The way that individuals and organizations manage their mileage has changed a lot in the past several decades. No matter the mileage program you use, from a fleet to FAVR, digital infrastructure is replacing paper logs and checks as the backbone of mileage and expense management.

At Everlance, we’re focused on developing a platform that helps companies save time and money on mileage and expenses, so they can be successful in this mobile- and digital-first era of work. Everlance is committed to not only supplying companies with the tools they need, but also fundamentally improving how individuals, managers, and administrators track, approve, and reimburse mileage.

That’s why we’ve created Everlance Business, the modern platform to level up your mileage and expense management.

Say goodbye to outdated mileage tools

Managing employee mileage can be a pain. If you rely on outmoded tools—like pen/paper and an odometer, or even Excel—then you are likely overwhelmed by messy reports, wasting time tracking down individual mileage logs, concerned about IRS compliance and struggling to manage the cost of employee mileage inflation.

We hear from customers regularly that the tools invented decades ago aren’t up to the task of tracking, managing, and reimbursing mileage at scale.

Say hello to one platform for your team and their mileage

By using a single platform, teams can streamline their mileage process end-to-end. From the sales rep who can now automatically track their mileage to the administrator who can batch approve reports, your entire team can track and manage mileage in the same platform.

“With Everlance, you realize you're on the cutting edge of some really exciting technology, and it's constantly growing. I like that you’ll bring in ideas from other customers and show us new features to see if they can help streamline our process, but you are also accommodating if we want to keep how we’re currently doing things.”

Rachelle Treymann
Director, Donor Recruitment, Versiti

We’re excited to combine our #1-rated mileage and expense tracking app with a powerful admin dashboard to help organizations simplify their mileage and expenses at scale.

No more chasing down individual reports

Easy mileage tracking and report submissions means that using Everlance virtually eliminates any chasing down of mileage logs or expense reports. The endless follow-up emails are in your rearview mirror.

Approve an entire team’s reports in minutes

Custom approval settings deliver personalized approval policies, and one-click approval means fast, easy reporting cycles, saving your organization time on mileage management.

Plus, GPS mileage tracking means that you can feel confident approving reports. No more inconsistent reports or mileage inflation. Instead, features like automatic GPS-tracking and Favorite Places make it easy to verify trips are work-related at a a glance.

Unlock team visibility and accountability

With Everlance, managers have visibility into their remote teams, ensuring they’re visiting all the customers on their routes and more. You gain peace of mind and accountability.

Keep your team focused on your customers, not their mileage logs

Give your team the best automatic mileage tracker to track their trips. Everlance has grown to be used by over 2M individuals around the world. These people work across industries and places, but they all use Everlance to make tracking their mileage easier and more accurate.

For the employee that’s actually on the streets, tracking your mileage with pen and paper or notepad on your phone, you’re going to forget and you’re not going to be accurate. If it’s something that’s happening in the background of your phone, you don’t have to worry about it. And we get an accurate portrayal of what actually happened.

Sean Taylor
Vice President, Business Administration, Wil Fischer Companies

Give your operations team control and visibility


Team-wide settings and customizable role permissions give operations total control, which means your admin and finance teams can rely on consistent reporting across teams.

For example, Daily Commute makes it easier to reduce reimbursement costs and save time managing your team’s mileage, thanks to customizable and easy-to-use settings. With Commute, teams can choose to automatically disallow a set commute for each employee, saving manual work and overall costs. (Learn more about commute policies here.)

Understand spend across mileage and expenses

Tools like Tags work across mileage and expenses in Everlance, delivering a unified ecosystem that your organization can leverage to better understand spend across mileage and expenses. For example, one of our nonprofit customers uses Tags to organize both transactions and mileage according to their specific internal coding system.

Fully customizable tags enables you to set exact specifications; tags speak your organization’s language—no need to change your current classification system.

And more!

We’re committed to continuing to improve and innovate on our mileage platform. We are always launching new features and functionalities to help make your experience even better.

Want to simplify your organization's mileage & expense management?

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