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Update: NBWA 84th Annual Convention & Trade Show

During the trade show, find Everlance at Booth #712 in the lower level and experience what it's like to move freely. Our team is on-hand for live product demos and will show you how you can get started for free! For every attendee that stops by, we'll also donate $10 to Street Grace, a non-profit partner of Distributors Against Human Trafficking.

On Monday, Oct. 4, join us at 8am in Florentine IV for an educational seminar,"What Does the Increasing Prevalence of Electric Vehicles Mean for Beer Distributors?" Deloitte estimates that electric vehicles (EVs) will make up 27% of new car sales in the U.S. by 2030. GM plans to go all-electric by 2035. We'll discuss the potential impact for beer distributors and brewers considering updates to their fleet and mileage reimbursement programs.

We can't wait to meet you and share some good times together! Find additional event details here.


Since we launched Everlance Business, we’ve been excited to see how beer distributors have leveraged our mileage reimbursement solution to save time and cut costs. Continuing our commitment to the beer distribution community, Everlance has joined the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and will be exhibiting at the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) 84th Annual Convention & Trade Show. 

Hoffman Beverage, Carroll Distributing, Craig Stein Beverage, Virginia Eagle Distributing, R.H. Barringer, College City Beverage, Buquet Distributing and more
Customers we're proud to serve

We’ve partnered with beverage distributors like Hoffman Beverage, Virginia Eagle Distributing, Craig Stein Beverage, Wil Fischer Companies, and College City Beverage to help save these organizations time and money on vehicle reimbursement programs. Getting more involved in this community and investing in this vital industry was a logical next step.

“Once Everlance was implemented, we had access to immediate real-time data that ended up saving everyone time and increased the accuracy of what data was being submitted.  We were also able to upload all of our store accounts to review route information which significantly increased visibility to our existing routes.  Having immediate access to the activity on Excel was a game-changer for our entire process.”

Archie Simmons
CFO, Hoffman Beverage

The NBWA provides valuable benefits to beer distributors through advocating for the industry before government, promoting the value of the American distribution system and helping distributors grow their productivity and operational effectiveness. Held each Fall, the NBWA Annual Convention provides valuable education programs for the beer industry. It also introduces distributors to new products, technologies, and vendors in this space.

Leading up to the convention, we’ve been hard at work building Everlance Business. You can take a look at our short demo video below:

Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors and independent beer distributors appreciate our easy-to-use driver app, powerful admin dashboard, and best-in-class Customer Success team.

Quickly validate mileage with Favorite Places 

Everlance’s Favorite Places names customer locations with the shorthand you use internally. This way, managers can easily verify where sales reps and merchandisers have been, can dive deeper to analyze what customers have been visited and when. Plus, the name recognition makes it easier when drivers are classifying trips as work or personal—we know that it is easier to remember a store number rather than a complete address. 

“I like Favorite Places because it provides name recognition to my reps. When swiping or adding trips, our customer numbers show right there.”
Archie Simmons
CFO, Hoffman Beverage

Interested in learning more about how Hoffman Beverage significantly enhanced their mileage reimbursement program? 

Read the Blog

Choose the reimbursement program that fits your business 

Everlance Business supports Fixed and Variable Reimbursement (FAVR) & Cent Per Mile (CPM) mileage reimbursement programs. This customizable program option ensures that Everlance can serve all employees. No matter your state or distribution map, this personalized offering means that we will work with you to create an accountable, tax-compliant program for your business. 

Customer Success that listens and innovates to meet your needs

With Everlance Business, we will pair you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will support you to make sure your program(s) are successful and your team is fully trained. They will also help you adhere to best practices and create an accountable plan. 

With our Customer Success team, you not only have comprehensive onboarding but a partner who will work throughout the lifecycle of your vehicle reimbursement program. Our Customer Success team not only trains employees and administrators but also remains an ear for your concerns and suggestions. If your company needs to be even more successful, we want to understand your problem and help you solve it.

For instance, Favorite Places started as a feature request by one of our beverage distribution customers. So now, our other beverage teams benefit from this intuitive feature too.

Focus on what matters, thanks to accurate & intuitive technology

When your employees are out on the road, you don’t want them to shift away attention from what really matters—their customers. That’s why we built an app and program they can rely on for accuracy, and that's easy to use, so they're not wasting their time.

Save time by automatically recording regular routes

With our Favorite Trips feature, reps and merchandisers can upload their various routes as Favorite Trips. This feature means that when your team is driving between customer A and customer B, the app recognizes the trip and automatically records the trip, and classifies it as “work.” 

Or fully automate your mileage logs with Work Hours

With Everlance’s Work Hours, drivers only have to put their work schedule into the app and then Everlance will handle the tracking and classifying of their “work” trips. Some employers also leverage this feature to stay connected to their team in real-time. 

Mileage made easy

With Everlance Business, beer distributors are significantly enhancing their mileage and expense reimbursement systems. Plus, thanks to intuitive technology, they have been able to keep their mobile workforce focused on their customers, not their mileage logs. 

Are you interested in enhancing your company’s vehicle reimbursement program? Get started for free today.

We hope to see you at the NBWA convention! Please be sure to stop by booth #712 to learn how your team can move freely, and help us Stop Traffick with Street Grace.