If it’s been awhile since you evaluated your vehicle reimbursement program providers, you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the new alternatives available. You no longer have to settle for something that doesn't fully meet your needs simply because it's the only option on the market.

Consider the following questions: 

  • Does your mileage reimbursement provider offer flexible programs options to fit your teams?
  • Can you choose to reimburse employees more often than monthly?
  • Is their customer service responsive, getting you what you need in a timely manner?
  • Do you have transparent pricing with no built-in price increases, or are you locked into long contracts with hidden fees and increasing costs?
  • Is your provider innovating and updating their product regularly based on customer feedback, or is the software pretty much the same as when you started?

Did you answer "no" to any of these questions? Remember, you don't have to settle! Re-examining your choice of provider for your FAVR or CPM program can lead to a better partnership, more powerful technology and cost savings.

As you evaluate, check out this infographic that details some of the key reasons customers choose Everlance other other vehicle program providers. Or keep scrolling to read 7 key facts to know while comparing vehicle programs.

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1. Everlance provides 6+ options for vehicle programs and expense management, all in one platform

With Everlance, flexibility is non-negotiable. 

Your team has unique goals, challenges and needs—shouldn’t your vehicle program be as unique as you are? Too many companies get locked into inflexible contracts with one-size-fits-all programs that can’t be changed and don’t really fit their team needs. 

Instead, Everlance offers customizable program options and unique solutions to fit your team’s needs. 

Want to have some employees on a CPM program and some on FAVR? No problem. 

Want to slowly transition away from your company fleet and add only a handful of your employees each month to your reimbursement program? We can accommodate that, and make sure you’re only paying for the seats you’re using. 

Have a high-turnover staff and need to add and remove seats from your reimbursement program regularly? We’ve got you covered there, too. 

What types of vehicle programs and solutions does Everlance offer? 

Everlance offers a variety of vehicle programs and add-ons to fit the needs of your team. If you have more questions about our suite of products, check out our solutions for companies or schedule a 15-minute call with our team to see how our products can help your team. 

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CPM programs:
With a cents-per-mile program, you can reimburse your team based on a set amount per mile driven, whether that’s at the IRS standard rate or another amount. Feel confident you’re reimbursing accurately with our automatic mileage tracking (hassle-free for drivers and admins!) and automate report approval flows to save time.

FAVR programs: For a more data-driven solution, a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) program allows you to tailor your reimbursements via fixed payments and variable rates based on zip code, car type, mileage driven and more. 

Flat allowances: Some companies prefer to provide employees who drive for work with a flat allowance to cover gas and upkeep costs. With Everlance, you can make sure you stay IRS-compliant with accurate (and automatic) mileage logs to support monthly allowances. 

Expense management: Manage mileage and expenses together in our all-in-one platform, complete with credit card integrations, receipt storage, expense reports and more. 

Driver Checkup add-on: Reduce business risk from your vehicle program with our Driver Checkup product. We’ll help you verify employee’s driver’s licenses, auto insurance coverage and motor vehicle records (MVRs) to keep things running smoothly and de-risk your program. 

Reimbursement processing add-on: Make reimbursing employees even easier with Everlance’s end-to-end solution. From tracking miles to reimbursing employees directly for mileage via direct deposit on a consistent basis, your employees will always be taken care of. 

Even better, you can manage any and all of your vehicle program needs and solutions all in one easy-to-use platform! No more chasing down paper trails, endless Excel spreadsheets or complicated software.

2. Employees prefer getting reimbursed more often

So why should they only get paid for mileage once per month?

With Everlance, you can choose to have us reimburse employees semi-monthly or bi-weekly. The first and third week of the month, or the second and fourth week of the month. Whatever aligns with your schedule.

It's an unfortunate fact, but 61% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. The figure is not only higher for lower income consumers – those earning less than $50,000, but also people living in urban areas and among Millennials, who are now the largest generation in the workforce.

Your employees may be among this group, who are waiting for their next paycheck or reimbursement to cover necessary expenses, like gas and groceries. Getting it to them more often can help relieve financial stress, and keep it from hurting their overall well-being and productivity at work.

3. It takes less than 10 minutes to get your questions answered by an Everlance customer service team member when you call

Our customers say Everlance is pretty easy to use—but what happens when you have questions, need support or want to reach out about a feature you’d like to see created? 

That’s where the Everlance support team comes in.

Our customer service team members are available 7 days a week for support via phone, chat or email—whichever you prefer. Having exceptional, accessible support for our customers is a core value of ours—that’s why over 40% of our team is dedicated support staff!

For enterprise customers, you’ll get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help make sure your program is meeting your needs and brainstorm solutions to any updates or questions that might come up. You’ll also get VIP support with responses within 24-hours, every time (although the average response time is within 2 hours).

“Stephanie [our Customer Success Manager] was thoughtful about understanding what our needs and challenges were and finding new and better ways to manage some of the things we were having trouble with. And it was true; it wasn’t lip service.

I would recommend Everlance over other providers because they go the extra mile to make sure you have a reliable and sustainable mileage program that meets your needs. It’s the most accurate and user-friendly platform I’ve seen, giving us clean reporting for our business while saving everyone time.

Rachelle Treymann, Director at Versiti

4. Everlance offers transparent breakdowns of all vehicle program expenses, with CPM programs starting at $10/per person/per month

At Everlance, we want to make your vehicle programs simple and effective—and that starts with clear and consistent pricing. 

You won’t find any hidden fees or strings after you sign up. 

No annual price increases or confusion around what your actual cost is. 

In fact, our pricing is listed out right on our website!

In addition, with Everlance you get a ton of features included at no additional cost with your vehicle program—things like expense tracking, a named Customer Success manager, live admin and user training, VIP support and more. 

If you’re curious about if you could save money on your vehicle program by switching to Everlance, check out our pricing, or schedule a quick call with our team for more details about your specific situation. 

5. When you sign a multi-year agreement, prices shouldn't increase during the contract term

It might not be the norm with other vendors, but we think that if you agree to invest in a multi-year relationship with us, the price you start at should be the price you pay for the entire duration.

Our transparent pricing and 3-year price lock option means you don't have to worry about your user fees increasing year-over-year. But you still get flexibility:

  • Want to add or remove users at the end of each year? Great. 
  • Need to switch programs? We’ll help you. 
  • Just want to “set it and forget it?” We’re there to help with that, too. 

Today’s work world—with changing employee preferences and rapidly advancing technology—is constantly shifting. You need a flexible and agile vehicle program (and a provider team!) to keep up. 

However, a lack of prices increases doesn't mean a lack of new features. When we make updates to our product and roll out new functionality, it'll be available to you as an existing customer too, often at no additional cost.

6. Everlance released over 20 new features just in the first half of 2023

When it comes to the fast-paced rise of technology, and what workers expect from technological solutions, you need a team that’s nimble and ready to keep up. 

More than a quarter of Everlance’s team is dedicated to R&D and making sure our products always have the features your team needs. Because we’re not locked into outdated technologies and ways of doing things, we are able to simply focus on listening to our customers and innovating user-friendly technology and services to meet your needs. 

We’re continually improving our product to be more innovative and useful for teams just like yours—that’s why we’ve released over 20 new features already in the first half of 2023! 

From small improvements like the ability to manage employee leave dates and visualize your team hierarchy to big new features like multiple Reimbursement Schedules, we’re constantly working to make our technology better. You can check out some of the highlights in our Product Update Log here.

7. Over 1,000 teams track mileage—automatically!—everyday with Everlance 

With more than 20,000,000 miles tracked with Everlance, we know a thing or two about mileage tracking. 

Namely: how to do it automatically, accurately and easily, every time. 

With Everlance, you get unlimited automatic mileage tracking for your team, which means drivers don’t have to remember to start and stop tracking at the beginning and end of each trip. Just set it and forget it—really. 

Everlance dashboard

The Everlance app will detect when you’re driving and record trips for you. At the end of the day, drivers can swipe left or right to classify their trips as business or personal and then easily submit reports for your administrative team. 

We power mileage tracking and vehicle programs for construction teams, beverage distributors, community-focused organizations and nonprofits, medical equipment providers, insurance teams, and more. From small, local organizations to teams of thousands, we’re here to help keep your team on the move.

Whatever your industry or size, we’re here to make your vehicle program easy, efficient and within your budget.

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Everlance is the simple way to lower your vehicle program costs while making life easier for your employees. 

As a modern Software-as-a-Service provider, we offer flexible, technology-first programs for Fixed & Variable Rate personalized reimbursements, Cents Per Mile reimbursements, expense management, risk management and mileage tracking. Whichever program(s) you choose, you can count on elegant technology, white-glove service and ongoing innovation to meet your needs. 

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