire process, from tracking to reporting and reimbursement, and flexes to empower you.

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