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Mileage Tracking For Business | Track Employee Mileage & Expenses

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Do you need to track employee mileage and expenses for your company?

Are you currently relying on employees to deliver these assets on a monthly basis?

Everlance is a great low-cost solution for you. Everlance helps you eliminate all of the hassles of typical expense tracking procedures allowing you to save both time and money and your employees can get back to doing what they do best – working!

Employee mileage & expense tracking is an important program within a company. Often, employees are asked to commute to job sites, or industry events on a regular basis and in order for the employee to be reimbursed, or for the business to expense the costs, they have to be accurately tracked and recorded.

Most employers rely on employees to deliver these assets to them. Whether they’re in the form of a mileage log or receipts, it’s often the onus of the employee to record and deliver them to their employer.

This process is not without its struggles.

As an employer you need these documents on time. You can’t expense or reimburse without them.

As an employee documenting mileage and expenses can be an absolute chore at best. It’s a complicated, monotonous process that typically requires hours per month to both track and deliver. Hours the employee could be working, making sales, spending time with their family.

Thankfully we have a low-cost, automatic solution for this!

Right now there’s no easier way to track IRS-compliant employee mileage & expenses than with Everlance Teams. It might be easy for us to say this since we built the product, but hear us out – it truly is amazing, and affordable and if you continue reading, we’ll show you exactly why you should consider Everlance Teams to replace your current system.

Everlance Teams was built to solve the complex problem of tracking mileage & expenses for reimbursement or accounting purposes but it’s so much more than that.

With Everlance Teams, employers reduce the time and cost spent on managing employee-compliance, such as mileage logs and receipts, and instead can receive this critical information automatically and on-time for every employee.

Think of how much time and money this will save your accounting department and employees.

No more keeping track of original receipts, or using a pen-and-paper mileage log book.

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Employee Mileage & Expense Tracking: How Everlance Teams Works

Key Features

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking
  • Easy Expense Tracking
  • Receipt Storage
  • Dashboard To View All Employees & Expense Reports

1.) Automatic Mileage Tracking

Accurate Employee Mileage Tracking

Everlance uses GPS silently in the background to track mileage and assess the IRS-compliant standard mileage rate to each applicable mile.

Learn about the IRS commuting rule and what you can and cannot deduct.

Every trip is automatically registered from start-to-finish with all of the detail in-between (something our competitor MileIQ simply does not offer!) giving you a complete picture of where your employees have been and the mileage they have accrued.

This feature allows your employees to focus on their job, not writing down the mileage. The only required step is that they swipe to classify the trip at the end of the ride. If the trip is classified as Business it’s a legitimate IRS deductible expense. If the trip is classified as Personal it cannot be expensed.

This is just one of the great features that make both the employer and the employee much happier. We take care of the tracking so everyone can do their job.

2.) Expense Tracking

Another awesome feature that helps streamline expense reports is expense tracking. For iOS devices, this is an automatic feature. What this means is that Everlance can automatically track expenses through bank accounts and credit cards when they are added to the system.

It doesn’t stop there, though. You or your employees can manually add any item they wish to expense separately with just a few clicks! This method gives everyone ultimate control over their expense reports. Everything is accurate and on time.

3.) Receipt Storage

Receipts are probably one of the most difficult items to catalog and deliver. It relies on a lot of trust and responsibility when you have a large team and even the most responsible people can lose receipts for cash purchases.

While it’s true that per diems can often take care of the need to itemize expenses and save receipts, for many industries this just isn’t an option. A large fleet of electricians, for instance, are traveling to-and-from job sites all day and then back to HQ. This isn’t a typical per-diem scenario. If an unexpected expense occurs they have to document it.

Another example would be real estate agents. If you’re the CEO of a large real estate agency and want to buy Everlance for your whole team to replace the current expense system you have in place, chances are you’re going to need accurate expense reports and receipts.

The same thing for State & Government agencies. Receipts are important and when you use Everlance logging receipts is as simple as taking a picture on a smartphone!

Everlance stores receipts securely in the cloud forever. No more lost receipts. No more shoeboxes or crumpled up receipts in a pocket – just accurate copies directly available for export when needed.

4.) Dashboard

Everlance Teams Dashboard

The Everlance Dashboard is probably the best feature we have to offer employers. Tracking mileage and expenses is one thing, and we do that well, however, what good is it if you can’t see it or manage accounts?

This is why we created the Dashboard to give employers the ultimate control over employee expense reporting.

With the Dashboard, you can do all of this…

  • Easily setup employees by inviting them via email.
  • View a quick snapshot of your employees’ mileage and
  • Export detailed data at any time to view in
    excel or PDF formats.
  • Group Billing: 1 Credit card for all.

More importantly, you have all of the control. Expense reports are in on time (and automatically) with minimal effort for either you or your employees.

Our goal is to make mileage & expense reporting as efficient as possible and the Dashboard is the way it all comes together in one beautiful, easy-to-use package.

What Companies Are Saying About Everlance Teams

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Jeff from Echo had to say about Everlance Teams

“We chose Everlance as our employee mileage & expense tracking platform because they have the best product on the market.

Their Teams dashboard allows us to view & approve expense reports in minutes. Our old process was primarily based on reps managing, formatting, and emailing all of their mileage and expense logs. This was a huge burden for them and reduced the amount of time these reps were in the field actively demoing and selling our solutions.

Everlance gave them valuable time back which reduced their stress, saved us time, and ultimately helped us allocate more time with our clients.”

Types Of Industries That Use Everlance Teams

Thousands of companies count on Everlance to automatically and accurately track their employees time, mileage & expenses for reimbursement.

  • Distribution: From beer distributors to parts distributors.
  • Fleet: Small fleets to large fleets.
  • Home Services: General contractors, construction, electrical, cable services, and more.
  • Real Estate: Thousands of real estate agents from residential to commercial real estate use Everlance every day.
  • Health Care: Nurses, mental health professionals, and other in-home care providers.
  • City & State Services: Waste management, city fleets, you name it – we have city workers all over America using Everlance to track mileage and expenses for their employer.

It doesn’t really stop there, though. If you have a business and need to track employee business mileage & expenses, the best and most cost-efficient tool on the market is Everlance Teams.

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Everlance is the #1 rated mileage and expense tracking solution. Download our award winning app on the Appstore & Google Playstore or try our mileage and expense solution for your company.

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