iPhone vs. Android

Best Smartphones Of 2018

With new phones coming out seemingly every month we wanted to take a look and see what the best smartphone for Everlance freelancers, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals was in 2018.Smartphones have become the lifeline for many people and it’s truly because of technology that many of us can pursue our passions and work for ourselves.Also, these phones have helped pave the way for apps like Everlance as just a few years ago automatic mileage tracking and transactions tracking with receipts was not possible.The pool of options seems endless but we dove into some of our data to see what the top 3 most popular phones for both iPhones and Android are.Note that each category of iPhone also includes the iPhone “S” and “Plus” models, as well as the “edge” models for Android.

iPhones for Freelancers: Is Apple The Best?

With the iPhone 8 & X family (this meaning the 8, 8 Plus, X) being among the most popular phones of all time, it’s no surprise that it holds the top spot with 77% of our over 400,000 users currently using an iPhone. While some are still on SE's, 6, 6s & 7's, many are migrating towards the newest devices.We're excited to see what the Fall will bring as Apple will introduce a new round of phones. The iPhone 9, possibly a cheaper X version, and maybe even a surprise!iPhone models traditionally have a 2-year cycle for migration. For instance, when the iPhone 6 & 6 plus came out we saw rapid adoption vs. the iPhone 5s, because the platform had such a major change between iterations, however, when the 6s came out the adoption was much lower.Then, the iPhone 7 was released (with the new dual camera feature) and more people were jumping from the 6 to the 7, even the 6s to the 7, although nothing has quite compared to the leap from the 7 to the 8 & X versions.With the iPhone 8, those that didn't quite want to pay to upgrade to the 7, or who were still on the 6s were upgrading to the iPhone 8 & X (primarily X) in huge numbers.While we don't know what to expect when the new versions are going to be released in Q4, we do expect that many of those that are still on iPhone 7's will be compelled to upgrade to one of the newer versions.

Android Phones for Freelancers: Is Android The Best?

Next are the Android phones, with the Samsung S9 controlling the top spot and the Google Pixel 2 right behind them. Our hunch was that there was going to be a longer tail of device types on Android but not to this level (53% of Android phones are different). Another piece of data that we found interesting was that Android users (freelancers, self-employed) adopt the newer phones faster than iOS users!Could it be related to price? Do they have to have new features? Do carriers bloat the OS so much that they want to switch companies, or buy unlocked? It's very hard to say, but we do know that Android users update a lot more frequently than iOS users.Not added here but a phone we are excited to see the performance of is the new Google Pixel (3?). The Pixel 3 is rumored to be pretty awesome and several people at our company are eager for its release so we will update this post once the Pixel 3 has been released and we start getting data on the migration of our Android users.With more and more on-demand economy jobs being created every day and more individuals taking that leap of faith towards freelance or being self-employed, new tools and resources are being created to assist in daily operations, like we do here at Everlance with mileage and expenses.As always we would love to hear from you. Let us know the type of phone you use and the tool that has helped you the most as an Uber / Lyft driver, Doordasher, realtor, sales rep, contractor, etc.

Using Everlance On Your Smartphone To Track Mileage & Expenses

When it's time to track mileage for your company, keep Everlance in mind. We use cutting-edge GPS position to coordinate your entire ride and overlay the complete route on Google Maps. In addition, your total savings is tallied (based on the current IRS standard mileage rate) and you can see at a quick glance just how much each trip is worth.

Learn More about the 2019 Standard Mileage Rates:

When it's time to do your taxes, simply log in to Everlance Dashboard on your smartphone (or Desktop) and you'll have quick access to all of your stats, mileage, expenses & revenue.If you're using tax software such as TaxAct you can export your data as a CSV file and immediately import it into the tax software. If you just want to look at the data or save it for a later date, then you can export it to CSV or PDF to view offline.And finally, while this doesn't touch on all of the amazing editing features of Dashboard, if you work for a company and need to submit an expense report, or mileage reimbursement report you can easily do so by exporting the file (we suggest .CSV) and sending it to accounting at your company, or if you're a freelancer, sending it directly to your client.Any way you look at it, Everlance is one of the smartest apps you can add to a smartphone. You can track mileage, expense & revenue in one simple, easy-to-use app that remains low cost even at the highest price ($5/mo) and considering the potential to save a lot of money - entirely worth it.Over 300,000 people trust Everlance to save them thousands of dollars per year and hundreds of hours on tax preparation. Download Everlance for free today and see for yourself just how amazing this app really is.