Only 12.5% of beverage distributors surveyed are “completely satisfied” with their vehicle programs. Are you one of them? 

If not, you’re—clearly—not alone. However, even if managing and updating your vehicle program doesn’t feel like a top priority, a poorly designed vehicle program could be costing your company money, time, business data and even employees. 

Of course, a well-designed vehicle program is hard to come by. And finding a vehicle program that fits your needs and budgets, or offers customization options to fit your needs, can be difficult. 

That’s where Everlance comes in. These three beverage distributors all had different needs, concerns and backgrounds when it came to their vehicle programs. From transitioning from company vehicles to making the switch from another mileage tracking system, reducing risk or reducing manual processes, Everlance was able to offer a la carte options and customizable solutions to meet their needs. And we can do the same for you!

Read their stories below, or jump to the solution that most fits your own needs. What do you need to improve your vehicle program? 

Do you want to: 

  • Eliminate your company car program? → See how Virginia Eagle transitioned away from a company car program for sales reps and reduced company risk, saved time, and managed to make the transition easy with Everlance. 
  • Reduce manual processes and save time? → See how Hoffman Beverage switched to automatic mileage tracking and reports and saved hours of time. 
  • Make the transition to a new vehicle program easy for employees? → See how Everlance’s flexible, easy-to-use software and excellent customer service makes transitioning easy for employees and admins.
  • Increase accuracy with mileage data and business insight? → See how Hoffman Beverage saved money with Everlance’s accurate mileage and business insights. 

Simplify by transitioning away from company cars

Virginia Eagle—like 62% of beverage distributors–was still maintaining a company car program for their sales reps, but it wasn’t meeting their needs.

While the company car program made life easy for the reps, it also introduced a big liability for the company. With 100+ employees driving company vehicles, they were totalling around 2 vehicles a year, while also having to keep up with purchasing, maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning for 100+ vehicles. 

The impact on the bottom line, with costs from purchasing new cars, high insurance costs and maintenance, was significant—as was the time it required for the operational team to manage the program. 

Why make a change? 

Since their company fleet was creating a large liability and becoming a difficult-to-manage program, Virginia Eagle decided to transition sales reps to a mileage reimbursement program and eliminate their company cars for sales reps. In doing so, though, they still wanted employees to feel taken care of and were looking for an easy-to-use, flexible vehicle program that would meet their needs while also keeping employees happy. 

Such a big transition, they knew, would be a massive change for their company and teams, so they were committed to keeping the transition as easy as possible. 

How Everlance helped reduce risk and save time

Ultimately, they found their perfect match in Everlance’s simple, customizable vehicle programs that allowed them to give employees easy-to-use software while keeping mileage reimbursements tax-free and IRS-compliant: all while maximizing ROI and getting a great value.  

Everlance’s automatic mileage tracking allowed them to transition employees onto a mileage-based reimbursement program. Since Everlance’s software is so user-friendly, and with outstanding customer support available, the transition was easy for employees and administrators alike. 

“It’s probably saved me 10 or 15 hours a month. As a manager, every minute counts. So to shed that amount of time and reduce it down to 30 or 60 minutes tops has been huge for me. It’s been a tremendous win.” 

- Todd Hargest, Director of Safety and Transportation for Virginia Eagle Distributing

Plus, Everlance’s a la carte options allowed Virginia Eagle to customize the program to meet their needs—getting everything they needed, and not paying for extras they were willing to handle on their own. 

At the end of the day, Virginia Eagle reduced risk for their company and saved time for managers by reducing their company fleet while providing an easy transition for employees.

“We are absolutely getting the best bang for our buck with Everlance. I've been to a couple of conferences where we've been with our people in our industry and they're on some of these other programs—and I said [to them], ‘look when your contract is up, you really ought to look at Everlance.’ The overall experience with Everlance has been fantastic. No complaints, at all.” 

- Todd Hargest, Director of Safety and Transportation for Virginia Eagle Distributing

If you’re considering disposing of your company fleet, check out other vehicle program options available that can reduce company liability, save time for your team, and cut costs as well. 

Should you dispose of your company fleet?

Simplify by modernizing manual processes

Of course, just because employees are driving their own vehicle and getting reimbursed for mileage doesn’t mean your vehicle program is easy. 

Mileage reimbursement can be a huge hassle if you: 

  • are still using manual mileage logs or reimbursement processes 
  • have to monitor large amounts of data for accuracy 
  • spend a lot of time with unwieldy processes, or
  • don’t have a specific process in place for mileage reimbursements 

If this sounds familiar, you’ll resonate with Hoffman Beverage’s story. Prior to adopting Everlance, Hoffman Beverage was relying on manual tracking and reimbursement processes for employee mileage—even though they had a large workforce serving thousands of locations. Employees had to manually track mileage, then submit a paper mileage log for all of their sales routes to get reimbursed for driving costs.  

Why make a change? 

Of course, this process was time-consuming not only for drivers, but also for admins and managers who had to sort through mileage logs, calculate accurate reimbursements, and process payments. The patchwork system was inefficient, and they lacked the ability to manage large amounts of data and monitor mileage for accuracy. 

As a result, Hoffman Beverage was searching for a mileage reimbursement system or software that would be easy to use and manage, but also allow them to easily manage and analyze the large amounts of mileage and business data they were collecting. 

How Everlance helped save time and money while increasing accuracy

At the end of the day, Everlance’s intuitive approach to mileage tracking and simple systems and processes were just the right fit for Hoffman Beverage’s needs. 

While other mileage tracking companies and softwares were complicated, covering many areas and involving tons of moving pieces, Everlance’s solution was easy to use, simple to manage, and most importantly, accurate. The automatic, GPS-based mileage tracking not only saved time for drivers but also increased accuracy of mileage tracking, reducing the risk of an employee over-reporting mileage and thus reducing over-reimbursement costs

Are you overpaying on mileage reimbursements due to inaccurate tracking?

Find out →

In addition, the accurate and detailed mileage data provided by Everlance meant that Hoffman Beverage could complete deeper analysis, analyzing and modeling mileage for each revenue channel and maximizing their routes for optimum efficiency. 

“Once Everlance was implemented, we had access to immediate real-time data that ended up saving everyone time and increased the accuracy of what data was being submitted.  We were also able to upload all of our store accounts to review route information which significantly increased visibility to our existing routes.  Having immediate access to the activity on Excel was a game-changer for our entire process.”

- Archie Simmons, CFO of Hoffman Beverage

In short, Everlance allowed Hoffman Beverage to modernize their manual processes, saving time and money with a one-stop, cloud-based mileage system. The accuracy of GPS-mileage tracking and data provided through Everlance’s admin dashboard saved money not only on over-reimbursement, but also through business insights and optimizations. 

Read more of Hoffman Beverage's story

Simplify by upgrading to user-friendly, accurate technology to save time and money 

Wil Fischer didn’t have either of the above problems. In fact, they were already using a mileage tracking app when they came to Everlance. 

However, the mileage tracker they were using was unwieldy, troublesome to use, difficult to implement and ended up wasting a lot of time for drivers who struggled to use it and managers and operational staff who had to troubleshoot for drivers. 

Why make a change? 

Instead of increasing efficiency, their previous mileage tracking system was actually causing more friction and roadblocks. In addition, many employees were staying on company cars because the mileage reimbursement system was just too frustrating. 

Wil Fischer wanted a tech-based solution that would create accurate and automatic mileage reports while also providing a user-friendly platform that allowed the vehicle program to run on its own. 

Curious how Everlance stacks up to other mileage trackers? See the differences.

How Everlance helped scale their team affordably and save money

When Wil Fischer switched to Everlance for mileage tracking and reimbursements, they started saving time across all departments: drivers, supervisors and payroll teams. Accurate, GPS-based tracking saved time for drivers whose trips were automatically recorded so they didn’t have to waste time re-entering missed trips or recalculating driving discrepancies. 

The software was also easy to use, which meant that supervisors saved time not having to help answer questions or troubleshoot for drivers. This also made the reporting process much quicker. Finally, with automatic, accurate reporting, even payroll saves time! Plus, timely, straightforward employee reimbursements means drivers are happier on the new system as well. 

By switching gears and having the same minimum requirements met, but significantly improving the user experience, our adoption and usage has been much better. I feel like Everlance’s user experience is probably the most user-friendly out of the different solutions that we've evaluated. It has a more simple interface, and I think that's needed for our staff. Our adoption got a lot better when we went to a simpler user experience.

- Sean Taylor, Vice President, Business Administration

This led to another, more unexpected benefit for Wil Fischer—once Everlance was implemented, more and more employees started asking to drive personal cars and be reimbursed instead of driving company cars. 

This allowed Wil Fischer to downsize their company fleet and reduce the costs associated with owning, obtaining and maintaining company vehicles. Even more, they were able to scale their team more affordably and efficiently by onboarding new employees easily into their mileage reimbursement program with Everlance, rather than having to purchase new company vehicles for them. 

We know for a fact that we have not had to buy any new cars because we trust that Everlance is working. It's allowed us to save the capital outlay of purchasing vehicles at a time when prices are so over inflated. Those companies who are trying to buy vehicles are having a tough time. It's been an unforeseen blessing in disguise.

- Sean Taylor, Vice President, Business Administration

In short, switching to Everlance helped Wil Fischer significantly improve employee adoption and user experience through best-in-class technology and outstanding customer service—which also saved them money by allowing them to expand their reimbursement program and downsize their company fleet.

Ready to see how Everlance can help you modernize your mileage tracking, save time, improve employee happiness and more? 

We've been working with beverage distributors for years. No matter what kind of vehicle program you're coming from, we're experts in your industry and are here to help make your transition as simple and effective as possible.

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[.quote-wrap][.quote-top][.quote-top]We are absolutely getting the best bang for our buck with Everlance. I've been to a couple of conferences where we've been with our people in our industry and they're on some of these other programs—and I said [to them], ‘look when your contract is up, you really ought to look at Everlance.’ The overall experience with Everlance has been fantastic. No complaints, at all.[.author-attribute][.is-hargest][.is-hargest][.author-facts][.author-facts][.author-bold]Todd Hargest, [.author-bold][.author-pos]Director of Safety and Transportation for Virginia Eagle Distributing[.author-pos][.author-attribute][.quote-bottom][.quote-bottom][.quote-wrap]

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