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When Everlance Business first launched, we were so excited to see beverage distributors like Hoffman Beverage, Virginia Eagle Distributing, Wil Fischer Companies and College City Beverage start using it to save time and cut costs. These early adopters really helped us understand the industry's unique needs for mileage and expense reimbursement, and we're so thankful for their guidance.

Joining the National Beverage Wholesalers Association (NBWA) was a logical next step to strengthen our commitment and contribute to the community. At the 2021 Annual Convention in Las Vegas, one of our team members presented an educational seminar What Does the Increasing Prevalence of Electric Vehicles (EVs) mean for Beer Distributors? We also met friends old and new, who helped us donate $500 to Street Grace, a non-profit partner of the Distributors Against Human Trafficking Initiative.

Hoffman Beverage, Carroll Distributing, Craig Stein Beverage, Virginia Eagle Distributing, R.H. Barringer, College City Beverage, Buquet Distributing and more
Customers we're proud to serve

Becoming a member has also given us the opportunity to meet and learn from even more companies, so we can continue innovating our solution to better serve distributors.

“Once Everlance was implemented, we had access to immediate real-time data that ended up saving everyone time and increased the accuracy of what data was being submitted. We were also able to upload all of our store accounts to review route information which significantly increased visibility to our existing routes. Having immediate access to the activity was a game-changer for our entire process.”

Archie Simmons
CFO, Hoffman Beverage

So how, exactly, does Everlance support beverage distributors looking to save money and reduce the administrative burden on the team? It starts with our best-in-class technology, followed by our top-rated customer service and flexible partnership model.

Best-in-class technology

The right technology solution both helps your business reduce costs and makes sense for your employees.

For the employee that’s actually on the streets, tracking your mileage with pen and paper or notepad on your phone, you’re going to forget and you’re not going to be accurate. If it’s something that’s happening in the background of your phone, you don’t have to worry about it. And we get an accurate portrayal of what actually happened.

Sean Taylor
VP Business Administration, Wil Fischer Companies

Prevent over-reimbursement with automatic and accurate tracking

The Everlance mobile app uses GPS-based tracking to automatically capture every trip, even when there's no cell signal. This process eliminates human reporting errors that can add up to 30% mileage inflation. Plus, you receive all trip details, including the full route map and starting & ending locations and times, for work-related trips. You can be confident you're not reimbursing for any personal mileage and are fully IRS-compliant.

Save time and money with flexible settings

A variety of admin features give you further control over your reimbursements, so you can:

  • Choose how commute mileage is excluded from reimbursement, aligning to your company policy and helping lower costs
  • Name customer locations with the shorthand you use internally, making it easy for managers to verify mileage is work-related before it's reimbursed
  • Customize approval flows for different teams and increase employee accountability

Drive adoption with user-friendly technology

Of course, your business will only realize the benefits if your team can make full use of it. Everlance is easy-to-use and reliable, so sales and merchandising teams trust that every mile is being tracked and reimbursed, and actually want to use it instead of manual systems or receiving a company car.

By switching gears and having the same minimum requirements met, but significantly improving the user experience, our adoption and usage has been much better. I feel like Everlance’s user experience is probably the most user-friendly out of the different solutions that we've evaluated. It has a more simple interface, and I think that's needed for our staff. Our adoption got a lot better when we went to a simpler user experience.

Sean Taylor
VP Business Administration, Wil Fischer Companies
Learn how Wil Fischer made the transition to mileage reimbursement

Top-rated customer service

Sometimes, it takes a human touch, we know. Our team is here to support both you and your drivers, too.

Get expert guidance from Customer Success

Every customer is matched with a named Customer Success Manager (CSM), who helps you make sure your program(s) are successful and your team is fully trained. They are not only a comprehensive onboarding resource, but a partner who works with you throughout the lifecycle of your vehicle program.

Your Customer Success Manager is your go-to person for any Everlance resources, and you can turn to them for training needs, best practices and any concerns or suggestions. They have experience transitioning beverage distributors from company cars and flat allowance programs, as well as other vehicle providers, and always want to understand your challenges and help you solve them.

Support your employees with 24/7 help

Our Customer Support team is easily accessible via phone, chat and email. Offering support in multiple languages with an average response time less than a day, you can rest assured your drivers can quickly get help if they need it.

Flexible partnership model

Everlance offer Fixed and Variable Reimbursement (FAVR) reimbursements, Cent Per Mile (CPM) reimbursements, mileage tracking and expense management programs, with the flexibility to choose the right program for each employee. That means you can set up sales reps and managers on a FAVR program to avoid over-reimbursement of your high mileage drivers, while putting your merchandisers on a simple CPM program.

An employee leaving? No problem. You can simply transfer their software license to the new person, or reduce the number of licenses you purchase.

We also offer a variety of optional add-ons, so you can get all the services you want, while not paying for the ones that you don't:

  • Managed Reimbursements. Everlance can issue monthly or bi-monthly reimbursement payments for approved mileage on your behalf.
  • Insurance verification. We can confirm whether each employee's personal vehicle insurance meets your minimum requirements, and flag any that are out of compliance.
  • MVR checks. Everlance can check Motor Vehicle Records for any history of unsafe driving.

And you can choose from monthly, annual or multi-year contracts with transparent pricing.

Mileage and expense management made easy

With Everlance, beverage distributors are modernizing their reimbursement systems and reducing costs. We'd love to share how industry leaders are powering their FAVR, CPM and flat allowance programs with best-in-class technology and service—please reach out to us today!

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