With Everlance Business, Versiti:

  • Dramatically reduced time spent processing mileage reimbursements every month
  • Instituted a reliable and accurate mileage tracking system
  • Receives outstanding support and technology that flexes to meet their needs

About Versiti

Versiti is a nonprofit organization that serves people’s urgent need for life-saving healthcare. Their team are experts in transfusion medicine, blood products, consulting, diagnostics, esoteric testing, research and pharmacy services.

Versiti relies on a mobile workforce of over 60 employees spread across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin to support their operation. These team members are on the road most days, driving their own personal vehicles. They then submit monthly mileage reports for reimbursement.

Challenge: A hands-off vehicle reimbursement provider

Versiti was using a program provider that wasn’t efficiently meeting their needs for tracking, reporting, approving and reimbursing employees for mileage. While it had a long history, Versiti felt it often led to an “it’s our way or the highway” attitude. 

Rachelle Treymann, Director, Donor Recruitment

This rigidity was particularly tough for ​​Rachelle Treymann, Director, Donor Recruitment. For example, Versiti’s budgeting system requires independent reporting for each state, but their provider wasn’t willing to accommodate that need. Instead, she had to manually prepare reports for payment, which took about 2 hours every month. The process was a very poor use of Rachelle’s time. 

Versiti regularly faced customer service hurdles too. Response times were frequently prolonged; it would take several weeks and multiple follow-ups to get a resolution to their concerns. Often Rachelle herself would have to get involved to get help for drivers because they wouldn’t hear back after contacting support. 

On the admin side, it didn’t help that even basic tasks, like assigning people to teams, required reaching out to the provider. This extra step, along with the long response times, interrupted Versiti’s workflow.

On top of all that, they had issues with their app for mileage tracking and their service costs were quickly inflating.So Versiti decided to look for alternatives before renewing their existing contract and simply accepting increasing prices. That’s when they found the partner they wanted in Everlance.

Why Everlance

The Versiti team was immediately impressed by Everlance’s strong focus on customer success and support. Beyond being highly responsive, they liked that Everlance was always trying to meet Versiti’s needs, rather than asking them to conform to a set way of doing things.

Finding a system that was easier to manage and would reduce the burden on Rachelle was top of mind for them. Everlance could set up a reporting mechanism that aligned to their state-specific requirements. Compared to their old system, Versiti found Everlance’s administrator dashboard much easier to use. They can easily pull reports at any time and have more control to manage their team directly.

Still, at first, there was some hesitancy simply because they weren’t familiar with Everlance. They naturally wondered if we could deliver at the level they needed.

A year later, having gotten to know the Everlance team and put the technology to the test, those doubts are completely gone.

“I've never regretted or even questioned this choice to use Everlance. When it came time to renew the contract, I didn’t hesitate. It’s been a very positive transition!”

Rachelle Treymann

Director, Donor Recruitment

Versiti remains impressed by our customer service and knows that it isn’t just lip service. In fact, they now see Everlance being newer to the market as a plus. It means the team is always willing to listen and learn, bring new suggestions, and take their feedback into account. The product is constantly improving, and customers have the exciting opportunity to help shape it.

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Everlance makes life easier for the Versiti team. For everyone that the program touches, including drivers, managers, admins and finance, our intuitive technology takes the tedious work out of mileage reimbursements. At the same time, it is flexible enough to align to an organization’s existing processes.

“With Everlance, you realize you're on the cutting edge of some really exciting technology, and it's constantly growing. I like that you’ll bring in ideas from other customers and show us new features to see if they can help streamline our process, but you are also accommodating if we want to keep how we’re currently doing things.”

Rachelle Treymann

Director, Donor Recruitment

Time savings

Everlance dramatically reduced time spent processing mileage reimbursements every month compared to Versiti’s previous provider. What used to take hours is now whittled down to just a matter of minutes.

“It's made my life a lot easier. I was spending up to two hours (every month) manually validating mileage and figuring out how much each of the states reimbursed when it came to billing and invoicing time. It takes minutes now.”

Rachelle Treymann
Director, Donor Recruitment

Happy team members

The streamlined workflow not only saves the admins valuable time, but also helps ensure reps get paid on time. Because team members drive so much, they depend on their reimbursements. So it’s vital to Rachelle and Versiti to reimburse their team in a quick and timely manner to keep them motivated. Everlance makes it easy for staff members to promptly get reports to their manager, and have them approved and paid. 

Accurate reimbursements are also critical to keeping drivers happy. That responsibility ultimately falls on Rachelle’s team, even if they’re using a mileage tracking provider. That’s why they appreciate Everlance’s powerful tracking that captures every trip. Particularly in the rural areas where Versiti workers often drive and they had issues before, it has prevented a lot of frustration.

Proactive customer service

With Everlance, Versiti never has to worry about following-up on a concern. Instead, the Everlance team follows up with them to make sure all the steps to address an issue get completed. 

We are dedicated to making our customers successful, which is why every business customer gets a named Customer Success Manager. They help customers get the most out of the platform and improve their overall mileage reimbursement process, as well as being a friendly face every step of the way.

“Stephanie [our Customer Success Manager] was thoughtful about understanding what our needs and challenges were and finding new and better ways to manage some of the things we were having trouble with. And it was true; it wasn't lip service.”

Rachelle Treymann
Director, Donor Recruitment

In addition, a driver support team is at the ready to help troubleshoot any user issues. They are highly responsive and easily accessible via phone, email and chat.

Smooth transition

Everlance’s onboarding process and user-friendly technology made the switch incredibly easy for everyone. With over 1.5M users, the app is a no-brainer for users. 

“When we first switched, [the team] found it very easy...The transition was simple. That's where I was concerned there would be some challenges with a new system, and there weren’t. They were very quickly able to get up to speed.”

Rachelle Treymann
Director, Donor Recruitment

For instance, classifying and editing trips that have been automatically tracked takes seconds. With a tap on their mobile phone, a driver can add notes or revise trip details. And with a swipe across their screen, they can classify a drive from work to personal.

Onboarding new users is very easy as well. From their dashboard, administrators can invite team members and add them to the appropriate team. Once a driver accepts the invite, they can finish the process of setting up their profile and adding their banking info themselves. For a company like Versiti who is onboarding new drivers every month, this flow is a significant time and stress saver.

Easy visibility

Managers stay connected to their team via dashboards that dynamically update as trips are classified. With at-a-glance summaries at their fingertips, they can quickly check that individual reps are spending the amount of time in the field they expect and address any discrepancies.

Having their information centralized also helps Rachelle monitor her department’s budget. She has set dollar amounts allocated in each state for trip reimbursement and uses the data from Everlance to stay on top of program spend.

A better mileage reimbursement program provider

Before Everlance, Versiti spent too much time and stress on mileage. With Everlance, they were able to take control of their vehicle program and streamline their reimbursement process. Plus, thanks to best-in-class technology and outstanding customer service, they keep employees happy and focused on their job.

“I would recommend Everlance over other providers because they go the extra mile to make sure you have a reliable and sustainable mileage program that meets your needs. It’s the most accurate and user-friendly platform I’ve seen, giving us clean reporting for our business while saving everyone time.”

Rachelle Treymann
Director, Donor Recruitment

Next steps

Is managing mileage and reimbursements a burden for your team? Everlance Business is an all-in-one solution that simplifies your entire process, from program design to payment, and flexes to empower you.

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