Seeking to streamline your construction business operations? You're in good company.

In this article, we share the stories of three construction firms doing just that by ditching the old and embracing the new when it came to their vehicle programs. From tax waste to manual headaches, they eliminated what was holding them back and gained greater efficiency in return.

Real Floors, a multifamily unit flooring company, eliminated wasteful taxes on their car allowances to gain IRS compliance and financial efficiency. 

Mainland Construction ditched time-consuming manual processes and errors for a seamless, automatic mileage tracking system. The result? Significant time, money, and employee satisfaction benefits. 

Fast Track Specialities, a commercial subcontractor, also said goodbye to manual mileage logs in favor of a faster mileage reimbursement process and valuable data-driven insights. 

Partnering with Everlance helped make their transitions easy too. As the category leader in usability and user adoption, our mileage platform empowers construction companies everywhere to reevaluate, modernize and optimize their business operations.

So read on for details of why each of these companies decided it was time to make a change – and get inspired to make your own!

Eliminating tax waste: Real Floors’ story

The largest multifamily unit flooring company in the US, Real Floors, gave their sales reps a car allowance to compensate them for driving to meet customers. However, it had a very unwelcome side effect. The car allowances were taxed because their mileage was not tracked. 

Taxes ate away as much as 30% of the car allowance and ramped up costs for Real Floors, while also raising concerns about IRS compliance. “Once that flat rate was taxed, it was going to be almost not worth our time,” as Katherine Davis, Executive Administrator, put it.

So began the hunt for a comprehensive vehicle reimbursement solution, which led Real Floors to Everlance. Everlance ticked all the boxes, with its automatic mileage tracking, simplified user experience and robust customer support. Although some employees initially had privacy concerns, Everlance's strong focus on data protection, paired with the clear financial benefit for reps, helped dissolve these apprehensions.

The partnership with Everlance resulted in an array of benefits for Real Floors. Of course, it addressed their primary challenge, allowing Real Floors to provide tax-free car allowances backed by IRS-compliant mileage logs – without adding a burden to sales reps or program managers.

In fact, Everlance slashed administrative tasks by 10% by also managing employee license and insurance verification. Taking this manual monthly process off Katherine’s plate freed up her time to focus on more important tasks. 

Moreover, Everlance's bird’s-eye view of employee mileage data enabled Real Floors to customize allowances based on actual mileage. That led to a fairer policy, more motivated employees and another feather in Real Floors' cap for commitment to their team.

By taking a closer look at their car allowance spend, Real Floors realized major tax savings, reduced administrative baggage and developed a more equitable program. All with a user-friendly platform that enables them to glide through all their vehicle program needs - from tracking to customer support - with a smooth-as-floor-wax finish.

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Eliminating manual processes and errors: Mainland Construction’s story

Winvan Paving and Mainland Sand & Gravel, the two divisions of Mainland Construction Materials, had employees tirelessly tracking mileage on paper. While it helped ensure their 200 strong team was tax-compliant, the process was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Just 15 minutes a day spent writing down mileage quickly added up to 5 hours a month for each employee, and 1,000 hours a month – the equivalent of 125 work days – for the entire crew! Not to mention the time payroll and HR spent chasing down employees for their logs.

When Mainland Construction came across Everlance, they were struck by how much easier their life could be. The system was almost completely hands-off, with mileage automatically tracked and made available to payroll on an admin dashboard.

Everlance’s seamless, user-friendly tech made the transition from paper to digital a breeze too, quickly cementing the app as an integral part of Mainland Construction's day-to-day operations. Now employees spend just 15 minutes a week on mileage reporting, a drastic cut from the 15 minutes a day it used to be. Payroll has all the information they need at their fingertips. And the data is more accurate and reliable, which has led to cost savings.

“We save about $1,500 CAD every year, but more importantly, we’ve saved the frustration with chasing up documents,” said Sandy Heer, HR Manager. 

In addition to operational and financial efficiencies, the transition helped foster employee satisfaction. Team members have access to a dependable mileage tracker, giving them confidence in their reports and peace of mind they have the data they need in case of a tax audit.

With a modern mileage system, Mainland Construction reaped significant benefits in terms of time, money and employee satisfaction. It paved the way for their team to stay focused on their core job, paving roads and delivering excellent construction materials across Canada!

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Eliminating reimbursement slow downs: Fast Track Specialties’ story

Texas-based commercial subcontractor and building materials supplier, Fast Track Specialties, pays their Field Operations team a standard mileage rate for driving between job sites. But relying on employees to manually report their mileage made the process more tortoise than hare.

AP/AR manager Kathy Pinon lost two full days a month to deciphering handwritten logs, verifying numbers and calculating totals to process mileage reimbursements. It was not only time-consuming, but also introduced unnecessary room for inaccuracate mileage records and payments.

Recognizing the need to streamline their operations and save time, Fast Track Specialties sought out a reliable, automatic mileage tracking solution. Kathy and the project management team explored several software options, from which Everlance emerged as the optimal choice.

Paramount in this decision was the platform's ease of use. The user-friendly interface made onboarding a breeze for both tech wizards and the less tech-savvy. Even the initially skeptical Director of Field Operations was won over by Everlance's simplicity.

[.split-text-wrap][.text-wrap][.text-wrap-paragraph]Eliminating manual work resulted in a whopping 75% reduction in mileage reimbursement processing time. Fast Track Specialties’ admin team regained 12 hours every month, which could be re-allocated to more strategic endeavors and significantly improved efficiency.[.text-wrap-paragraph][.text-wrap-paragraph]The convenient app-based tracking proved a time-saver for the Field Operations team as well, freeing them from tediously recording mileage while ensuring accurate data.[.text-wrap-paragraph][.text-wrap][.mixed-font-b][.is-green-bold]75%[.is-green-bold][.is-info]less time spent processing mileage reimbursements after switching to Everlance.[.is-info][.mixed-font-b][.split-text-wrap]On top of unprecedented efficiency, Fast Track Specialties gained an exciting dimension of data-driven insights. Enhanced visibility into how the team spends their day has helped with everything from improving resource management and team accountability to ensuring proper job cost allocation and facilitating future job estimates.

Digitizing their mileage reimbursement process was "worth the time and worth the investment" because it led to major time savings and a wealth of new insights to improve efficiency. With mileage a mostly hands-off process, there's now one less thing keeping Fast Track Specialties from fully living up to its name.

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